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  1. Mr. Devlin, do you think you were sabotaged on purpose, or merely a target of opportunity? Has anything like Nassau happened again in the past 12 years?
  2. In a rather bored voice, "I never took the training to be optional. Its part of the job. Its part of what we're expected to do."
  3. Vali went from happy and relieved. Jager had returned from his hunt for TimeSlip. The meeting seemed about over and then this happened. Now they were going to talk about leardership styles and training philosophies and whe was doing what wrong. To Vali, it boiled down to the resources available ... egos included. Vali studied his ass off. He pulled the most interpersonnel hours of any Knight held all three Certifications for Emergancy Services. Vali shrugged. These arguements rare considered him, or involved him. Better to just sit this out and spend the time with Clark.
  4. "Cade, with the crap that we know, you can't afford to leave Rev behind. If you want to leave somebody behind, leave me. I'm the weakest. You are going to need your real strength on the frontlines," Vali says evenly. "If we are each going to find our own conscience on this ... well, it breaks us up as a team. I'm against it. We could end up fighting each other." He runs his tongue long his cainines then shakes his head. Rev was not chainable. Cade wanted the respect due the head of the WCK and Rev wouldn't give it this side of hell. The situation promised to eat up much of the more reasonalbe discussions the Team needed. The WCK would suffer and the WCK's memebers were walking into a war. Vali didn't have an answer.
  5. "Cade, what exactly would I mandate be?" Vali began. "Would we be bringing down law-breakers on both sides of the conflict, or going in to put the Indians back in a box?" He kept his gaze on the head of the table. He was as much thinking out loud as addressing the room. "Hell, I'm not sure there is a side to take. People are running around killing and stealing. That's against the law. I don't care what their excuses are ... but others do. How does this not come back and bite us in the ass?" Vali shook his head and continued. "I think this is a waste of our time and resources. Not because we can't get the job done, but because of all the agencies that are going to be holding our hands while this goes down. If we are allowed to go in and do what we think will end the conflict ... and I don't think for a minute they will ... I'm for committing. Otherwise, they can go screw themselves." With the skepticism of youth clear on his face, "Cade, you go tell them these conditions. They will say 'No' and we can gracefully bow out of this debacle. They want novas to handle this situation, let us hanlde it like novas ... not as patsies."
  6. Vali made his way into the meeting, hair still wet from a shower. His mood was also upbeat though he wasn't humming. Vali went straight to his seat and began flipping through the dossier in front of him. His tone remained unconcerned. This was a possible assignment like so many others. Sure, it was a larger series of criminal acts, but weren't they all crime-fighters ... well most of them. Nothing about the carnage shocked him anymore. He had seen pretty much all the evil and sick things man could do to one another during his time on the Knights. It was all a matter of perspective in Vali's mind. He'd seen a woman's unborn child ripped out of her womb just four months ago. A decapitaion? He'd seen a meth-head take off his best friend's head with an ax. The scalping was a new twist on the numerous mutilations he had to witness over the past two years, but not, sadly, surprising. Rapes, murders, arsons, thefts ... all old hat. Other people wanted to paint these crimes up as a Race War, let them. To Vali, these were crimes committed by criminals. Putting a stop to this was part and parcel of being a Knight. If the team voted to jump into this mess, Vali knew he wasn't going to have a problem with it. Hey! Sean got laid. Bout time.
  7. Well, further bloodshed is pretty much guarunteed at this point. The Lakota went out and BUTCHERED several dozen civilians by the look of it. The National Guard for South Dakota and the surrounding states are being called out. Federal assistance (read elements of one Airmobile division, Ranger Battalions, and Delta as well as an alphabet soup of others) is on the way in a day or two at most. Whatever the indian's honest grievences were, they should be lost in the spilling of blood. This should not end well at all. In my opinion, anyway.
  8. *sits down next to Sean, steals some popcorn, notices the time and curses as babysitting duty calls*
  9. Troll, different group psychologies. Terats don't turn on, or in, their fellow members because they don't feel responsible for them. Utopians do. You want to be seen as your Brother's Keeper. Good for you. Terats don't, as far as I know. I'm not a member of their club either. I guess this allows me to observe with a degree of humor the various defections from each other's ranks. How many Utopians have gone on to become Terats and why? How many Terats have become divorced from their movement and why? Why don't we move this to another thread? Its got nothing to do with poor Knockout's outing, or Tommy Orgy's latest sexual misadventure.
  10. Troll, A) I work with a Terat without any problems, and does this mean we should hold all Utopians complicit in Saxon's actions? Terats are a diverse group of novas. Some have done and will continue to do some pretty horrific things. Some Utopians will go on to incite another Ibiza. Other Utopians do wonderful humanitarian work. Other Terats risk their lives to save the lives of baselines and novas alike. Why don't we judge each member by his/her/its actions instead of lumping everyone's individual actions on the group as a whole?
  11. Let me see ... I already do both jobs ... and I'm pretty sure you couldn't ... and I really don't want to mess up the WCK anymore than it already is ... So ... NO.
  12. Originally Posted By: RevenantOriginally Posted By: SandcasterI would note that Jager is still missing. I hadn't noticed... That would be because you aren't one of the people who has had to pick up his slack.
  13. Cade is in charge. The Knights are still active.
  14. "I'm outta here too, Cade. I'll be back in 12. I'll also bring Clark up to speed, but right now a big bed is looking like the place for me. Later." Vali pivoted off the wall and made is out of Cade's office. Following Sean, he added, "Its good to see you back Sean," this time not teasing, but with honesty.
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