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Aphrodite Pandemos

Aberrant: Road Trip

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So, in keeping myself occupied, I've come up with the idea of a game that involves a travelling. You guys will be four friends who live in Alaska. It's summer time. You guys want to be in Miami. Because it's not cold in Miami. You will start off as humans. During your trip you will get attacked by rabid mutant chinchillas. After you fend off the varmints, you will awaken to your new powers. Thus making you the one of the first superpowered people. Though the chinchillas have spread all over. Who knows who or what you'll meet on your road trip?


The only rule I have is no travel powers over 1 rank and no hypermovement. It would make the whole road trip thing useless. Other than that, 30NP. Please separate your human and nova builds.

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