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Aberrant RPG - Stunts and power moderation

Dr. Zero

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Some thoughts...

Certain powers loose a great deal of usefulness at higher dots (invis and flight being examples)

Solution 1: It is stated that in combat powers you get stunts at 3+ dots. Perhaps flight and invis (and, by extention, all powers) should also have attached stunts. If I buy one dot of flight and one dot of hypermovement, that is more than 4 dots of flight... however if I can barrel roll or hover only at 3+ dots, It makes it worth it to buy.

Solution 2 (really 1A): Powers at 1 dot are not fully developed. I found, in the past, that players would take 1 dot of a bunch of powers and just jack up mega attributes. I then put a limit as to what 1 dot of a power can do so people cant buy one dot of TK and then 4 levels of mega dex for absurd results. Invis, for instance, at 1 dot didnt work very well in direct sunlight or in the middle of a very well lit room. This was to represent the increasing power level.

Solution 3 (really 1AB): Combine 1 and 2 and make a power grid for powers that are, for most intents and purposes, as strong as they will get at 1 dot. For instance... Flight, besides getting faster with more dots (which hypermovement does more effectively), cannot turn sharp turns at 1 dot, is able to fly below max speed at 2 dots if desired, cannot hover till 3 dots, able to move in 3 directions from any orientation at 4 dots, able to stop with no momentum on 5 dots...

Something like that? Makes the power FAR more attractive to keep buying and really separates people who can fly well from those who cant... rather than "Im faster"

Powers Id like to see moderated...

Animal/Plant Mastery







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