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The Thick of It - The World Today

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This thread is to sort of help get a gauge on the world as it stands in 2020. We're going to start with the North American continent and the action that's going on.


I will separate each continent and important areas with a seperate post, so don't take missing info as not being done, I'm just working on getting the next post in.


POST 1: North & South America
POST 2: Europe & Russia
POST 3: Africa
POST 4: Middle East & Asia
POST 5: Austrailia and Oceania
POST 6: Antartica and Everywhere Else
POST 7: Current status of all pantheons

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The Americas have been one of the major focal points of "Fortean" events. Most countries have chalked up to nothing more than the rantings of lunatics and madmen, but the slow buildup of such odd occurrences has reached threshold BETA on the Operation Omnitheon scale, and as such now fall under the oversight of Joint Task Force Zero. Politically nothing has changed drastically since the formation of Operation Omnitheon in 2013, although recent political shifts in the United States and Mexico have changed relations, and with the new Liberal government in Canada, unprecedented economic and domestic co-operation has happened. Chupacabra attacks have increased along the Rio Grande, and Human attacks have occcurred.


South America hasn't been so fortunate. With the Northern Nations experiencing somewhat of a economic boom due to recent oil finds off-shore, Brazil's star has fallen from the time when it was hosting the Olympics. Rio is more impoverished than ever, and the people are ripe for revolution. It's been JTF-0 policy to not get involved with the activity of other nations, but when there is rumored Titan scheming in this country, one bordering on both Aztlanti and Loa spheres of influence, things will need to be looked into. Particularly when there is starting to be open rumblings that are straining relations between those pantheons. At least with recent climate changes, the Amazon has started to reclaim some of it's lost ground, although it will be a couple more decades until this regrowth bares fruit.


The United States, our host country, has opened up many of it's abandoned Cold War airbases in the Pacific for our use, as well as a recent;y refitted and upgraded Essex Carrier which we've simply called the "99". We're currently setting up a land base on one of these islands, and there is talk that a islander pantheon recently released another island to one of the pantheons closely working with the team for the personal use of one of it's members.

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There is no love lost between NATO and Russia, But things have cooled. A new, less belicose government in Russia has changed it's military policies, and halted the aggressive expansions of the mid 2010s. Europe has experienced a malaise in it's economy in the latter half of the 2010s, particularly with early friction with Greece and the United Kingdom, or later a micro-downturn in 2017 triggered by a drop in the Euro. Russia's relations with China have cooled, and there has been reports of border incurions, usually by PAK-FAs or Su-32 aircraft skirting the borders shared between the two countries. Started with Chinese border-testing, followed by Russian responses.


As for unusual events, reports of werewolves, vampires, and other strangeness have popped up in Southern Europe, and a unusual warm spell has come to the Nordic region of Europe. Sweden, Norway, and the other nations in that region have enjoyed increased agricultural output which has helped them come out ahead compared to the rest of Europe. Russia has also experienced this increase in temperature in Siberia, causing land to open up in that region to farming, causing Russia to turn into a rival to the United States in terms of Agricultural trade.

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Africa, for lack of a softer, more politically correct term, a clusterfuck. With Islamic extremists centered in the outskirts of populated regions such as Egypt and the Sudan, revolutionaries and dictators in the Congo region spilling out their chaos to the entire region bordering the Gulf of Guinea, or the new race conflicts of South Africa, things have not been well.

The only bright spot on this continent is Morocco which has become the symbol of a new liberal movement in Islam, trying to spread it's influence in the North-African region.

Unusual springs have opened up in the Sahara, and mysterious de-desertification of the areas around these springs has baffled scientists, and some believe the reach of the Sahara should be cut in half by the end of the decade considering the current rate of springs appearing and the subsequent disappearance of the sands.

The rainforests of Africa have grown in size in recent years, new growth starting along the edges that were one time feared to turn into desert, and this greening of Africa has been a surprise to many climatologists.

