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[OpNet] 2016.6.13 - State of the STIA - PUB

Sakurako Hino

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Well, things are going smoothly and calmly for a change. My company has seen modest, yet successful profits for the First Quarter of the year, and I'm seeing ways to improve the pay rates and benefits for my Employees. I'm proud of what STIA has accomplished in terms of product develoment and getting it out to the public.

While we aren't a Kuro-Tech or a Viasoft, we are starting to get seen. While in Japan we are quite well blended into the corporate patchwork quilt, overseas we're starting to get noticed quite well.

Not to mention I am happy to announce I have personally signed off on a deal to partner with Viasoft in having their software on our latest PDA brand line. This is a partnership that will finally get our computer and software division back up to the competition.

I am also amused and delighted that I will personally be "peddling" if you will my wares at several events in the US over the coming months. At the coming Pow-Wow, I will be selling some of my more environmentally friendly power-sources. Including a nice solar-power pack system that will generate enough electricity to power a full-sized desktop terminal with a box only the size of a small purse. Also I will have in a small display dome where various camping, hunting, and wilderness gear will be on display and for sale.

Oh, and free drinks, hot dogs, and chips funded out of my own pocket. No hair off my head.

Finally I would like to thank a good friend, Typhoon, for helping me with my little project. And giving me a little extra capitol for my next big project.

After all, you cannot revolutionize commerce, aeronautics, and travel on a dream alone. ^_^

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