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[Fiction] Vixen- Living Dangerously


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"There's to many of them, we're gonna have to transform!" Dr. Roxanne Richardson shouted as she fended off one of the Freak Legion troopers. The other four people standing nearby nodded and from nowhere a small device materialized in their hands. Each of them began to glow as they shouted "HyperNova Transformation!" The devices began to glow and then the whole area was bathed in light.

The smallest member of the group, Dr. Richardson, led off. "Fox!" Dr. Roxanne Richarson's body shifted and reformed as twin tails sprouted from the base of her spine and a layer of fox colored fur covered her body. In this form she was known as Vixen, the Conscience and leader of Nova Hyperforce.

The young Native American Daniel to her left was next. "Griffin!" Daniel's body shifted and contorted into the form of a massive griffin, complete with fur and two huge feathered wings. He was the largest member of the group and radiated power. In this form he took the name Wakinyan.

The other young woman in the group was next. She had another unique form similar to Wakinyan. "Fox-dragon!" Her form was one with a mix of fur and scales with huge scaled wings and a long tail. Her head had many vulpine features, but she was far more dragon than fox. In this form she was known as Silvertalon.

The two Asian men who brought up the flanks were last. In perfect unison they shouted "Tiger Transformation!" Each of them took on the same massive bipedal tiger form, but Chang, the Chinese restaurant owner had brilliant white fur as opposed to Ryu, young computer whiz, who had the standard tawny fur of the Bengal tiger. They were known as Shen-Khan and Long, respectively.

The five stood together in a silhouette against the sun and then launched into battle. Wakinyan and Silvertalon slashed at the Freak Legion troopers with their claws as Vixen used her invisibility and illusion powers to confuse them and strike them when they didn't expect it. Long and Shen-Khan didn't even seem to move. The troopers that assaulted Shen-Khan soon found themselves restrained on the ground under immense gravitic pressure. Those that assaulted Long fought against a barrier field that rendered him invulnerable. There was a high pitched whine and Long and Shen-Khan extended their barriers to cover their teammates. A huge blast of energy engulfed the area destroying all the troopers and shattering the protective barriers of the twin tigers. They were both on the ground, their eyes closed as the other three looked up in the sky at this new assailant. With his cape and blue and gold armor He looked like a superhero, but his aura of plasma energy burned with pure evil. His bald head gleamed in the light and he laughed maniacally. "Foolish children, even your Nova form are no match for me Caestus Mal! You're weak and pathetic. You've interfered in my plans for the last time. Prepare to die." His hands began to glow again and Long and Shen-khan rose from the ground. Vixen nodded and called out. "Ok team let's show this bald madman the power of teamwork!" They began glowing again. They began resonating with each other and all five shot forth a beam of light tat merged with the others into one huge beam attack. "Shining Nova Unison Attack!"

Caestus Mal responded with his own huge energy tack. The beams met and exploded sending debris everywhere. They were evenly matched. "Vixen we've got to win!" Vixen nodded and as one they all upped the ante pouring even more power into the attack forcing it back onto Caestus Mal. "This can't beeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"

His own attack blew up in is face and he vanished. The five then dropped to the ground in exhaustion. "That was tough." was Silvertalon's comment. "It isn't over yet." Shen-khan's rev=mark brought all eyes skyward as the smoke cleared. His armor was broken and his skin burned but Caestus Mal was still there. "YOU INSOLENT LITTLE IDIOTS! NOW i'LL SHOW YOU MY TRUE POWER!" RISE MY GORGEOUS DIVIS PAX!" The ground shook as the giant humanoid mecha rose from the earth and a dozen buildings fell to it's hands and feet. Caestus Mal shot into the machine like a beam of light giving it new power. Vixen looked to the others and they nodded in unison. "HYPER NOVAZORDS POWER UP!" Five great mecha descended from the skies, each of them resembling their pilots. They all boarded all of their machines just as Caestus Mal had. Vixen prepped them for what came next. "Ready team?" "Let's do it!" Controls began to shift and then the five mecha began as well. "Form Feet and legs!" The Wakinyan novazord became the legs and lower torso. "Form Arms and Body." The Long and Shen-khan novazords became the left and right arm as the Silvertalon nova zord became the upper torso. Each peice interlocked together until only the Vixen novazord was left. "And I'll form the head!" The last piece fitted together they combined into the Mega Novazord. The five of them sat at the controls of the invincible Mega novazord. "Let's end this Vixen once and for all." Long remarked. "I agree. Alright guys Form Shining Saber!" The two Tiger heads came together and energy became matter as the sword took form. The Divis Pax drew it's own sword and the two clashed blades for several minutes. "We've got to end it, we're almost out of power!' "One more slash team!"

"Pepare to Die Hypernova Force!" Divis Pax charged, it's sword in a high overhand arc. The Mega novazord ducked low and brought it's Shining Saber around in a lightning quick cross slash. The world went white and then everyone could see the Mega novazord behind the Divis Pax with it's sword held high. Then the Divis Pax exploded and the Mega novazord stood it's wings and armor gleaming in the sunlight. Atop it's head the five nova pilots stood in a gallant array, fists raised in triumph and smiling at their final victory. "We did it! Now we can have peace, for novas and humans!" Vixen cheered. As one they shouted "Yeah!!"

The screen faded to black and Long looked over to Vixen who seemed to be between the emotions of rage and amusement. That disturbs me on so many levels I cannot begin to count them all." Long chuckled and shrugged."Hey they made you the leader and the Head. They just made me one of damn arms." Vixen gave him a look and he just smiled. Then the two of them just started laughing. They were after all the only two novas in the video who were even around. "You know Long, you Japanese have an unique and terrifying sense of humor. Think we oughta let them go through with it?"

"That's all up to you , as is whether or not you'd actually like to help with it." As she looked at the smiling Tiger she realized how it would be seen, and then how it was likely to get makers of the little animated video killed by a certain Bald Utopian. "what the Hell, let the little guys live dangerously."

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