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The Middle East in the latter half of the 2010s has seen a decrease in overall sectarian and extremist violence among the Islamic communities, although continued conflict in Syria has claimed many, and has kept the Daesh problem in that region constant. Russian influence in that area has lessened, although there still is a presence of Russian troops and naval forces in the region assisting the current regime. While NATO has also played a part in suppressing Daesh, the Russians have kept NATO from flying into Syrian airspace, and Syria itself has several times used it's own air forces and mercenary pilots to push out any aircraft straying too close to their borders.

Israel has stepped up it's settlement construction in areas contested by other countries in the region, further straining the Palestinian state. While Palestine is recognized by the UN, Israel has stepped up it's counter efforts to take and splinter as much of that territory as it can, while the international community has started to sour to this policy equating it to the "Apartheid" of the era. This has caused massive reductions of support from the international community to Israel, even from it's long time allies of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Asia has showed suprising stability over the 2010s, With South East Asia showing the most promise, burgeoning into an economic powerhouse to rival India and China. India itself has embarked on a program of modernization, and improvement of worker's rights, to the point that a business can't open unless there is Union support of that business. China on the other hand has taken the odd course of isolation, reducing foreign travel, clamping further down on free speech, and creating a sort of Hybrid Corporate/Communist state. These changes caused Hong Kong to fully splinter off becoming a city-state, as well as Shanghai. Taiwan is in a state of alert, wearily observing Chinese vessels on it's northern waters moving about.

Korea is primed to explode. North Korea now primed with troops throughout it environs, and South Korean and US forces have been almost on constant alert. All it would take to create a war once more on the peninsula now would be someone sneezing.

Japan is poised for a Renaissance, recent advances in fusion technology were made in their borders, competing with European tokamak reactors, with a new, more efficient model that could put Japan on the leading edge. Their development of exoskeletons and small, driven exo-frame vehicles has started to be called the "Mecha Revolution" in Japan, and these units are starting to be seen as common place both in construction, courier work, and a team of JGSDF units have a routine patrol of Tokyo, centered around the Imperial Palace.

Japan's relations with China are strained to the point that JMSDF ships have a picket in the Sea of China on the Japanese side on a almost routine basis. After one shootdown of a Chinese fighter jet and the imprisonment of the pilot, China has been rattling it's saber, even after a trade of prisoners was made, there was no doubt that Japan has drawn a line in the water.

Russia on the other hand has been working with Japan to bring about an amicable conclusion to the conflict regarding Japan's northern islands, which created a sort of blended state where Russia and Japan manage the islands together. It has actually worked, with Russian and Japanese civilians starting businesses and making settlements. The fishing in this area has become a boon as the waters offshore of Fukushima are still too hazardous for fishing.

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Things are quiet on the smallest continent and the islands around it. Australia enjoying it's relative isolation as a island.

But things are a bit strained climate-wise. The roaring southern winds have moved closer to Antarctica, while the tropical zone north of the continent has expanded south. This change has caused shifts in rainfall, causing the coasts to get soaked, and more rain to get inland, particularly in the northern reaches, while the south has become more parched as lesser rainfall overall comes to Australia. Longer periods of drought have resulted.  Even more devastating due to the weather pattern shift, is New Zealand being hit more frequently by stronger storm systems.

Further out in the Pacific, near the Equator, more hurricanes and tropical storms have appeared, which threaten many already nearly underwater islands with completely being wiped out with higher sea levels.

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Antarctica... still snowy, still cold. An event in 2017 though changed this unremarkable continent. A large meteor struck the ice sheet near the rotational South Pole, causing major cracks to form in the ice pack. The already shedding ice pack at the fringes of the continent started shedding mass faster as well into the sea. Scientists are currently baffled at the acceleration that seems tied to the impact event.



