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Fate: No Exit - [Character Profile] Uriel Arcadia

Uriel Arcadia

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Uriel Arcadia

High Concept: Ex-Corporate Spy,
Trouble: Right Leg that Acts Up.

First Phase Aspect: Deal-breaking is unacceptable.
On one of Uriel's earliest corporate espionage missions, where he was contracted to acquire CPU designs for Intel, the executive who hired him got the bright idea of trying to frame Uriel. It failed, and left the VP the target of Uriel's attentions. Thus the man went through a series of issues before being effectively exposed and denounced by Intel... the corporation paid Uriel twice the amount he'd agreed to.


Touchstone: A copy of the event's paycheck Uriel eventually received, bronzed and framed.


Second Phase Aspect: Trust Issues. (Inviolate)

His Affair with Josephina

Touchstone: A picture of the two of them.


Third Phase Aspect: I will not be coerced!

Uriel's choice of staying at the Complex. was not as voluntary or independent as he remembered....


The Old Memory

A Meeting with Howard Makes Uriel Question his Life

Touchstone: The invitation to that event.


Fourth Aspect: Threw The Book At Him

James Duncan had gotten cold feet, but the publisher smelled literary sales gold and wouldn't let 'Damien Drake' back out. This hadn't been his usual kind of client or job, but Uriel Arcadia had been sent in, to shock Duncan back into writing. Of course, a horror writer makes it easier... Uriel set up subtle spooking to unnerve Duncan, who found himself using the writer to cope with the sudden suspicions. It got the job done and Uriel paid, but a sliver of doubt stung. What had he descended to do?




Deceive +4

Stealth +3, Investigate +3

Rapport +2, Notice +2, Empathy +2, Clarity +2

Athletics +1, Burglary +1, Lore +1, Will +1



Lie Whisperer: +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else.

Mind Games: You can use Deceive in place of Provoke to make mental attacks, as long as you can make up a clever lie as part of the attack.

Lies upon Lies: +2 to create a Deceive advantage against someone who has believed one of your lies already during this session.
Always a Way Out: +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.

Other Stats

Refresh: 2

Physical Stress Track: 1 point, 2 point

Mental Stress Track: 1 point, 2 point, 3 point






Floor: Sixth



- Meticulously Clean

- Standard Bland Walls

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