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Two weeks. Sandcaster had been sure that by this point in her vacation, she would be pounding on the doors at the Knight's HQ downtown, begging for just a few hours with her in-box.

And yet, here it was, a lovely Sunday morning two weeks along, and the office was the farthest thing from her mind. Clark and Vali had left early, Adam in tow, to try to accomplish some shopping before the church crowds could bring traffic to a standstill. And that had left the house entirely to Sandcaster...and Stormwarden, who was becoming a more and more common sight at the breakfast table. Or, more often, the late brunch table; morning did not see them leaping out of bed in a mad dash for shower and clothes and hurried meals and a harried drive through crushing traffic. No, this was vacation...and with Stormwarden having taken some time of her own off from the Knights, the days moved at a pace of their own choosing.

It was in the middle of one of these brunches, smiling at each other over coffee and pancakes and toast, that the doorbell rang. The two young lovers looked up toward the front of the house in unison, then back at each other with smiles as first the sand-covered nova and then the weather witch pushed themselves back from the table and headed out into the hall and to the door. Dorothy, both thought; ever since they had agreed to persue their relationship, Glenn's daughter had been on better terms with both and made a habit of coming around with a knowing grin and a happy attitude whenever she had the time.

So it was with considerable surprise that the two found standing on their doorstep a statuesque and muscular blonde with short-cropped hair and a Team Tomorrow uniform. Sandcaster's smile disappeared in a look of wary concern; if Gvuthbjörg Danielsdottir was here, it could only be concerning one thing. "Ragnarockette?" Sandcaster said, immediately followed by the certain reason for the visit: "Oh God, what has The Crusader done now?"

To her surprise, the Icelandic beauty broke into full, rolling laughter; it was then that Sandcaster noticed that her icy blue eyes were anything but cold. "No, no," the visitor finally managed after the laughs had subsided to chuckles. "I'm not here about T2M business, Sandcaster...and Stormwarden," she added, looking at the raven-haired nova just behind the lady of the house. "I was hoping to talk to you about the Queer Nova Alliance. May I come in?"

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For all her intelligence, for all of her genuine gift with people, Sandcaster stood there in the door like an idiot, her mouth gaping open for a good five second. It finally shut with an audible click, and he somehow managed to say, "Um, uh, come in?" while still in a daze.

Stormwarden, for her part, was puzzled by Sandcaster's reaction to both their vistor and her question. Rhayne regarded Team Tomorrow as generally the 'good guys' (and gals) and was happy to meet another nova. Still, Sandcaster seemed disconcerted and in need of comfort because of this visit. Rhayne stepped behind Anne and slipped her arms around around Anne's waist, linking her fingers together on Anne's stomach.

"Its good to meet you Ragnarockette," Stormwarden said warmly.

Gvuthbjörg smiled at Rhayne's obvious and open display of affection for her lover. If one half of a couple was receptive to her argument, her mission was always easier.

Ragnorockette strode into Anne's house with the grace of an Icelandic Goddess. The two other novas followed along and the three took seats in the living room. Gvuthbjörg studied their faces as they sat across from her. Rhayne smiled with a certain child-like innocence, while Anne had all the grim expecations of what was coming. That was to be expected. Sandcaster had spent her life being either discreat, or just staying away from the community. It had been Stormwarden's openess about her own sexuality that had brought Sandcaster out this far. The next step was, well ...

Ragnarockette leaned forward.

"You two make a wonderful couple," Gvuthbjörg started off. "Together, you have made quite a reputation for yourselves as Windy City Knights. For many novas, you two are shining examples of what novas can accomplish and we in the QNA would like you both to take the next step. Supporting the community at large is great, but the Gay, Lesbian, Bi- and Transexual community needs your direct support as well."

"The two of you are already great role models for us as novas. By speaking out for yourselves, you can help so many people that feel persecuted, or repressed in their own sexual identities. We in the Queer Nova Alliance speak out for the rights of every sexual identity, and we want you to join us in our public stance."

Gvuthbjörg finished off her last statement with a winning smile that could melt the Langjokull glacier.