Earth's only natural satellite, The Moon, in the past couple of years has become a focus for space exploration efforts by the Chinese, as well as the US, Russia, and Europe. Japan has expressed interest as well, piggy-backing on US and European missions. Venezuela surprised the world as well as India by also offering to back further exploration efforts. Earth at the orbital altitude has become the place for testing new construction methods, the United States leading the way. Russia is planning a mission to capture and safely put into a Lagrange Point an Asteroid... if successful will be the first attempt at setting up a Asteroid Mining operation. It is more than inevitable that a new Space Race is starting.



The Red Planet. Favorite destination of rovers and survey satellites. A Manned mission which was scheduled for 2025 was pushed back, this time after an unusual incident on the planet where a Rover exploring Olympus Mons was suddenly and inexplicably cut from contact to Earth. A orbital surveyor passed over the area and saw smoke from a volcanic eruption. More satellites as well were discovering the planet's magnetic field had strengthened slightly... as if the planet's core was starting to stir... after being supposedly dead.

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Document #22-OOCL: UV

The following document is not to be disseminated outside of Operation Omnitheon. Any attempt to do so will be met harshly... usually with Cerberus as part of the hunt.

The situation with the pantheons is rather interesting. The turn of the millennium and the start of the 6th World of the Mayan calendar has created a bit of a conundrum to the various pantheons.  What has been causing the pantheons to unite is the sudden cross-pollination that has been happening more and more rapidly with people all over the world. Operation Omnitheon wouldn't be possible without this level of co-operation and trust that is starting to form.



The times for the Norse has been great. No disasters, Ragnarok averted, no one trying to stab each other in the back... life's been good up in Asgard. Recently when it was noticed the climate was getting warmer in The World, Odin himself asked that the Scions of their Pantheon look into things to make sure that the climate shift was more man-made than something else. The Norse know not to take things at face value, it's still old habit. The Norse have become, albeit grudgingly, a major player among the Pantheons in Operation Omnitheon. Perhaps it's the recent popularity of comic-book heroes in their likenesses that is part of it.



Times are tough for the Greek. The nation they represent and their people have been going through a rough patch. Economic woes, many troubles for their people politically and socially... that and the fact an influx of refugees has started to intermix the "minor league" Babylonian gods and goddesses into the mix. While these troubles have gotten the attention of Mount Olympus, they have started to look abroad. Looking to learn how their colleagues are handling this new modern paradigm. The Greek welcomed Operation Omnitheon with open arms, Primarily to get a chance to get noticed again, as the Norse lately have been getting all the attention. The Greek are Political animals, and have also become Operation Omnitheon's diplomats.



The Egyptians have kept their cool. Staying out of the troubles in the Middle East, dealing with problems cropped up by the Titan of Light who has perverted scriptures in the region to his benefit. Outside of that conflict, the Egyptians have tried their hardest to adapt to the 21st century, but with their influence dwindling to upstart gods and even other pantheons, they have decided the best course of action would be to simply stand back and take opportunities when they come. Among Operation Omnitheon, they are traditionalists. While they welcome alliance, they still implore that a lot of things be "kept to themselves".



The Amatsukami have been on point. Their resurgence carefully choreographed with the political and environmental climate. While the damage caused by a Titan incursion on Japan, which almost leveled it's entire east coast and rendered Fukushima the Japanese Chernobyl was harsh, it led to a new unity. The Kami found strength in their tradition of facing adversity. Although it is their Scions leading the way in dynamic fashion that has surprised, and shocked some of the Higher-rank Kami. Raiden and Susano-O have accepted this change, but several of the other Kami disagree. Although Amaterasu is admiring the change of fortune for her people and her country through their Scions. Japan has lent it's technological prowess to Operation Omnitheon.



The Aztec have stayed "on the down low". Their aggressive gods not finding much in the way of conflict within their traditional borders. But with South America practically their playground as well as their original holdings in Central America, the Aztec haven't had much to do with a stable region. Until unrest started flaring up in Brazil. The Aztec picked up on incursion from the Loa based in the Carribean, but later discoveries of a Titan pushing things around, and influencing matters from as far away as the Bermuda Triangle has complicated matters. As such the Aztec encourage their Scions to get into Operation Omnitheon if they can. Things, by their assessment, have gotten interesting.



