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[OpNet] Spring time for griffins


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I don't even know where to begin. (How come most of my journal entries start that way?)

My job and school stuff still progresses. I only work for a few hours a week which is nice. School I do a few hours of a day. The rest of my time is much more interesting.

Since my last post I was attacked with a frying pan and got into a fight that almost left me and the other guy dead. The reason for it? I was trying to help him. Although I was accused of penis waving which is just utter bullshit.

Anyway, we both about died I guess. The other downside is one I expected. The dude hates me with a passion. Can't have everyone like you I suppose. Especially after you try to scalp them.

An unseen side effect of this little event is I realize that no matter how much you love someone. Sometimes it is best that you are not around them if all you ever do is hurt them. Truly loving someone seems to also mean knowing when to let them go in order for them to live a better life than what you can offer them with you by their side. That really really hurts. More than anything Rev did to me. I just can't bring myself to do it. Am I really so selfish even now?

Also I skinny dipped with someone I probably shouldnt have. But I can never turn down a chance for fun like that.

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Bro, as I recall, the Medicine Man's responsiblitiy was as much social as physical. Use your wisdom, look to your family, and talk it over with the one's you love the most and who love you.

As for the other thing, if it was a big deal, Flicker would have talked it over with me. She's great that way.

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