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Character Contest - Month Nine


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Pink and purple

red and white

Colors matter not

when you have no sight.

With no point of reference

can you even compare

how you feel when her libido

is or is not there?

Bow, kneel, kiss her feet, and worship.

This month is SLATTERN!

Slattern stories are accepted Oct 1 - Oct 28th.

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Okay, first things first.

Thank you all. Very nice work.

Second, when it comes to 'canon consideration' I'm mega picky, please don't be insulted if I say no. Canon and quality to me are completely unrelated.

Troll- Non-canon but still a very good story. Great take on a potential drawback to the character but that's just not how I see her. But still, very sweet story. And the colors? Now that's the kind of extra effort that really jumps out to be noticed. Thumbs up Greenie.

Jager- Okay, I'm really torn on this one. The presentation of Slattern isn't how I see her exactly but the tone is just so spot on. I'm gonna say canon despite myself just because yes, the spirit came roaring through on this one and I can't deny it.

Samhra-Again, torn on the canon aspect but fact is I got one of the cool mystical descriptors and that's just too neat to ignore. Canon.

Wakinyan- Oooh, the road less traveled. I like, I like a lot. Sometimes passion is too much and Slattern likely has had a couple of these sort of mishaps. Canon.

Alchemist-Close second, baby. Real close. Canon if it's okay with the group.

Ashnod-Canon and winner. Daaaaaaaamn. Take that Narcosis!

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