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[Fiction] Diary Entries of a Young Female Terat


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December 18th, 2015

Hey diary, I know, I know, paper, how pre-Galatea. But after finding out from Crawdad that Compu-dick was cherry picking through my lappy and sharing I figured it was time to go a little more secure. Like Cro-Magnon secure. No one has the guts to actually physically take this off me, not as long as they know that Cuddleclaws will rip them six different new ones.

December 30th, 2015

Kind of glad and sad today. It will be awhile before I see Mako again but he says he'll be even prettier than he is now. We did a pretty good job setting up security. But it's going to be lonely.

February 18th, 2016

Oh man, but I am BORED!! Mako is our heavy hitter so without him we can't really mess with much. Just sit and wait. Tar Ape is being a total jerk too. Why can't he just shut up about how bored he is? And if Mako heard him yammering about going Primacy just to get some action...well, it would be icky.

March 1st, 2016

Hugin came by. I'd heard he was out but hadn't seen him. Not suprising, mercenary dickhead. But he seems different. Real different. Chrysalis agreed with him. Or her. I can't really tell now. He said he wanted me to keep him informed about Cuddle's Chrysalis. Says he has a suprise for us. Probably offering a two for one sale or something. Dork.

April 4th, 2016

Oh damn but I'm sore. In a good way too, 'wink'. Cuddles came out yesterday. We were all there waiting for him. Tar Ape acted like he'd been the standar bearer the whole time. Dick. God Mako is gorgeous. He always was but he's sooooo beautiful now. Like some ancient god rose up from the depths. A sexy Dagon or something. He was glad to see me too, hehehe.

Oh, and Hugin did surpise us. He's aboard now. Well, he/she says she, damn this is hard, HE says he's aboard now. Joining NV, want to hook up for the cause. Spouted some mumbo jumbo about now it being time. Excuse me? It's been time for years but okay, I can be a good Gutter Girl and smile. Mako says it's a good thing. We'll see.

All I know is I beat them both into Chrysalis. Yay me!

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June 3rd, 2016

Well, apparently Hugin wasn't kidding.

Seems he figures Mako has had enough time to shake the doubters and impress all the folks with his adorable bad-assedness. He/She showed up last night and laid some plans on us.

Wicked cool plans.

I'm just kind of bad I don't speak Chinese.

July 22nd, 2016.

Sorry Diary, I don't keep up the way I should but I forgot and left you home. Hope no one read you. But we've been busy. Seems those Chinese Monkey Bastards make Utopia look like angels. Six, count em, six different novas rescued in the last month. Six Novas held against their will, drugged to the gills and being brainwashed to be good little Novadroids. It was scary.

Not that we should be suprised. There's more than a billion monkeys in China, of course there would be more Novas than the ones they parade about. And Hugin found out about them and we're working on freeing them up.

Well, he and me have been freeing them up. Cuddleclaws and Tar Ape get all sorts of grumpy about the cells and torture shit so they tend to paint walls in a lovely shade called "Memory of Baseline". I love my scratchy stud to death, but he can scare me. But hey, thats fun too wink.

They (the monkeys) had some node support the last two times but the fact is we're too cool for that school. I mean, we were even before Victor/Victoria joined up but now, someone comes flying out to meet and beat us and suddenly the little traitor can't fly no more. And he suddenly finds out his forcefield, or flamey blasts or something don't work either. And Hugin is just in back grinning while they try to figure out what the fuck happened. Nothing screams louder than a nova realizing that his toughness flew the coop and he has six hundred pounds of scary about to introduce him to the concept of sucking-chest-wound.

More later!

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August 8th, 2006

I'm kind of scared right now. I gotta stop talking to Hugin like he's normal. I get that he, she cleaned up a lot of the taint upstairs but that doesn't mean he's right in the head.

He got me all worried. I'm Trashtastic Magic Girl. I take the refuse of the monkeys and turn it into a weapon. I can smash tanks and tear apart buildings. Build a shield and whip up a storm. I'm tough and terrible to behold. Even Cuddleclaws says I'm somone he wouldn't want to piss off. So what does Hugin have to say about my magnificent metrosmashing self?

"What happens when there is no more trash?"

One simple question and we get into it.

There'll always be trash



There will always be cities?




Do you need a home?

No, but...

Do you need to eat?

No, but I...

Do you need a car? A bank? Any of those things?

No! But I'm a Nova!

And? What are we doing? You, Me, Mako?

...helping Novas.

Yes. And what happens when we're free of being baseline idols and trapped by baseline expectations?

We'll be Novas. Real Novas.

Hopefully, yes. And will that mean cities? Will that mean trash and garbage and refuse? Or will it be something different?


And where will that leave you?

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