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Dave ST

OOC: Trinity: Minerva Technology

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This thread will contain the various technology you come across during the game.  When applicable I will try to post the costs, and do not be surprised if a lot of it you can't afford with 5 simple dots of resources.  Some things cost a ton of money to purchase, others are relatively simple.  Also, keep in mind, that you don't walk into the local Wal-Mart and purchase missiles and tactical nukes... just because it's here doesn't mean you can just throw in your shopping cart.

As secret agents, you have the clout to make a few requests here and there, providing you can state the need for said item.  Most things though, since you are independent agents, a lot of what you use (beyond the initial equipping) comes out of your own pocket since Minerva exercises plausible deniability and keeps no paper trails that would lead back to you.

You will get technological toys from time to time, and you can also, loot new toys from the baddies... providing you can get it to work.

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