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Character Creation and Rules Additions


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Basic Character Creation follows the Core Book Rules. You may use the rules in the character customization section found on page 356 of the Core rule book for further customization.


All Characters will start at Tier 1


Starting Characters will be native Earth humans who will be either Active Agents of the estate who have Translated at least once or Brand new recruits to The Estate, while not likely ,new recruits may also have translated if that fits your background.


Your Concept/Background should include why the Estate Recruited you if your a brand new recruit, if you are an active agent you should include your experience with the Estate up to the point of the games start.


PCs can have Connections if you are both Active agents.


Characters who are active agents or whose background include having translated may if you choose start with one Cypher chosen by you and approved by me :) Other starting Cyphers will be supplied by the estate at the  beginning of your missions.


PCs do not have to list how they became involved in the 1st adventure.


A Note on Descriptors, Foci, and Cyphers there are those found in Numenara as well as numerous player created descriptors and foci that can be found on the internet on site such as http://theninthworld.com/ , most of them are geared toward Numenara but can be used with some tweaking in The Strange. If you find one of these you would like to use pm me and I will see if it is compatible with this game. I will be adding a list of these to this thread in the future if its on this list it is usable without checking with me first.


If you need assistance in creating a character Please PM me.


Further Information for The Strange's game system and setting can be found here http://www.montecook...to-the-strange/ please PM if you have any further questions.




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Additional Foci and Discrptors from the Numenara Books you can use.


Foci From Numenara Core Book


Magic (Ardeyn)

Abides in Stone β

Bears a Halo of Fire φ

Carries a Quiver φβ

Channels Sinfire β

Controls Beasts φ

Embraces Qephilim Ancestry β

Explores Dark Places φ (D)

Fights With Panache φ (D)

Howls at the Moon φ

Lives in the Wilderness φβ

Murders φ (D)

Practices Soul Sorcery β

Rages φ

Shepherds the Dead β

Slays Dragons β

Wears a Sheen of Ice φ

Wields Two Weapons at Once φβ (D)

Works Miracles φβ

Works the Back Alleys φ (D)

Standard Physics (Earth)

Conducts Weird Science β

Crafts Unique Objects φ (D)

Entertains φβ (D)

Hunts With Great Skill φ (D)

Is Licensed to Carry β

Leads φβ (D)

Looks for Trouble β (D)

Masters Defense φ (D)

Masters Weaponry φ (D)

Operates Undercover β (D)

Solves Mysteries β (D)

Works the System β

Mad Science (Ruk)

Adapts to Any Environment β (D)

Controls Gravity φ

Employs Magnetism φ

Exists Partially Out of Phase φ

Fuses Flesh and Steel φ

Infiltrates β

Integrates Weaponry β

Metamorphosizes β

Processes Information β

Regenerates Tissue β

Rides the Lightning φ

Spawns β

Talks to Machines φ

Wields Power With Precision φ


Commands Mental Powers φ

Crafts Illusions φ

Focuses Mind Over Matter φ


Translates* β (D)


φ denotes a focus from the Numenera corebook

β denotes a focus from The Strange corebook

  1. denotes a draggable focus * Available only after PCs have translated at least one time.


Foci from Numenara Options Book

Magic (Ardeyn)

Consorts With the Dead

Explores Deep Waters

Metes Out Justice (D)

Performs Feats of Strength

Stands Like a Bastion

Standard Physics (Earth)

Defends the Weak (D)

Fights Dirty (D)

Moves Like a Cat (D)

Needs No Weapon (D)

Throws With Deadly Accuracy (D)


Exists in Two Places at Once

Masters Insects

Possesses a Shard of the Sun

Sees Beyond

Separates Mind From Body

Siphons Power

Mad Science (Ruk)

Battles Automatons

Constantly Evolves

Fuses Mind and Machine

Hunts Mutants

Never Says Die


Note You may take a foci from a non earth source as your beginning Foci if it is draggable



this first list is the combined list from the Strange Core Book and he Numenara Core Book, if the discriptor is in both books always use the rules for the discriptor in the Strange Book.


Appealing β

Brash β

Charming φ

Clever φβ

Fast β

Graceful φβ

Intelligent φ β

Learned φ

Lucky β

Rugged φ

Sharp-Eyed β

Skeptical β

Stealthy φβ

Strange β

Strong φβ

Strong-Willed φ

Swift φ

Tough φβ


Mystical/Mechanical φ


φ denotes a descriptor from the Numenera corebook

β denotes a descriptor from The Strange corebook


The Following Discritptors are from Numanera Options Book Get with me it you do not have access to this book and want to use one of these



























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Additional equipment each of you has as an estate agent


Estate Badge/ID

Encrypted Smart Phone with a WiFi hack App allows automatic hacking of password protected WiFi accounts.


Your Choice or either a Laptop or Tablet with same WiFI hack app as above


Estate Credit Card for official business


agents who live on campus receive $250 week salary/stipend


agents who choose to live off campus receive $500+ per week salary.

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