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Fate: No Exit - [Character Profile] Ira Sagebrush

Ira Sagebrush

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(Formatting stolen from Max)

Name: Ira Sagebrush

Song Inspiration: "Hurt" Johnny Cash cover of NIN

Concept: Good Looking Trust Fund Baby

Trouble: High-functioning Junkie

Phase One: Ira was almost 18 and two shakes of a prostitute's ass from being kicked out of his family's house. Then it happened. He received a certified letter from the family attorney stating that his grandfather had set up a trust fund through his will. It had a balance with more digits than had a right to be a numerical figure relating to money. Ira went from the private school drug dealer that knew how to get what you wanted to pharmaceutical entrepreneur.

He implemented the nugget of wisdom his friends had brainstormed while high and formed a shell corporation off-shore to import pills at a drastically reduced rate which were then repackaged and shipped into the states disguised as legitimate goods. Soon Ira would be out from under the thumb of his family.

Aspect: My Way Or The Highway - Invoke to resist persuasion. Compel for him to ignore good advice/rationale.

Touchstone: A chrome-plated lighter with the company logo dot-etched into the surface.


Phase Two: Ira met James at an after party for one of the movie adaptations of James' books. Ira; high, drunk, and starstruck convinced the author to accompany him to Vegas (James Phase 3) to 'paaaaarrrrr-taaaaaye'. He also made sure that James had access to a wide sampling of Ira's products. Ira had hoped to leash the author somehow and thereby gain a client and a contact. Who knows, perhaps an acting gig in the guy's next movie?

Aspect: First One's Free - Invoke to tempt others to action. Compel to rouse Ira's chemical addictions.

Touchstone: Black chip from the casino Ira stayed at.

Phase Three:[inviolate] Ira's father, suspicious of his otherwise worthless son's success, hired Uriel to investigate the relatively new corporation and its operations. Ira, having made no effort to particularly cover his tracks, nor even the personnel to do so, made it quite easy for Uriel to discover the true nature of Ira's business. It was child's play to discover the depth of Ira's trust fund. Choosing instead to blackmail Ira versus revealing the drug running to Ira's father. Uriel began to bleed Ira. Every two weeks a payment was due, and every month the amount increased until Ira was forced to fold the operation. Settling with his investors (not getting shot) required cashing out everything and left him with only half his trust fund left. (All but destitute in his mind.) Uriel finished his job and reported Ira's activities to the family. This was the final straw and Ira was left to seek refuge in needles, pills, and the bottom of bottles.

Aspect: It can't get any worse - Invoke to resist mental attacks. Compel (or can it?) to daze in mind-crushing despair.

Touchstone: A checkbook register for his trust fund.

Bonus Phase: While abroad doing 'research' on forming his shell corporation, Ira decided to partake of Oktoberfest in Germany, and stereotypically, it was filled with more foreigners than Germans. Already one sheet to the wind, he happened upon the bar in which Lien and her friends were celebrating their one last hurrah. Through guile, good looks and a willingness to pay for anything the women asked for, Ira became the escort as they bar hopped, sang karaoke, and got wasted.

At one point towards the end of the night when they were all well beyond tipsy, a scavenger hunt was brought up as a brilliant idea. Ira assured them all the cars were his and proved it by popping off the first one, laughing hysterically and shoving it in his pocket. The party ended at a hotel, not the one Ira had been staying in since they couldn't find it, but a nice one and Ira was fleeced for took the Presidential Suite as that was all they had open because of the festival.

Ira got very laid that night - not by Lien, but by several of her friends.

Aspect: How you doin'? - Invoke to charm those who may find him attractive. Compel to charm anyone else. ;)

Touchstone: A Rolls Royce 'Spirit of Ecstasy' hood ornament. Roughly the size of a green army man.


+4 Deceive

+3 Rapport, Resources

+2 Empathy, Provoke, Notice

+1 Fight, Contacts, Burglary, Athletics

+1 Clarity


Mind Games - You can use Deceive in place of Provoke to make mental

attacks, as long as you can make up a clever lie as part of the attack.

Okay, Fine! - You can use Provoke in place of Empathy to learn a targets

aspects, by bullying them until they reveal one to you. The target

defends against this with Will. (If the GM thinks the aspect is particularly

vulnerable to your hostile approach, you get a +2 bonus.)

Lie Whisperer - +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies,

whether theyre directed at you or someone else.

Refresh: 3

Ira's Apartment:

Seventh Floor - (description)

Aspect: U mad bro? - Conflict seems overly dramatic and unwarranted.

Aspect: 24k pig sty - Top shelf everything, but with the organization of a 14 year old boy.

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