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Hello peoples!

Yes, I've been a tad slack lately in regards to updating and whatnot, but fortunately, I've been able to get my tail into motion and start doing some work around here:

  • First Up, The Fiction Archive has been updated (somewhat). Due to the other things I've been doing, there isn't much actual new stories yet. But you'll see why the notes below
  • A new format has been added to the Archives for both Fiction Pieces and Vignettes - PalmReader e-book. These are for use with the actual PalmReader program, and are, if you don't mind me saying, hella cool.

    This has been what's been taking up large portions of time (apart from DotD), since I had to reformat each and every story to get it ready for compilation (and when you have files as large as OWW, you can appreciate the amount of time it takes!). All of the old stories and Vignettes have the new format.

  • The Vignettes guidelines have been updated. In particular, the Suggested limit has been changed. it's now around 2 pages of 10-point Times New Roman font in Word.
  • Speaking of which, some of you may have noticed some reshuffling in the Fiction and Vignette Boards. Yes, I am aware of this. Some threads in the Fiction section have been moved. Only those single-post stories that fall into the definition of a Vignette have been moved. Also, any remaining multi-post threads in the Vignettes board have been moved to the Fiction boardNote, nothing has been deleted! It has only moved boards. This is one of the reasons why I've delayed getting all the new stuff archived properly. If you feel there was a reason why your story should have stayed in Fiction (ie, you were intending to continue the story), please PM me, and I'll put it back for you.
  • In case people haven't noticed, there is a new address for the archives. They are now hosted on N! Prime's server, instead of my personal website. The page on my website will be updated, but you're more likely to get the most recent page with the one on N! Prime's server.

The Address is in the Signature, but the exact address for the new site is http://www.nprime.net/~Kirby/nparchives.html

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Kirby; a couple of notes for you.

Under "Fiction", the menu selection for...


Links to:

N! Prime » Fiction » Trinity Fiction


Actually links to:

N! Prime » N! Prime » N! Prime


Links to:

N! Prime » FYI

... And returns a result of "We could not find a record for that forum."


links to:

N! Prime » Other » General RPG

Under the discussion selections


returns the following result:

Not passed a valid topic: 'YES', '1' at /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/nprime.net/cgi-bin/forum/ubb_lib_files.cgi line 72.

The remainder of the selections under discussion seem nonfunctional.

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Pretty much. You know, when I started, I thought I'd be doing this every week or so...

But, just to let you know, due to other committments, you may have to wait a while for the Fiction stories to update, at least 'til after the weekend. Not only do I need time to recoup, but I intend to spend time away from the computer this weekend... laugh

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