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2006 Month One


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Let's this party started, oh yeah, oh yeah. Come on baby, get this party started, yeah, oh yeah.

Let's get things off with a bang! Everyone's been dying to write for this guy. He's the biggest, baddest, and most um...talented, man to ever walk arm in arm with Samhra!

Let's here it for this month's selection, da SINGULARITY!

Sing stories accepted until midnight, Jan 29th, Pacific Time.

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I’ve made everyone wait too long for the results so here we go; it’s been extremely difficult for me to pick a winner but someone does have to win. Please be understanding if I’m brief; part of my computer is busted and I’m a little miffed over it. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t awed, humbled, and blushing furiously over the amount of TLC each writer put into their story. I’ve had an absolute blast reading everyone’s work. And, on a general note, thank you for the great number of AU entries. I know I’m in the minority when it comes to that sort of thing so I greatly appreciate the effort.

Carver: I loved the AU aspect of your story and I’m finding myself wondering about and interested in learning more of the world you created. Plus I loved seeing all of the little references back to the N!Prime characters that got interspaced throughout the story. You caught part of the overall theme I keep in the back of my mind with the character and put it in the story in two different forms. Very very cool.

Jager: This is exactly what I meant when talking about using characters as an archetype. I’m extremely happy that you wrote something like that and you did an excellent job of removing the character from the setting while retaining (if not highlighting) themes and aspects that are integral to him. And, like Carver’s, now I want to know more about the world you made.

Long: Nice job incorporating personal philosophy with an aspect of the character’s taint that I’ve had to leave neglected for too long. You almost had me seeing moss growing on the old boy’s skin. :P

Samhra: Again, loved the AU parts of the story (especially the Adventure! aspect of it), loved how you used the character within it, and loved the internal and external consistency of the story. Repeating a theme, it means a lot to me that you used an AU, Advenure!, and parts of the character I haven’t focused on quite as much as other parts on my own. Just promise me you’ll eventually write out your other idea so I can read that too. wink:P

Timeslip: Nothing like a bully dealing with a bully, I love it! I had a great time riding through Tank’s POV and it gave me one hell of a good laugh yesterday morning when I got to read it; excellent work.

Vixen: For a second there I thought you were going to give us a hint of An Uncertain Universe again :P . But, in all seriousness, I enjoyed reading the story and what you had to say with the character. Plus, I get the feeling that I can’t mention the word “tickle” around Samhra anymore without any measure of seriousness…

Wakinyan: I’m all over seeing backstory explored and I’m damn happy someone did it with one of the entries. Granted, I had a darker and meaner plan for his interaction with his family, but it was good to see a much more positive and healthy outcome with that storyline. Every story doesn’t have to be a tearjerker, eh?

As I said, I had one hell of a time deciding and there's two stories that I almost can't decide between... but since this is a contest, here’s the winner: Samhra

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