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Crew of the 99

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MI-Liam-Neeson.jpg.69e3e544e6e995475f622Captain James P. Whitmore, RN, 42
Captain of the 99
Callsign: Captain Red
Scion of ??? (Atlantis)

Captain Whitmore... The name in the mortal world recalls the most notorious accident that ever happened in modern Naval combat history. Captain Whitmore Was in the South Atlantic when there was a mix-up between his missile destroyer and a Argentenian naval vessel. Argentenian accounts said Captain Whitmore called for his missiles to hit a Argentenian Naval ship in a unprovoked attack. The truth of the matter was far more tragic. The Argentenian ship mistook the United Kingdom ship for a Chinese naval vessel which was recently spotted in their waters protecting illegal chinese fishing ships in their waters. It wasn't the case, but it was too late to tell the torpedoes that slammed into Captain Whitmore's hull. In a brutal response, he called for a salvo of missiles to take down the ship for it's crime, and to abandon ship soon later. As his ship started to sink he got reports his target was completely obliterated by 6 conventional tomahawks slamming into the hull. As the captain's crew ran to the life rafts, the captain stayed on his ship, ensuring as much as he could to see his crew off his ship. He didn't make it off. But in the cold water he opened his eyes, grabbing on to something that bid hither to his hand.

When he awoke he was afloat in the water with some of his crew paddling towards him. The tale was he somehow grabbed a inflated life vest coming out of a opened container that was shooting up by him, when in fact that was his first relic given to him by gods long forgotten... some even believe dead.

But then again people believed him to be dead too.

After an inquiry that turned into an ordeal, he chose to resign instead of force his family through the media circus that formed around him. But fate twisted things in a more tragic means, as a Terrorist took over a Northern Irish strip-mall. In his crime he killed most there, including the Captain's family.

It was soon after that Operation Omnitheon came to him, picking up on his unusual state... a person not born of a god, yet posessing the power of a thought to be lost pantheon. He was chosen to captain the 99, his adept skill with a ship proving to be the greatest asset that Operation Omnitheon and Joint Strike Force Zero have.

Captain Red is a Northern Irish man, who treats the crew and the team as his family. He is far more willing to hear of their issues, than to stick to protocol. He is a mediator as much as a brave sailor. He is also a renaissance man, reading poetry, and a master of the flute. He also is a man of intellect who can dissect any problem to it's core.

His three well-known affectations are his Relics. The first is the very thing that saved his life, a inflatable life preserver that grants him access to the Sea which is mounted to a armored tactical vest, a naval captain's coat, blue in color and dramatic in how it seems to drift, that also grants him access to the Sky, and an ornate sledgehammer that grants him access to the domains of War and Guardian.

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Commander Anna Petrona, US Air Force, 30
Commanding Officer of Joint Task Force 0
Callsign: Showgirl
Scion of Zeus

Anna has always been part show-off, part sadist, and part soldier. She wanted to get into the Air Force to become a pilot, but her body type and physical prowess ended up sending her into Delta Force. Contravery always swirled around the chaotic girl who combined her physical combat skill with her ability to manipulate her target. But she always got results.

When a mission went south, hard, she did everything she could to keep her team and herself from getting captured in the back-waters of Syria and Iraq where no one wanted to see an American. It is where her most sleaziest schemes came into play. Using rebels as pawns against Daesh, setting up traps with IEDs of her own, not above taking prisoners and cashing in bounties to gain transport to friendlier territory. But it worked. She got her entire team safe and sound back to Kurd controlled territory and back home to the US, but in the process because of her actions (and a brown-nosing jerk who wanted to get command of her team) she was put through a court martial. During her trial, Zeus appeared as her defense lawyer, during a meeting he revealed his nature to her. The same day the charges were dropped, and she was put into position as the CO of Joint Strike Force Zero. Zeus sort of regrets the move as his daughter can be a bit of a scary customer, but her results counter his misgivings time and time again.

