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Aberrant RPG - Nova Terrorists Attack Rashoud Facility

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<font size="4">Nova Terrorists Attack Rashoud Facility</font>

by Christopher Anderson

N! Prime Staff Writer

The newly appeared nova terrorist faction which has adopted that popular anti-nova epithet "Aberrants" has struck once again. This time the attack was centered on a Rashoud Facility in the south of France. It was a well timed and systematic strike perpetrated by five novas. They teleported in the Rashoud Facility, three equipped with automatic shotguns and the other two equipped with frightening quantum powers.

The moment they appeared every exit was immediately welded shut via quantum a quantum power, and everyone in the reception area was immediately murdered. Video feeds from security cameras, before they were short circuited by one of the Novas who possessed the ability to control electricity, showed that the novas moved as a group throughout the facility, murdering baselines and novas alike. Among the victims whose names have been released are the baselines Kathy Larsen, Josh Young, Julia Parker, Rachel Tarell and the novas Tyson Myers, Ray Woods, "Silver Blast," and "Fairy Fire." In addition to the victims listed here another 23 are reported as dead and five others in critical condition. If it hadn't been for the quick response of Team Tomorrow the situation could have been far worse.

One of the terrorists, a nova known as Tiberius Lucan, was captured by T2M, and has been taken to the Bahrain Facility for questioning.

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