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[OpNet] To T2M and Project Utopia


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Yes, I killed Excavator. I did so a split-second before she was going to do likewise to me, in the same fashion as she had just previously obliterated a dozen or so cubic yards of street. Killing another of the One Race sickens me to my core, but I did kill Excavator - in self-defense.

Were there a fair court, an impartial court of my peers, I would stand in it and defend myself, confident that my actions would be understood as explained above. However - and largely through the efforts of Project Utopia - there is no such court; if they were to grant me a court at all, rather than drag me off directly and permanently to Bahrain, it would be a biased court comprised of the inferior race to which Utopians have shackled themselves. I will not submit myself to a court of monkeys, and I will not submit myself to the "justice" of Team Tomorrow.

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