Anna when her ichor awakened and her experience in the middle east had her hair eventually turn white, which she has kept long, which only enhances her almost predatory visage. But in counter to her appearance she also projects an air of trust, where when she gives an order even if it sounded suicidal had a good reason to be given. Her officer's uniform (which is odd as Joint Force Zero and Operation Omnitheon doesn't ascribe to a unified dress code) seems to barely stay on her body from the stress her chest causes it, but it hangs on because it is also her first birthright, granting her access to war. She has a long thin pipe that looks more asiatic than anything that she found during her ideal that she smokes from although it has nothing to smoke in it, granting her access to Justice, and she has a overcoat that grants her access to the sky pantheon.

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spacesuit_by_moxie2d-d8cxioz.thumb.jpg.9Lt. Commander Alice Compton, USN, 32
Chief Engineer of the 99
Callsign: Glasses
Scion of Ptah

Alice was always a Nerdy type of girl. Nothing much in terms of a physical specimen, she relied on her wits and intellect to avoid trouble in school, and learned how not to make waves. It actually worked as everyone at least remembered her to not be too bad to hang out with, even for a Dean's List girl. She was able to get into the Naval Academy to become a engineer, after all it was the cheapest way to get through college. She become decent in her PT, but no high marks, but her smarts served her well again. It was in one of her most desperate of times though, that Ptah came to her, revealing his status as her father to her. Afterward she surged forward in her classes. And in an odd differential to her lineage, she actually become quite an athlete.

Eventually the bespectacled girl became an engineer of a ship, well more sent on an exchange duty to the Royal Navy, where she met her future captain in Operation Omnitheon. Of course she was also stuck into the tragedy that destroyed the ship she was serving on. But it was the Captain's bravery that saved her life... as she fought to get everyone out of the engine room before closing the bulkhead.

Alice loves being in the engine room, her overalls getting greasy, her tools well taken care of and loved. Her black hair is short, almost like a bowl-cut, the reflection off her glasses hiding her eyes. But she doesn't need them. They grant her access to her Fire birthright, as well as allow her to see on the microscopic level. She also owns a unusual protective red and black helmeted NBC suit that protects her like a normal suit, but it's skin-tight and looks more like something from an anime, but it grants her full life support (even in space!) and grants her access to her Sky birthright. Also with her body she's able to keep up with the team so if they ever need a field technician, she has a tactical vest optimized to nautical operations that also grants access to her Guardian birthright. She also has a very talented team of engineering crew similarly equipped with suits like her's, but without access to any birthrights, who keep the engine room humming even when she's needed to come with the team on a mission.

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73762_138817089503356_109276332457432_20Patricia Nelson (Presumed Dead), US Coast Guard, 24
Rescue Swimmer and Combat Medic on the 99
Callsign: Doc
Scion of Athena

Patty has always cared for others, and in her early life this was given a direction when she was caught in a riptide when she was fishing from a cheaply made dinghy. She was asleep when she was taken out into the ocean. When she awoke in her startlement the hook on her fishing rod punctured through both chambers on her dinghy causing it to start deflating. While she had taken care to wear a life vest and knew how to swim, she wouldn't last long as she saw shore drifting away. That's when she heard a helicopter... a US Coast Guard one. She was taken aboard, and became enamored to join the Coast Guard in thanks for being saved. The physical training was grueling, but she stepped up. She was a natural free-swimmer, and could use her ability to enhance her training. But all her skills would be useless in a disaster... when they were called out to help a fishing trawler caught in a storm, their helicopter went down, and all of the crew was lost outside of herself who managed to jump out before the helicopter crashed.

There was no way help could arrive now, things would have to wait. As she clung to some drift-wood of the trawler which also sunk in the storm with all hands lost Patty prepared herself to hold on and try to survive. She had the kit for it, but in the cold water she'd only last a few hours even with her drysuit. As she fought to stay concious, her vest keeping her head up but feeling more and more like a pillow, using her effort to hold on to the board as an anchor to life, she drifted mentally. Her time was short.

