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The Chosen: Dramatis Personae

Dave ST

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The various NPCs of the Chosen game will be here.  Once some of the bigger mysteries unravel I'll include character sheets for them, so if you want to steal them for your home games, you can.  While Chosen does not follow OWoD canon I'll set the format up like the old style so making use of them for a home game won't be difficult.

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Horatio MourneMourne_zpsteyxoby3.jpg
Idealistic Guide
Quote: “Life isn't about sitting around and waiting to be dealt a better hand.  It's about playing what you've been dealt with dignity.”
Background: Horatio is the Chief Development Officer for the Manhattan Metropolitan Museum of Art.  He recently approached Casey Mason at The Full Pot about catering an upcoming event at the museum.  Aside from impeccable credit and a sports car no one has any business driving in Manhattan, not much can really be found on the guy.  Thus far, he seems relatively dirt free.  However, unless he's an investor of some sort, it'd be hard for him to have the sort of money he does on a salary of a Development Officer.
Description: Tall, handsome, broad shouldered and irresistibly charming, Horatio carries himself as 'just-a-guy' who just happens to be blessed with good looks and personality.  His dress of choice is expensive suits and keeping his hair bound back in a pony tail.
Storytelling Hints: Don't sweat the small stuff, look at the bigger picture.  Too many people live in the now and never think a step or two ahead.  They get lost in the emotions of the moment and make rash choices and those choices can set them back in ways they never dreamed possible.  Situations are not always ideal, but they are what they are, focus on finding solutions, not dwelling on the problems... and do it all while looking great, feeling great, and smiling the whole way.

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Brent ConnersBrent%20Conners_zpstruufzhk.jpg
Old War Buddy
Quote: “The war doesn't end just because you come back to the states. This place is just as messed up as any other place in the world, all you can do is find a pay day, get rich anyway you can.”
Background: Major Brent Conners is an honorably discharged Army Ranger and old friend of Mel Grimson. After his service to the country he returned to the states he began a private security business with the assistance of a secret partner. In the last eighteen months Bent has covered more high profile clients than most private security firms cover after decades in business.
Description: Brent Conners is rolling in money and it shows. Always in the best fashions and tossing money around like it rains from the sky. He's every bit an Army Ranger still and his fitness and physical readiness are never in question. He possesses a smirk the devil would envy.
Storytelling Hints: You're rich and making more bank than the military ever could have provided you. Sure they trained you, but you wasted twelve years of your life serving your country and pulling the trigger overseas every time they said so and all you got for it was sixty-eight thousand a year and free counseling for your PTSD. Now, you got it made and making more in a week than you made annually in the service, so... why are you so worried?

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Ravenna D'Sombra
Evil Opportunist
Ravenna.jpgQuote: “Spare me your moral foot stomping.  'Evil' is simply a point of view.  Each of us on this Earth are our Devil and in time, we always find a way to make this world our personal Hell.  I've no time for such things.”
Background: Ms. D'Sombra is one of the wealthiest women in the world since the last of her family past away a few years ago.   As heir to an entire fortune she went from reclusive young starlet to CEO of not only several media companies, such as NYX Imaging Studios and Nox Publications, but also Tenebrose, an international shipping conglomerate.  Putting her, in a few short weeks, to the third wealthiest woman in the world and the wealthiest woman in New York.  She also owns a Manhattan nightclub, Calignos, where she spends her off hours entertaining clients and business partners.
Description: Ravenna is always dressed for success, usually in the latest fashions and always in the darkest of blacks, boasting that if she's going to be making a killing in the business world, at least she's already dressed for its funeral.
Storytelling Hints: You are the third richest woman in the world.  Act like it.  Commanding, domineering, and never forget that everyone works for you.  You own the room and everyone in it and don't allow a single soul to leave without thanking you for the opportunity to spend only a few moments in your awe inspiring presence of greatness.  There are no rules for this life.  Sure, people will preach all up and down the streets that there are, but the reality is simply that for all their preaching, they will innevitably fail to live up to their own standards.  Money, sex, drugs, violence... everyone has a price.  Find it and make sure they know know who they're really working for.