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Pure, unmitigated fear gripped Sandcaster firmly around the heart...and squeezed. It was one thing to finally admit to a desire; it was another entirely to announce it to the world.

Forcing a small and nervous laugh, Sandcaster tried to disarm the situation. "You don't ask much, do you?" Even delivered with a grin, the point wasn't lost on Ragnarockette; the gorgeous Utopian's smile didn't drop, but her eyes showed disappointment as clearly as a frown. OK, Anne...stall for thinking time. "I mean, this is really pretty new to me. We, um, well, Rhayne and I have really only been together for a couple of weeks, and...." No improvement was forming in the glacier blue eyes.

Sandcaster realized it was time to go for broke. "Look, I'm the team leader for the WCK. I need to be someone that the community will respect. And with Stormwarden under my supervision, well, a public statement of that sort would bring some pretty critical eyes on the Knights. And that includes The Crusader, I should note," she added, trying to - in a very small way - tie the public fate of the Knights to that of Team Tomorrow.

Ragnarockette was quiet for a moment, and closed her beautiful eyes as her smile faded. When she opened them again, a smile had returned...but it was a wistful, sad thing, a match for eyes that now seemed to be simply weary.

"I understand the delicate position you are in, Sandcaster. But I want to ask you a question. You value how the people of Chicago perceive you, perceive your ethics in your job, right?" Sandcaster gave an answering nod, and the Icelandic woman continued. "Then why continue to live what is openly becoming known as a lie?"

The words were like a slap in the face to the Knight, and Stormwarden was starting to look upset as well, but Ragnarockette pressed on. "You two are known to be a couple. It's no secret; if it were, I wouldn't be here. I'm not here to out you; that's something that we all have to choose for ourselves. But you've already halfway outed yourself. You go out together holding hands, Stormwarden is known to spend several nights over here, you've been caught on camera kissing...so what exactly do you think you have to gain by continuing to hide in a closet that's mostly fallen down around you?

"I know that the supervisor/subordinate thing can be used against you...but that's going to happen whether or not you step forward and declare who you really are. You'll need to deal with it somehow, either by changing who is working directly for whom or by just accepting that you can have a healthy working relationship even with your private relationship. But please Sandcaster - Anne - don't keep that last vestige of a mask up; it's not helping you, and it's hurting a lot of other LGBT people."

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Rhayne senses Anne's distress and feels an anger towards Ragnarockette emerging. Anne was her anchor, though and she held back her natural instincts to come to her lover's defense and began thinking things through instead. Finally, after Gvuthbjörg's last pitch, Rhayne spoke to the Utopian.

"Anne and I care about our community as a whole more than any one particular group of people. Protecting this city and the surrounding areas are our way of life now. These people will accept as as we are. They believe in us and we in them."

Rhayne turns to Anne, holding both of her hands.

"I'll do whatever you want to do, Anne. The only thing I've ever been ashamed of is how badly I hurt you when we were first together."

"You've make me so happy. I love you very much, I not only don't mind the world knowing, I want to stand up on the tallest building in Chicago and scream to the winds how much I love you. I want to write it in the clouds how proud and fullfilled I am when I'm with you."

Rhayne looks back at Gvuthbjörg with a bit more compassion than when she last addressed her.

"The Knights know who we are, and the people who are close to us as well. If what you want us to do hurts the Knights, we won't do it. If it doesn't," Rhayne looks back to Anne before returning her gaze to Gvuthbjörg, "we'll talk it over and see what is best for everyone concerned."

Once more, Rhayne turns to Anne,

"Right Anne?"

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The mantra had become old, but no less true. Once again, Sandcaster was faced with what seemed an impossible task. For so very long, she had denied her nature to herself, and only just in the past few weeks had come to accept that she could allow herself this bit of joy in her life. But to step forward so openly, so completely, to risk everything? It was just too much to ask...until Rhayne's words softly melted the walls and melted her heart.

Once more, she looked to Rhayne, and the rest was easy.

With a sigh, a deep breath and a nod, Sandcaster looked at the QNA representative and simply said, "Count me in."

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