The Voodoo pantheon... mysterious and arcane in their movement, and direct with their results. The Loa have not wasted time to get inroads in the World in the dawn of the 21st century. While not necessarily aggressive, recent Titan incursions on their borders near South America has caused them to start making more overt moves, primarily in assisting Operation Omnitheon wherever they can.



The Irish Pantheon has kept humble on the scene. Possibly because nothing bad has happened to them. This hasn't helped their connections with the other major pantheons, although surprisingly they've been making inroads with the French Pantheon The irish have decided their activity within Operation Omnitheon to be strictly placed towards Joint Task Force Zero.



While the Chinese Star has risen, the Bureaucracy itself is tremendously worried at the implication. Particularly as more and more of their subjects scatter across the world, and see the problems inside China, it's pollution and tyranny foremost, and the population starting to crack in unity. They feel their lands will soon be torn apart by internal strife. Some accept this, some try to prevent it. So far, no leadership up-top has weighed in one way or another. Sensing something is amiss, some are working in direct contact with Operation Omnitheon to start getting feelers on the world, to see what is truly happening and come up with a solution that is amicable to all parties.



India's home pantheon is enjoying it's position as one of the economic super-powers of the world, while impressing with the greater and greater balance they have achieved between the people, the corporate sector, and the environment. Unlike China which has run rampant in the countryside, India has made new, more careful inroads, led by their people's continued faith in the Devas. The Devas see themselves in Operation Omnitheon as another step towards prominence, and don't shirk any responsibility. Some say they're just happy to be there.



The Yankee contribution to Operation Omnitheon was their Joint Task Force Zero team. Seeing how this team has turned into a global affair has given the Yankee a needed boost after a few black eyes on the world stage. While the Yankee have set themselves up front and center in Joint Task Force affairs, their position in Operation Omnitheon is one of equals among peers. For the first time the other Pantheons, even the nationalistic ones, see the Yankee as a legitimate grouping. Sort of helps that the Yankee, like the country that is their home, is a melting pot of Elevated to Godhood Scions of various pantheons getting together. One notable thing is the recently ending Melancholy of Columbia. After the loss of the shuttle that bared her name, and the hibernation NASA went into after the Shuttle Program's end, she went into seclusion. Only when she met up with her Daughter a few years ago, and seeing the potential in the Orion program has she started to take interest in Yankee affairs again.



The British Pantheon, as small as it is, is getting fractured. Independence movements, social and economic pressure, and differences in politics is moving to push against this union of Gods. Brittania herself has started to change things wherever she's had the flag as part of her livery to the English flag, as John Bull and Robin Hood have been looking to see where they'd fall if the empire, as all empires do, fade away. Seeing this, they all still have joined up with Operation Omnitheon, if just to have something to do until their Pantheon is rendered moot.



The French pantheon, while small and considered "Minor League" has been making strides in trying to keep the European Union together. Although some have been trying to remind the others that a "united" Europe only makes for the potential of another war like World War I. The French Overall though have done what they can to try to get some good out of things. Perhaps this time Fate will be smiling on them. Their involvement in Operation Omnitheon is more to make it easier for JTF-0 to operate in the European theater.



Change... something that the Russian Pantheon has had to get used to. Communism itself was an abject failure like the Czarist monarchy. Now... Democracy is being tested and so far... it's been the same old pile of borscht. In the realization of this the different gods of the now Russian pantheon have taken to just keeping up appearances. Although "The Citizen" has been making moves within his people, trying to ferret corruption and to make the Russian Experiment as a democracy work. Baba Yaga has been ill, she misses the cold of Siberia, although she's getting used to the changing climate. As Mother Russia has mused to her compatriots, Baba Yaga is a tough old bird. The Russians have started to take interest in working with Operation Omnitheon, although they have some issues with the Yankee bringing in their "Cowboys" of the JTF-0.

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