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Fae Pooka
Quote: “Don’t look back, kid.  You’re not going that way.”
Background: Jack is a fae pooka, not to be confused with a Changeling pooka, he is the magical, faerie personification of an animal spirit, in this case, a jackrabbit.  Jack has been around since time immemorial, but only began using trods to venture to the mortal world within the last fifty years or so.  He is wise, if a bit eccentric, and knows that something dark in the mortal realm is starting to affect the Unseen.  Against the wishes of the Courts he set out on an investigation of his own.
Description: Jack is a four foot ‘tall’ talking jackrabbit who is able to walk on his hind legs and even manipulate objects with his ‘paws’, despite not having thumbs.  His fur is white, and his eyes are a deep red, like an albino rabbit and can usually be found hopping about in a colorful variety of hoodies, sans pants.
Storytelling Hints: You speak with a thick Jersey accent, like Danny DeVito.  Why?  For the same reason you’re a four-foot-tall talking jackrabbit: because you’ve never really given it much thought.  You’ve seen stranger things in your time as an immortal pooka, but nothing so strange as the mortal world.  It hurts your heart to see that the mortal  world  is essentially Florida of the many realms of the Infinite… it’s where happiness and magic and joy go to die.  You’re wise, though most wouldn’t guess it.  When you have a chance, say something wise and fatherly to lighten the mood.

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The Simple Troll
Quote: “Magic?  Magic easy.  Just believe.  Do that and you make anything happen.”
Background: Seth is a fae troll, not a Changeling.  Unfortunately, Seth has always been a bit slow and simple.  As such he was never permitted to be a part of the great knighthoods but was instead ridiculed and mocked for his lack of senses and child-like mind.  If there ever was a gentler soul, the Infinite has yet to name it.  A pacifist by nature Seth has never been one to lose his temper or hurt another living thing, at least not deliberately (his handshakes are sometimes a bit brutal, be warned!).  The purity of his soul made him sensitive to the coming darkness across the Infinite and paired up with Jack to help find the cause.  It saddens him that no one has seemed to miss him.
Description: Seth is massive.  He’s a troll.  With horns and tusks and a stature that boasts more than seven feet in height, what he lacks in brains he’s made for in brawn.  Commonly in overalls and a variety of t-shirts he wears his hair unkept, like a kid who can’t seem to find a comb.  His large hands are always fiddling with something and hi large fingers make him particularly clumsy with smaller objects.
Storytelling Hints: You’re simple but with a child’s intellect comes the power to see the world as only a child could.  Your speech is broken and simple but in those simple sentences profound things can be heard if people are listening.  Everything around you is scary.  In fact, despite your size and power and brawn, you are probably more scared of people that they are of you, and the dark, and horror movies, and… well, pretty much anything else.  Yet… somewhere inside of you beats the heart of a troll.  Loyalty, duty, honor… you can more deny your nature than Jack could deny his desire to find mischief.

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Younglarge.Kestrel.jpg And Eager To Impress
Quote: “Lo’ there my ass.  I’m dropping them the moment I have the chance, and I’m not a dead shot, so best bet four more are being sent their way.  You know, double-double tap.”
Background: Kestrel works for Horatio Mourne, although her exact job description seems to be as elusive as her last name.
Description: Kestrel paints an attractive picture of a modern outdoorsy woman who favors jeans, t-shirts, and well-worn leather jackets (she believes those are the ones with stories to tell).  She smokes, drinks and gets high about as often as any other twenty-something New Yorker and has obviously had some form of formal military training, be it from actual service or from secondhand instruction isn’t known.
Storytelling Hints: You have no filter and you tell it like it is, within reason, of course, you're not a barbarian lacking in empathy.  Life is too short and you’re here to work hard so you can play hard later and if that means you wake up hung over in a strange place with no memory, well then pray it was worth the trip and move on.  When the feces hits the oscillator, you can be a bit of a hot headed glory hound, but all that glory isn’t worth anything if you’re dead, or there’s no one left on your side to tell the story but you.  Keep people safe, take risks, and one bullet might do the trick but another three or so couldn’t hurt, just to be safe.

