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Aberrant: Phoenix Rising - Relevant game information

jameson (ST)

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Recovered from the fight record:

All voices translated from French.

Voice 1: "Everything checks out ready for initial air lift control"

Voice 2 (control): "We copy, lifting team, at your convience please begin."

Voice 3: "Lifting off now on Southward vector."

a few minutes of silence

V1: "Some shuddering but the boards remain in the green control."

V2: "We copy flight, we read your airspeed approaching 300 kph begin engine start sequence."

V1: "Engine start sequence initiated, pressure, fuel, and electrical all go. Ready for engine start at your signal control."

V2: "Standby flight. Lifting team release on mark ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... mark..."

V3: "Craft released, we are clear control"

V2: "Flight the novas are clear engine start on my mark ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Mark."

sound of engine rumbling to life

V1: "Oooff ... *a few seconds of just engine noise* Control, engine is operting within parameters, this is one hell of a ride, approaching 800 kph now."

V2: "Roger flight, hold at 800 kph for 10 minutes."

V1: "Holding at 800 kph. It's a bit rough but managable"

some time later

V2: "Flight prepare for supersonic transition."

V1: "Engaging secondary fuel ratios ... now control, woah that's a kick in the pants ... approaching mach ... 1000 kph .... 1100 kph ....1150 kph .... approaching the sound barrier Control cabin sound is obvious in the recording, suddenly a bang is heard and the recording becomes all but inaudible

recording terminates

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The Gun and the Device

The gun is a weapon which appears to be capable of engergy discharge in the terawatt range. It was found with "Robert" after the group encounter's him and Billy. No detailed analysis of the gun has been conducted and the gun itself appears to have gone missing.

The device is the name for a small box which was found in "Robert's" knapsack. It appears similar to the device which Squidward had during the group's first encounter with him during the events of "The Delicate Sound of Thunder". As with the gun a detailed analysis has not yet been conducted leaving the purpose and function of the device to be unknown at this time.

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