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OOC: Starfinder Setting and House Rules

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Here you will find any game specific rules and setting information

Starfinder – HEROS FOR HIRE



Choose a Race.

Core Races are located in Chapter 3 of the book on page 40. Legacy Races can be found in Chapter 13 page 506

I would prefer characters be chosen from the Core Races but if you really really want a legacy race I won't say no if you give me a really really great backstory and Sci fi it up. Also I only want one representative of any given race, so if someone picks android only that character can be an android.


Choose Theme starting on Page 29 any Theme may be chosen for any class

Choose Class starting on page 58 any class may be chosen


Generate stats

We will be using the basic Point Buy system as outlined on Page 18 with the following change

all stats start at 10 and you have 13 additional points to distribute at a 1 for 1 basis. No stat may go over 18 at this time.


The rest of Character Generation follows the rules set forth in the book


Once Basic generation is done you may level your character to level 4 with 6001 xp

You may Multiclass (page 26)

apply all benefits of leveling to your character.


Equipment – Each Characters starts with 6000 +1d20X150 credits and must purchase any equipment beyond basic clothing that they wish to have. When purchasing equipment you may buy any items of your level+2 (6) or less. You may also buy any 1 item of any level if you can afford it.




Couple of setting things, shouldn't be a big impact but wanted to let you know anyway.

Starfinder is in a way a sequel to Pathfinder it is set in the same basic universe and has connections to the Pathfinder metaplot. I do not know anything about Pathfinder or it's metaplot and so I am not using any of that material beyond what is in the Starfinder book and even then I am only using it with regards to historical information. I will not be using the official adventure Pathways that are being published nor will I be adhering to the Metaplot.

I will however as GM be using third party material to flesh things out. If any of the material I use become relevant or accessable to PCs I will let you know


I will be using the setting with the following changes.

The universal reset caused by the gap and the gap it self never happened. As per the setting the drift engine was introduced 300-400 years prior to the current time. Before then space travel was much harder outside of single solar systems with needing powerful magics to propel ships faster than light or to cross dimensions to travel to other stars.

Humans are the most prolific race int he Galaxy. But not all Humans are alike. The humans of Ciztern 4 are all skinny and tall have dark Orange skin and are compleatly hairless but they have DNA which is 99.9999999999*% compatible with every other Human in the Galaxy. So you can and will run into Humans who don't always look normal but they are still Human.

The Planet of Golarian is the Legendary Birthplace of the Human race. Keyword Legendary. It is a myth. There is as far as anyone knows no planet by that name anywhere that anyone has ever been. Humans have sprung up everywhere but then so have some other races too, Halflings, Orc, so on.

The Pactworlds. this Unique Starsystem is much like it is in the book a star system which has been the home of 11 living(well mostly living) planets for millennia. it also harbors a huge space station of unknown origin.

Absalom Station- I don't like that name. The new Name for the station in my setting is The Starhome  Station. This station which has in the last 300 years become the center of The pact Worlds if not the entire Galaxy literally appeared in it's orbit on the day of Revelation. The huge space station was crewed by thousands of Humans in cryogenic sleep who were awoken only when the first system explorers docked  after discovering it. Those humans had no memory of where they were from originally only that they were from Starhome which is what the station came to be known as. Other than this change the station is pretty much as written.

The gods... are mostly as written but beware they are fickle and probably will interact a bit more with the likes of the PCs than is standard in Pathfinder games from what I am reading. As for how they act out side of individual quirks and such they will be a lot like the greek gods I think. But don't take my word for it lets just see what happens.

So as you can see there will be differences but not big great onse. If there is a question about the setting that i have not mentioned please ask.


After some thought and listening to y'all's comments i have decided to add this house rule.

Dexterity Stat modifier adds to both attack rolls and damage rolls for ranged weapons. In the case of thrown ranged weapons and conventional bows built for strength  the Strength Stat modifier can be substituted if the attacker desires.

Strength bonus for melee both to hit and damage, dex bonus for ranged both to hit and damage

weapon specialization gives you bonus damage equal to 1/2 level for small arms and operative weapons and  full level for everything else


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