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[OpNet] My Nova Neighbor


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My Nova Neighbor

Dear Abbie,

I'm not a nova, but my neighbor is. And for the last three nights, every time I'm almost falling asleep, I start hearing voices just at the edge of my hearing. I haven't been able to sleep the whole time, though that sure is helping me write my Great American Novel.

Any ideas on how I can get him to keep his powers out of my room?

Sleepless in Seattle (ok, Everett)

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Dear Sleepless,

I’m sure you don’t realize it, but this is two letters, with two different problems. I’ll address them separately.

If the problem is as you say, the simplest way to deal with this is to ask him, just like with neighbors playing the music too loud. Another possibility is asking the police to have a word with him, most cities have noise ordinances and this would qualify.

However your problem may be other than you think. Your description raises the possibility that it is your perceptions that have been enhanced. It’s rare for someone to erupt without realizing, but it does happen. Has your tolerance for drugs, including alcohol, increased? Perhaps it has ‘always’ been really high? Do you need less sleep? Are you feeling more fit? Did you have a head ache that lasted several days? Do you never get the flu? Do you hear voices at the edge of your hearing when your neighbor isn’t around? If the answers to any of these questions was ‘Yes’, then get tested.

- Abby

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