That was when she thought she saw a woman being rocked in the storm-tossed sea in a life raft. Patty willed herself to swim to the raft, and holding on to it she saw... her late Aunt?!? In the raft she explained herself as Athena... the person who adopted her. She had to leave the world to allow Patty to prepare herself for her future. Thumping the raft, Athena said she was on the boat that sank, and sadly she couldn't save the crew as the engine sort of exploded because of a Titanspawn giant squid... That was then it rose out of the ocean... a monster that was Kraken-like in appearance that lunged at the Goddess and her adopted daughter! Athena tossed a sniper rifle to her Daughter, and almost out of instinct she pulled back the bolt and let a shot off that went through the mouth of the creature, piercing it's brain. And in a shriek of blood, ichor, and ink it sprayed it's last. When the storm subsided the 99 came by where Athena and her Daughter were. Once on the 99 there were radio transmissions. Talk about how all of the crew of the boat and helicopter were lost, and no evidence of anything to find in the water.

Declared dead, Patty had a new life on the 99. She had no family, no next of kin, so she decided if she was adopted by a Goddess, she could adopt the ship's crew as her family. The blonde, green eyed girl was given a tactical vest granting her access to the Health purview with medic and rescue swimmer gear, a new drysuit granting her control of the Sea, and the sniper rifle named "Kraken Slayer" granting access to the Death purview. Also a helmet made from the material of beak of the Kraken she slayed, which increases the protection of any armor she wears.

In combat she prefers to coordinate fire with any marksmen in the team, to take down anyone who could potentially spot their sniper. She prefers to strike from a distance if her role is a combat one, but if she's penciled in as a team medic, she sticks to using cover fire to take down direct threats before sliding over to patch up any injured teammates. That and if there's another medic on the team she loves to play nurse, deferring to her teammate in terms of what to do.

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Staccato_Raylong_-_Anime_Design.thumb.pnCommander Jim Katt, NASA (Formerly US Air Force), 40
Transport Pilot for the 99
Callsign: Minnesota Fats
Scion of Paul Bunyan

Jim Katt was always someone who pushed the envelope. He was a Athlete, in high school he was a talented running back, taking them to state championships every year. Instead of taking his scholarship to the University of Minnesota, he went to the Air Force Academy and become one heck of a pilot. He was noticed by NASA to become a test pilot. He jumped on the chance.

He's had his tangles and his adventures pushing the boundaries of aviation, and showed he was actually pretty sharp in understanding when an aircraft would be bound to put him under silk or lawn-dart him. It was one particularly traumatic ejection that he landed in a set of hills near the salt-flats he was test-flying in. It was there in a shed that he didn't know existed there was a burly man living well at what looked like an oasis, his Ox grazing like it was normal seeing a guy in a flightsuit and dragging a parachute behind him was normal.

The man's accent sounded Minnesotan, which broke the ice, but when he got a closer look he looked like his Dad from pictures taken before he disappeared and was presumed dead. His heritage was laid out, and Paul Bunyan revealed himself what he was... Once the rescue team arrived the shack disappeared, but the pilot looked no worse for wear.

Days later his papers were approved (without him knowing) to be transferred to the 99. There, grumpy as hell he ran into his Dad again... who told him he'd be quite needed here. Once he found out about Operation Omnitheon and Joint Task Force Zero, he started to remember the comic books and superhero movies he surrounded himself with in his youth... and started to think he'd now be living the dream... his mood changed and now he feels he can do a whole hell of a lot of good in the world now.

