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[OpNet] Interesting bits.


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Warning: This topic does not contain explicit imagery, sexual content or candy therefore is unlikely to entertain mock dead novas with attention deficit disorder or their pals. Read at your own peril.

I was reading an article today. It was talking about Portman's first presidential campaign. Specifically about the journal his opponent released to discredit him. You guys know the one I mean. It was where he started using the terms Sphinx, Adders and Smart Eggs. Although Portman's staff downplayed the journal, winning the campaign anyway, the article was actually about the nature of novas with super intelligence. Maybe I was just interested because Tempest made the comment yesterday about wishing he was super intelligent instead of what he is, but it struck me the really super smart novas are different.

I can understand not wanting to suffer fools or being upset when some jack off with half a brain interrupts something meaningful so I figured I could understand the really bright guys at least a little. So they see more of the planet as a jack off with half a brain than I do. Okay but at least we have that little thing in common right? Turns out that's probably not true. One the most basic things I ran across in the article was under the heading of Why Brainiac hates Casablanca. It talks about something that's really simple, how the illusion of movies works.

It turns out there's three kinds of memory not just the two I remembered from high school. The most basic kind is sensory information storage that lasts for a few tenths of a second and its all the raw info we perceive. That gets encoded into what think we saw and put into short term memory. Short term lasts for anywhere from a couple of seconds to a minute. Then there's long term memory and that gets a little funky. There's all these neurons in the brain like layers of raw circuits that aren't really doing anything in particular. But the act of thinking about what we saw in all the ways and means we do starts electrical impulses jumping along certain chains of neurons preconditioning them to make it easier the next time a spark travels down that neuron chain. Now its an actual circuit.

Interesting stuff but the author makes a really good point about sensory storage where all this memory stuff starts out. See movies are actually static pictures flashed by at 16 frames per second. Why 16 frames? Because that's fast enough the sensory information storage thing gets overloaded and can't distinguish one frame from the one before it or the one that comes after it. That true with most human beings but its different with novas especially the super smart ones. Their sensory storage can break things down into micro or pico seconds and the info dumps directly into their long term memory instead of being encoded as what they think they saw in short term memory.

They don't watch movies because to them a movie is just a string of static pictures scrolling by. Wow. Turns out I got nothing in common with those guys.

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Okay. I'm tired of trying to play nice with you. Your "disclaimer" and your attitude are both fucking jokes, and I'm sick of it. Do you think it's funny, and sit there tee-heeing to yourself at your OpNet terminal, or are you really stupid enough to believe your own bullshit? You're oh-so-willing to fling insults, but when people call you on it, as I did (to which you never responded, except in passing) you won't do more than play games and pretend you're so far above it all.

You're not. You're an instigator, a passive-aggressive egomaniac, and apparently the equivalent of a social and mental evolutionary reject. You come here, claiming to be passing along information or seeking wisdom, and all you've done so far is earn yourself at least one enemy by talking out of both sides of your mouth... and, no, dear, that's not innuendo. Don't flatter yourself.

I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you do not start posting shit about me, about my friend- someone who literally and figuratively saved my life, you worthless troll- and expect not to suffer the consequences.

Enjoy the silence you'll receive from me on these boards... You may need the solace.

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Here it is in the simplest way I can say it. He says "screw you" and for some reason you translate that to "I respectfully disagree and the reasons are self-evident." If anyone else said that and said it to you then I believe your reaction would be just a little more than "Oh gee that's nice."

Now you can get spun up. Or you can understand the disclaimer was added so anybody, like Revenant, could know right off the bat this wasn't something for them.

Up to you.

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Loge, I have no love for Revenant; he stole from me, insulted me and just generally pushes every button I have. That said, even I am now wondering where this ire toward him has come from.

I had a great deal of respect for you when you came on the board. That respect is waning as you continue to attack a man I hate. It's not waning because of the subject, but because of the level of pettiness to which you stoop in your attacks. It takes a great deal of effort to ignore Revenant; I know this personally. Heck, I cheered when I saw your first post. But even I am appalled by your harsh words in the latest entry.

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To be really honest here I'm wondering why, if he did all those things to you, you would even have a question about it.

But since you do ask I'll try my best to answer. Some people dredged up things out of their past. Difficult things. Unpleasant things. Horrifying things. Tragic things. And they did it all to answer a simple question from me. Then comes along someone who decides to put a nice little steaming pile in the middle of its because it not entertaining enough for him.

People opened up and made themselves vulnerable in a public place to answer my question. Their pains and losses cheapened by his words and his attitude. You may think less of me but I won't brush it off with "Oh that's just Revenant."

I would very much recommend you skip any replies from me that start out as being addressed to Revenant. You will not want to read them.


What harsh words in my latest entry are you talking about? The last thing I said wasn't even to Revenant. It was an explanation to Velvet as to what she seems to do that is different than what I do. I have no reason to pretend he's saying anything other than what he is saying. She seems to but that's her.

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