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Aberrant RPG - Quantum Synchronicity and the Mazarain-Rashoud Node


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<font size="4">Quantum Synchronicity and the Mazarain-Rashoud Node</font>

by Maxwell Xander Damon

Gerhard Hegerfeldt, of the University of Gittingen, has shown that in theory any pair of atoms can communicate faster than light. His work was based on Raymond Chiao’s Newtonian Tunneling work, and I recommend that anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the physics underpinning this work look up both men. For me, I am interested in the implications of their work for Novas such as myself.

It is this instant communication between subatomic particles (what is known as Tunnelling) that so fascinates me, because it is that communication which answers the question posed us by the Mazarin-Rashoud Node; How do I do what I do? For ten years now, that question has haunted us, but now I believe an answer is at hand.

I quote from Hegerfeldt: “Because particles must also be considered as waves (one of the basic tenets of quantum mechanics), the individual particles in the atom are spread out, and there is a finite (though small) chance of finding them anywhere in the Universe. So the wave functions of the electrons in the first atom overlap with those of the electrons in the second atom. They are entangled, like the two photons produced in the Aspect experiment, and when an electron in one atom jumps down an energy level that can instantaneously make its counterpart in the other atom jump up by the same amount.”

The M-R Node contains all of the particles of subatomic physics, in my new theory. Through this instant connection (which requires the existence of a 5th Dimensional Implicate Order, allowing for the entanglement between particles…see my paper on uni-distance travel in 6th Dimensional Mapping) the Node allows a Nova to manipulate the particles outside of him by doing so to the ones within. These particles, at least in theory, can be separate by any degree of distance; a block, ten miles, half a galaxy. This process of communication between quantum particles could bridge the universe instantly, in theory. In essence, it’s the old microcosm/macrocosm argument, with a dash of the flavor of the old sympathetic magicians. Indeed, there is a connection between every object and its smallest parts, only that connection exists not in the reed doll of the folk crafter but in the quantum flux between all particles. As below, so above!

The implications, of course, are staggering. This instant communication is not hampered by Einsteinean/Relativistic strictures, allowing for faster than light travel, manipulation of vast energies…indeed, it’s as if there is no limit at all on what we can achieve! Of course, the mechanic of how the M-R Node manages to do the work a sophisticated supercollider could but barely intimate at is as yet unanswered…but now, with Novas such as myself at work on the problem, I feel confident that the gate to a whole new universe is at hand.

Maxwell Xander Damon is better known as The Daimon, one of the founding members of _Glitzenhammer Elites._ Besides his work as a mercenary, he is a Rashoud Fellow at Brown University, in Providence, RI.

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