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This is a resource topic for the game.  Important information will be found here regarding the galaxy and the various factions within it.  Since this an 'alternate timeline' game, a lot of the things we do and NPCs we'll be using will not be canon, so keep an open mind and have some fun by making the galaxy your own.

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Imperial Breakdown


The Sith Empire: The most common term is the Galactic Empire.  From the Emperor’s seat of power on Coruscant the daily politics of the galaxy are played out on a stage set in what was once the old Galactic Senate Chambers.  From there, the various sector and regional governors plot against each other for funding, resources, and budget increases.  You probably recognize this better as COMPNOR.

Voting no longer occurs within the glossy black chambers.  A sector or a region may petition for anything it requires and even be backed by other Imperial governors, but the final say always falls upon the Emperor’s appointed representatives.  Around the Emperor is an appointed Committee that monitors and assesses the needs of the various regions of the galaxy, noting successes and failures to consider when allocating resources or managing personnel.  Mostly there is only arguing and petty squabbles taking place within the chamber walls.

COMPNOR operates from the Old Republic Senate Building.

[This is not exactly how COMPNOR operated, but it was created before a lot of the newer material was written and thus far it hasn’t received an update through the years.  This keeps the feel of the Imperial COMPNOR while also making use of the old Senate structure from Episodes I, II, III and what was seen in the Clone Wars episodes.  Instead of being filled with senators and representatives from the various worlds throughout the galaxy, it is now utilized by power hungry, greedy imperial governors and Moffs as a tool to curry favor from the Emperor and more prestige and power and is the only way they can hope to compete with anyone who has graduated from the Sith Academy.]


The Sith Order: Operating out of the former Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Sith Order operates as dark reflection of everything the Jedi stood for through the millennia.  Instead of peacekeepers, they are symbols of oppression whose presence invokes fear.  After having stood for nearly five thousand years as a symbol of peace and hope within the galaxy, it is now known as The Sith Academy.

Any Force Sensitive discovered within the empire is given the option to either join the Order or be put to death.  Within the Sith Order is where one will find the largest concentration of alien species.  Considering the rarity of the Force and how it makes a single individual equal to a small army with proper training, the xenophobia of imperial doctrine is somewhat lifted to accommodate.  Even then, only near-human, civilized species are offered the opportunity to serve the Order.  To be accepted into and complete one’s training at the Sith Academy is a guarantee of power and prestige within the Empire, possibly launching one’s station Force sensitive junker on a backwater world to nobility and power.

Sequestered away in their temple, no one is quite sure how many Force-users the Empire has at its disposal, but intelligence suggests that not all of them wield iconic red lightsabers.  Force sensitive spies, assassins and deep covert operatives are all sent to the Sith Temple for training and due its high attrition rate, only best emerge to ply their skills in service of the empire.

The Sith Order answers to no one within the Imperial hierarchy but the Emperor himself.  While on official Imperial business, a Lord or Lady (as the title of Sith carries with it instant nobility) is equal in command to the highest-ranking officer within the command, be it army or navy.  However, they are to leave the day-to-day operations to the military officers while they tend to whatever affairs or orders that have been assigned to them.

[The Sith Order is nothing more than a posh and decadent upper class of Force-Users whose petty squabbles keep them occupied enough that only the most talented and gifted of them rise to the top, which is how the Emperor wants it.  While all are Force sensitive, only a small percentage of them have earned the right to wear a lightsaber and be considered ‘true Sith’ which is an accolade within their social strata that elevates to even greater station amongst their own numbers.]


The Rule of Two and All Those Force Users: The Rule of Two is still in effect within Darth Sidious’ ongoing (some would argue: recently re-awakened) Empire.  He maintains only a single apprentice, and whom that may be is currently unknown.  The Sith from the academy are simply Force-wielding tools to carry out his orders if other Force traditions within the galaxy might try to oppose him again.

In keeping with Sith tradition, it is a known belief that Darth Sidious is nigh immortal and has no intention of ever relinquishing his power to anyone.  The Brotherhood of Darkness believes that, while keeping with the tenants of the Sith philosophy, Sidious’ existence also violates the Rule.  Knowledge is supposed to be passed on, from Master to Apprentice until one day the Apprentice becomes the Master.

Even if rightfully defeated by an apprentice Sidious’ cloning technology and knowledge of Dark Transfer he is making a mockery of the Sith teachings.  Even among the blackest hearts of the Sith there are some who agree that precepts must be obeyed and while you can cheat the system, or the galaxy, cheating the will of the Force is blasphemy.


The Inquisitorious: The Imperial Inquisitors, or Inquisitors, are a task force of dark side Force users whose sole purpose is to hunt and kill any rogue Force using tradition or individuals who refuse to join the Empire and learn the ways of the Dark Side of the Force.

There are only a handful of Inquisitors when compared to the posh nobility that graduates the Sith Academy almost daily, leaving the Inquisitors to believe that they are superior in the ‘quality over quantity’ sense.  Despite this, Sith and Inquisitors are equal in rank and power while serving orders and this often leads to a conflict of egos.  Sidious intended it this way and allows the two factions to consistently fight amongst themselves.  The only way to become an Inquisitor is to defeat an Inquisitor in single combat, relinquish their name and take their number as a fellow Brother or Sister.

Only the Inquisistors have access to Purge Troopers and resources, a fact that infuriates the Sith to no end.  Their headquarters was once on Coruscant but after disputes with the Sith Academy they relocated.  Being a covert branch of the Imperial Military, their current head quarters is a closely guarded secret.


Republic Breakdown


The Galactic Republic:  The Galactic Republic fell approximately 55 years ago when Darth Sidious, disguised as Senator Palpatine assumed executive control of all the Republics resources to battle the separatists for the Clone Wars and refused to relinquish that power after the republics victory.

[We should all know the story.]


The Rebellion: Scattered across the galaxy is the Rebellion, women and men who are dedicated to fighting the Empire’s tyranny and restoring order and peace to the galaxy.  They maintain bases in several of the Outer Rim systems and cells of freedom fighter can be found almost everywhere, working on secret lest they be outed by those indoctrinated by Imperial propaganda.

After their loss at Exegol, the rebellion stands on the brink of extinction with no formal leadership, just a handful of resistance cells doing their best to strike from the shadows, but it’s not enough.


The Jedi Order:  For nearly 34 years the Jedi Order was a thorn in the side of the Empire after the death of her brother, Luke Skywalker, caused Princess Leia Organa-Solo to take up the mantle of Jedi Master and train a new generation of Jedi in secret.  Leia chose twelve students to start and at the time of the battle of Exegol, each of those students were full fledged Jedi Knights with Padawans of their own.

Although they fought bravely at Exegol it is known that at least three of the Padawans fell to the Dark Side and turned on their masters, beyond that, it is believed that none of the Jedi survived.  For the first time in twenty-five thousand years, there are no Jedi, or successors to the Jedi Order.

Leia trained the Jedi in secret and no one but the Jedi knew where their training temple was located.


Other Force Traditions: Through the galaxy there have been hundreds of Force Traditions, aside from the Jedi and Sith that have thrived for as long as recorded history.  With the apparent fatal stroke against the Jedi at Exegol, the Empire has begun moving on the lesser-known traditions, exterminating or absorbing them into its great war machine.

The Jenssarai, Zeison Sha and Matuaki, whose orders had already felt the wrath of the Empire, are now being hunted to extinction as the final fall of the Jedi has rejuvenated the motivation in the Inquisitors.  As a result, nearly all Force traditions have gone into hiding.

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