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[Poll] What kind of social interaction rules do you want for Aberrant?

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So, I've been reading through the rules, and trying to work out how the game expects the players and DM to resolve problems through social means. The rules for resolving problems through physical means are pretty clear; there's rules for chasing someone, climbing up stuff, making unreasonable jumps, picking up heavy shit, punching people in the face, and plenty of other stuff we might need. But the rules for resolving problems through social graces aren't. If you open up your copy of the core rulebook to page 237, that's where the dramatic systems for social skills starts, and...

...frankly, it's all a bit crap. I don't like any of it. It's very patchwork and not completely clear what most of these systems are used for, or what they accomplish. They're also pretty shallow and unengaging, and for a White Wolf game, I think the social stuff should be a bit more involved. So, in order to come up with a ruleset that the rest of you, y'know, people who actually play Aberrant, will like, I'd like to ask you:

What situations do you want this ruleset to handle? Be as specific or as general as you'd like- do you want it to be able to handle convincing someone to let you into a place you're not supposed to be in? Do you want it to handle convincing someone that they've got the wrong guy? What kind of stuff do you think a social-inclined character should try when solving problems that you want them to roll for?

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So, you know Exalted 3e? All the intimacy and resolve and guile stuff?

Yeah. Basically that.

Although, you might have to do something regarding a lack of excellencies to boost your social stats in a pinch. Maybe mock up a few mega manipulation or mega wits enhancements that boost your social defences in certain situations like there's one to boost your 'attacks'.

Edit: also the +(Appearance-Resolve) dice thing. I remember reading that mega dice count as 2 for static numbers? So mega-appearance 5 would give +10 dice on top of the +3/2 you'd get against most people.

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