Jimmy tends to wear his flight kit on the ship as he may be called to fly at any time, his gloves granting him access to the Earth, while his flight suit grants him access to the Sky purview and his helmet which allows him to communicate with his own OX... a mechanical beast constructed by John Henry and given Paul's seal of approval (Although Babe hates it as it too is blue) which seems to be quite the match to the legend of Paul's Ox. The crazy thing is Jimmy can ride the Ox, and has shown he could use the beast as a mount on the ground with as much skill as flying the Carrier's main trainsport in the air.

Jimmy has sun-faded brown hair, blue eyes, and even with his imposing frame seems not uncomfortable at all in any cockpit. Although he's developed a rivalry with the other pilot of the ship...

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Gunnery Seargeant Doug Hayashi, USMC, 30
Security team member on the 99.
Callsign: Doughboy
Scion of Izanagi

Doug... has had a rough life. Teased for his mixed name although both his parents were of Japanese descent, although both were lost in a plane accident, he persevered through all the teasing. It made him tougher than nails. Going through Boot was nothing to him, it only further ignited him. While on station in Okinawa as a MP keeping an eye on ruckus causing Naval offficers he caught a Lieutenant trying to be improper with a schoolgirl from the community surrounding the base. He rushed to her aid, but in the scuffle while he successfully defended her he was assaulted by the community itself and rendered unconcious. When he woke up he was a prisoner of a group of zealots who wanted all US military presence off of Okinawa once and for all and now they wanted to make an example of the "so-called hero"... made moreso as he looked Japanese but was "nothing more than a pretender".

That's when the group was mercilessly put down by a joint JMSDF/Marines team. They had been out on training together, and when they got the call about the attack together they came to rectify the situation.

But things got more tense as now the Japanese Military seemed to be holding down the community. But a simple salaryman stepped up and with probably some of the most moving words not only rendered the soon to be Gunnery Seargant a hero of the community, but thanked the cooperation of the JMSDF and the US Marines to uphold justice.

His words found purchase in the hearts of those present, and everyone in the town put down their weapons and started to reconsider their stances. The JMSDF also stood down, apologising for their act, but not for their reasons. The US Marines took Doug back to base, but brought the mysterious Salaryman and several community representatives to bring a resolution to the situation. In the end the Nady Lieutenant was turned over to the local constabulary, and Doug was thanked the next day by the school where the girl was a student. The same night as he rest in his barracks, a pair of Shinobi attacked, killing many in his barracks, but Doug managed to dispatch them. It was then that the remainder of Shinobi was quickly put down in a rain of throwing daggers. He brushed back the hood of his coat, the Salaryman. It was then that Doug got a closer look seeing that it was his Father.

Things started to be evident from there in that blood-soaked scene that Doug was a target by supernatural enemies. Ones enraged that he was a "traitor" to his blood, yet Doug proved more loyal than anyone. In a moment the two were whisked away to just outside the base with the remaining evacuated Marines.

Over the coming weeks the two kept in contact as things moved behind the scenes. One day a dark blue aircraft carrier docked at a port in Okinawa, which was strangely greeted warmly. And that was also when Doug found out he was being honorably discharged but not before being transferred to the 99 as a crew member. At first Doug just wanted to go home, but when he heard of the mission of the 99 and Operation Omnitheon, his opion changed.

Doug sticks to his Marine ways, from his uniform down to his kit. His crew-cut black hair and brown eyes showing him as tough as his reputation. His new fatigues grant him access to his Psychopomp gifts, and his tactical vest allows access to the sky and increases his defenses, and he has a pair of night-vision goggles that allow him to see unseen enemies.

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1456899944458.thumb.png.baa059d21afa9ab9Ensign Sakura Hino, USN Aviator, 30
Main Attack Pilot for the 99
Callsign: Sailor Girl
Scion of Columbia

Sakura was an adventurous girl. Always looking for new horizons. She was intelligent, brave, and some would call wreckless. Maybe it was to distract from her tragic past as she lost her mother at child-birth, then her father by suicide when he drove off a cliff when she was seven. Ever since the girl was raised by her Aunt. A loving woman who was just as frustrated with Sakura's adventurous ways.

