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  1. Uriel rolled his eyes. Ruan had of course, misinterpreted his warning altogether. Which, given the point Uriel had tried to get across, had an ironic fitting. Corporations after all, could and would pass up things that would fit into their views of the world, their investments, and their markets. ,, In any case, time to maintain the cool-headed mystery man of knowledge image. "Let's see. All the information the Syndicate has on the Simitre and its victims - and I mean ALL OF IT. Swift passage to Mariz.... access into Ares, say 50,000 credits just in case...." ,, He jerked a finger at Jonna. "And she's coming with me."
  2. Uriel didn't adjust his position in the slightest. He could see that type. Ruan would casually seek to place all Halstead 'in the past' while cheerfully sacrificing him in exchange for placating Uriel. And his valuable secret. Throwing people under the bus would cut both ways. ,, Not that Uriel wasn't unwilling to play that game. Because he still could get use out of the Galactic Syndicate, so stringing along Mr. Ruan was profitable. And my secrets aren't what you could comprehend, anyway. Cold faced, he slowly shook his head at Mr. Ruan. ,, "It's not something exactly digestible for the mega-corps. Tell you what though. I could come up with something that is. In exchange for some demands fulfilled."
  3. Uriel focused on making the Ward settle fully into place and not have to divert his attention again, mentally. He had enough presence of mind to lift Jonna up and hoist her over one shoulder before deliberately walking towards Halstead. He paused to stamp a foot down on Halstead's back to hold him in place while he checked on Jonna.
  4. "Not yet." Uriel caught the keys but shook his head. At this point, given that he was going to have to explain some things to Jonna anyway, time to loosen cover a little. After all, only people remaining who would know.... were right here. "Watch and see." ,, He waited, for Halstead to just drive off, or do something else. If, predictably, it would be the former... Uriel would cast a Barrier spell right in front of his car before it was too late to avoid. ,, OOC Hanging Spell List: Bolt, Replicate Object, Immobility, Invisibility, Weaken, Physical Ward, Barrier, Magic Drain, Psychic Ward, Material Ward, Teleport, SLOT EMPTY
  5. Hang secrecy at this point - time was running out and one of the few people who could possibly be privy would be dead soon. Uriel acted at once, casting the Simitre Ward spell on Jonna in the hopes it would stop the process before the point of no return. ,, And, still one-handed, he fired off shots to bring Halstead's vehicle to a stop.
  6. Fun. Having a fourth musketeer will be good as we hopefully group up and overcome initial issues of style.
  7. Uriel's metal.... say, copper. Much less flashy and perhaps alluring than other metals, but given how we use so much of it.... subtle importance and power, ya know.
  8. ,, Don't tell me... what is your name, your quest, your favorite color? ,, Anyway, my answer: blue.
  9. "Hold on." Uriel raised a hand with his faux-cheery smile. "Let's not do anything that Mr. Ruan wouldn't like. After all, I'm not going anywhere, yes?" The reference to their shadowy, fascinated superior stopped the thug mid-motion. In the few moments as time felt to slow down, Uriel ascertained them all. ,, Feeling obligated to restrained but be non-lethal, fearful and jumpy, good. Any place not vital, pretty much was protected by his suit and its protective enchantments. ,, Show time. ,, Uriel stepped in and headbutted the chain-fisted thug, the same level of force this time pulverizing the man, while simultaneously, Uriel's two hands operated ambidextrously and independently. One hand took away the chain, the other hoisted the now corpse from the side and tossed him at two gunmen. ,, Both had no chance to dodge and the force delivered was incapacitating if not fatal. Three down, and the instigation of hostilities had barely passed through the amber-slow changing of the Syndicate members' expressions. Uriel whipped the chain into a unwrapped line and then slashed with it into an arc at the three directly behind him. ,, The metal transcribed a glinting slash tearing through their throats, and Uriel spun to catch one laser rifle one-handed. The final four finally had their guns up and firing, but only one or two got off a wild shot near his side before Uriel unloaded multiple shots into all of them. ,, With the bloody room complete, Uriel checked the clip. Half-dry, he could work with it. Time to find Jonna.... and Hals-dead.
  10. And the credibility of the Galactic Syndicate fell even further in Uriel's eyes. If they perceived him to be as dangerous as said - and blabbing like that within earshot was not a good idea, because you don't give stuff away to the guy you're interrogating unless you're an idiot or have a plan in mind - then why use physical torture? ,, First problem: a trained operative can resist pain. Second, it was essential to be able to verify the details, and flying blind into the abyss the way Halstead was driving them in his hashed up belief of a new organization, Uriel could tell them the sky would become purple and they'd believe it. ,, Uriel stared at the chain-fist thug, unflinching, deadpan, just daring him to try. And so the thug did, rearing back to deliver one heck of a punch. Except as the thud landed, Uriel barely blinked, not changing his patient, quiet, flat expression. ,, For third, Uriel's evolution pretty much increased his tolerance for pain and resistance to blunt trauma immensely. Uriel had felt nothing from that. "You lot must be new at this all." The attacker glared with a mixture of half-irate, half-incredulous and struck again. No effect. ,, "This is going to be boring," Uriel sighed dramatically. "So who is Mr. Ruan?" ,, "Piss off!" Another strike, this time a kick attempted to the groin, but even that didn't really hurt. Uriel waited them out, with gibes and letting their own chatter answer his questions about the big boss and current events. ,, When he felt he had enough, Uriel grunted, the vocalization focusing his mind and magic as he snapped free on his bindings and landed cat-sure. In a minute they all would be dead.
  11. Joe: So can I take creative control over the captors for this next post? Basically, Uriel is going to toy with them, draw out information about the boss and the like, and make a mockery of the 'interrogation' before breaking free, and that's about where I'd stop the post.
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