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Dave ST

OOC: Trinity: Minerva Rules, House Rules and MSU

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This thread will address rules clarifications, house rules and general 'making shit up' for situations where rules aren't very clear.  Please follow the process below:

1. Do not post in this thread.

2. If you have a rules request that requires clarification, please ask/discuss in the OOC thread.

3. Include a general idea of the rule, and where it's located and in what book it's located in.  Example: "In Trinity Core, page 100, it says XXX but it doesn't go into detail.  How are we handling XXX?"

4. I will review it (and discuss) and post it here so we all know what method using in case the situation arises again.

Again, please don't post in here, I want to keep it clean so we can easily locate information without cycling through 500 discussion posts.

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