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Loyal but Troubled Retainerlarge.1738775154_Sable(Ghoul).jpg
Quote: “What’s worse than knowing you want something?  Knowing you can never have it.”
Background: Sable was born in America when ‘America’ was nothing more than a small colony in Jamestown, Virginia.  For over three centuries she has been in the service of Ravenna D’Sombra as her ghoul.  She introduced the Marquesa to life within the newly founded colonies and in return Marquesa D’Sombra showered her with wealth and status.  Now, having long outlived her natural lifespan, she remains as Ravenna’s most loyal and trusted ghoul with more freedom and privilege than any of her other servants.
Description: Like her mistress, Sable possesses raven-black hair.  Her soft brown eyes and impeccable cheekbones are usually enough to most she meets off balance when dealing with her socially.  She possesses an accent that seems a conglomeration of British, Italian and Spanish that’s she’s perfected over the years into something that’s wholly unique and exotic which she uses as just another tool in the service to her Marquesa.
Storytelling Hints: The first hundred years or so were amazing!  The money, power, prestige and respect were all way more than you could ever have asked for.  Men desired you and the Marquesa showed you how falling from God’s grace was the most pleasurable and intoxicating thing a human soul could ever accomplish.  Hell?  Hell was for those souls who passed from this world, and if you were immortal then damnation could never come for you.  However, centuries of servitude and endless, painful body sculpting at the hands of Devils to change your identity have left you with a life of hedonism, money, power... but absolutely nothing to show for it but pain and emptiness.  You're damned of a different sort, but you’re not ready to die although you want it more than anything, it’s just… have you given anything to this world, that if taken away, would be missed?

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Deacon ‘Deek’ Knight
Lost, Trapped,large.983638381_Deek001.jpg and Looking For Answers
Quote: “I want so badly for there to be more. I ache for there to be more than my crappy little life.  I don’t know, maybe there is more, and I just can’t see it.”
Background: Originally from Bar Harbor Maine, Deacon doesn’t talk about his home life or growing up all that often.  He has no issues sharing that he and his family don’t get along and they haven’t spoken since he moved to New York to make his own way, a move they didn’t approve of.  When pressed he simply states that they wanted him to learn the ‘family business’ and that wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life.  He came to Manhattan a couple of years ago, not long after his high school graduation and hasn’t been home since.

Today, he serves as a bike messenger all over Manhattan, which makes him an expert on every side road, alley, and short cut in the city.  He plays a lot of role playing games and has taken to studying all manner of occult and mythological lore to help spice up the adventures to run.  Despite all the people knows due to gaming, he hasn’t a single person he’d consider a friend.

Description: Deacon sets his grooming standard at a very low bar.  Aside from regular showers and clean clothes, not much effort goes into his appearance.  On a good day he looks like he just rolled ouf of bed, his dark hair a mess and plus one more day of stubble.  His clothes are baggy and usually a size larger than necessary since he gets them from the Goodwill.  He generally appears tired and run down, like he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks and sometimes, and sometimes in public people hand him dollar bills, thinking he’s homeless.
Storytelling Hints: No matter how bad things are in your life; they are better than home and dealing with your overbearing parents.  Sure, nothing has turned out like you planned and so far, you’re a complete failure, but at least you’ve failed on your own terms!  Thankfully the reality of shitty your life has been easily overshadowed by role playing games, video games, and internet pornography!  Who needs success when every day can be an adventure?  Still, despite it all, every day you feel like you are not ‘you’.  Like you’re lost in a world that was never your home to begin with and just causes you to withdraw further from society.

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