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[OpNet] An apology.


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A few days ago a nova named Revenant did something that really ticked me off. Because it really ticked me off I put in a little effort to find how who he was and, because what I found supported an already poor bad opinion of him, I made a good faith effort to blast him. What I said was harsh enough to blister the paint off walls. It was harsh and it was nasty. And I apologise to him for that. I'm sorry I blew up at him and tossed enough investive his way to open an Insult-R-Us store. There were a couple of different ways I could have gone about it but I was mad and it shows. I want to thank Sylvan and Carver for each in her own way making me think about that. You two ladies are a class act.

Revenant I am sorry I deliberately tried to insult you.

Sylvan and Carver thank you for showing what non-escalatory is and how its possible to be nice even when you may not want to be. Its much appreciated and its been a pleasure talking with you both.

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