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Info on your headquarters.

Sailor OOC

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So you guys know where you're going to be stationed as members of JSF-0, you will be on a reconditioned and heavily refitted Essex Class carrier. It was written off of the books at the end of World War II, then over the decades kept up to date and refitted for JSF-0 use. It was to be the USS Iwo Jima when it was cancelled, but was finally built and given the identification number CV-99. The unnamed craft is a dark-blue hulled craft, it's flight deck extended to the point that it can take all sorts of carrier capable aircraft. Below deck the internals have been re-arranged with the latest materials and technology making it look more like a space craft than a military ship.

The ship is stationed usually in the Pacific, outside of visual and radar range of Midway Island, although currently it's near the Johnston Atoll.

The hangar bay has more than enough room for the ship's compliment of aircraft as well as any aircraft owned by the characters, and the team itself has private quarters near the ready room located in the bow of the ship, overlooking the water.


If anyone wants to make additions, go for it! It's your ship too! Just be reasonable, this is a carrier with a single reactor after all... well the reactor is really a mysterious power source installed by Hephaestus himself. ;)

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