Eventually she channeled that energy through high school and was able to get in to the Naval Academy, then later into the Flight Academy where she became a combat pilot. It wasn't long before she was on a mission in the eastern Mediterranean, flying missions to suppress the still insurgent Daesh. But one day she was scrambled to action to deal with a 5 aircraft flight coming out of Syria. They weren't normal Syrian Air Force... their aircraft was far more primative. But before She and her flight could ID them they attacked. Two of the Super Hornets were taken down almost immediately by their lead... a man in a black jet that didn't look as old and beat up as the others... it looked modern. And unknown.

The fight was on. She fought hard, taking down the black lead's wingmen with a ferocious counter-assault, coordinated with her wingman, but managed to get each kill. Then it was a duel as "Black Leader" first shot down her wingman, his parachute in the sky as he decided he was going to try to kill the under-chute pilot as a message... Sakura was gonna have none of that and engaged with her cannons, her only weapons left. What resulted was nothing short of an epic duel. And in the last moments she won. The pilot of the odd black plane she made eject as she made the metal of his aircraft bleed... and it bled a strange black substance that ate through her plane's wings... as she lost aerodynamics rapidly she had no choice and ejected.

When she landed in the water she recieved word that she would be talked to by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Something odd as why would have ONI been there in the first place unless...

She was picked up and instead of heading back to sick-bay she was sent to a stateroom where a member of ONI was sitting, waiting for Sakura, looking out a porthole at the ocean. Sakura's escort protested that what was going on was outside of protocol for a potentially ejection-injured pilot, but the woman politely told the man that everything was okay and if there was emergency she would call for aid.

The man left Sakura dripping and soaking wet with the waters of the Mediterrenian, and Sakura thought she heard a familiar voice come from the woman... that is when she turned around. All Sakura could say was "Mom?"

What followed was a couple hours where Sakura enjoyed some warmed green tea that her mother made for her, and things began. She told her of who she really was, and the ichor in Sakura's blood knew this to be true. Her mother was Columbia. And Columbia gave her a proposition. To join Operation Omnitheon in Joint Task Force Zero. Sakura agreed. And in due time Sakura was whisked away to the 99 to meet up with the rest of the crew.

Sakura is for her age a energetic girl still, reigned in by her military discipline. She keeps her black hair shoulder-length, and wears as little make-up as possible, although always wears a crimson red lipstick as an effectation. She has brown eyes that seem to shine whenever she gets a chance to explore her limits.

Her gear is unique. Her skin-tight flightsuit and helmet provide life support at high-altitudes and in extremes of g-forces and combat protection, her pilot's survival vest grants extra protection, has all the standard survival kit of a vest it's type, as well as access to her sky purview. Her boots grant her access to her Psychopomp Purview. Sakura also has for ground missions a rain poncho that turns into a wing-suit when jumping from an aircraft (as she doesn't have need for a parachute and can use her Sky purview for epic "superhero landings".) Sakura was also granted access to a new prototype fighter aircraft with an advanced "auto pilot" system, which has some interesting suprises it brings to the battlefield. Some say the aircraft might have a personality of it's own, but it's yet to be seen.

Sakura has also been (sometimes she says unfortunately here) drafted to being the tester for the latest mundane and otherwise kit that the Gods of Operation Omnitheon have come up with. Some they plan to roll-out to the rest of the team.

On the ground, Sakura is the pistoleer, preferring to strike from the peripheral of an opponent, using her evasion training turned on it's head into a potent covert action combat technique. Some say she might be developing Gun Katas, but that is yet to be seen. She prefers to use paired M1911A1 Longslide pistols as her sidearms, rechambered to use .454 Casull rounds that while reducing capacity by an entire bullet each bring a whole new level of violence when fired although the kickback is a beast too. When not flying she switches to a P90 when she wants a proper assault weapon.

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