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As many have noted there have been some changes to the site following events over the last few days. While those recent events have had an impact, the changes were a long time in coming and are also the result of other factors. Some are directly related to the site while others are not.

(1) The site admin, aka Chosen, is taking a well deserved break from the site to deal with other concerns and will be unavailable until further notice.

(2) Questions, concerns and requests for clarifications etc are to be sent to Director Prime.

(3) Because the Chosen is preoccupied with other matters, he has elected to minimize features that would have required his continued presence to maintain. Examples of this are avatars and an ongoing site forum to discuss features and operation of the site.

(4) It is still possible to use avatars for those wishing to do so. First the image must be hosted elsewhere. The player for Access has previously and very graciously offered to host N!Prime related material in the past so please contact him to confirm his continued willingness to do so if you need a place to host the image. UBB code allows a player to insert the image into a signature line. Several players can explain this feature to anyone experiencing difficulties.

(5) Avatars used in the manner described above are to be no larger than 90x90 and please be aware larger files will require longer load time for the page to display. If this creates a problem with page loading it will be asked the avatar/image files be altered or removed.

(6) Use of material in general, even as avatars, shall not violate the copyright of the owners. If you have permission to use it then do so otherwise inappropriate use of copyrighted material is illegal. It is hoped everyone will respect the rights of the owners. Were this to become a problem the next step would be to consider turning off the UBB code in signatures feature. That would be penalizing everyone for the sins of the few but it would also keep the site from being shut down for copyright violations. The message here is to please respect the rights of others.

(7) Some artists and even publishers have released images for limited use including as avatars. Therefore no issues of copyright violation should exist. Despite this, it is hoped everyone will exercise good judgment. Even if a publisher released a specific image of one of their characters for use as an avatar some would find it difficult to take seriously a character whose avatar is that of a fictional comic book character from the 20th century.

(8) For those experiencing problems with crafting the perfect avatar it's recommended assistance be sought within the forum community from other players. The re are many well versed in the creation of graphics, the use of graphic software and are available for assistance as needed.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Just a couple of quick notes in that vein that might be helpful...

The issue of avatars showing up as broken pic boxes just needs the option to see them turned off in Preferences. If we're not using them anymore, at least for the time being, it'll clean up your pages considerably.

The second, is the character limit in signatures. 250 characters get eaten up pretty quickly between quotes, profile links, and images, but truncating the profile url a bit will give you an extra 20 or so to play with.


Instead of http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=76409&Main=4199#Post76409 just use http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=76409

Hope that helps!

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