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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - Robert "Telluris" Lehnsherr


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Name: Telluris
Alias: Robert Lehnsherr
Real Name: Robert Mitchell
Nature: Caretaker
Demeanour: Jester
Theme: Master of telluric forces: the forces that run through the earth itself - Electromagnetism, Gravity and Tectonics.

Date of Birth: 08/13/1992
Sex: Male
Apparent Age: Early twenties.
Weight: 170lbs

Known Appearance:
Slim (though not skinny) and handsome, with intense dark eyes and youthful features. When on assignment, he wears a sleek black-and-gold suit designed to resist the sort of wear and tear his powers can put on it, with some baggy dark combat pants over the top (superpants not being great for pockets). When not wearing his superpants, he tends to dress like he threw clothes on in the dark. It's common for him to slob around DSA HQ barefoot, wearing jeans or pyjamas and a t-shirt with some borderline-offensive (sometimes over the border) or nerd-chic slogan on it.

Known Powers:
In addition to electromagnetism, Rob can manipulate the foundation forces of the earth itself, tapping into gravitic and geomagnetic fields to perform a truly impressive array of effects. In terms of raw destructive power his scope is quite broad, but he is also capable of astonishing delicacy and fine detail work as well. His intelligence is well off any human charts, and his mental processing speed is in the top percentile even for novas, letting him run intricate, complex physics calculations in his head whilst holding up a building and keeping up an unending stream of annoying chatter.

A mixed blessing, from his superiors POV at least.

Visible Aberrations:


Born in the sweltering August of 1992 in Manhattan, New York, Robert Mitchell was the apple of his parents eye and the proof of their love for one another.

Five years later his mother, having tired of his father’s constant working late at the office and weekend business trips, had filed for divorce and moved back to her native Kentucky. Ironically enough Rob’s father, Kelvin Mitchell, was as loyal a husband as any woman could wish for. But loneliness makes for bitter imaginings and spiteful words, and it does not take much of a woman’s perceived ingratitude and coldness to push a man away for real.

Robert’s mother re-married two years later. Ben Crenthorn was a good Christian man who ran a small diner in a sleepy town. Life was good until the day the refugees secretly arrived, upping the quantum count to much higher levels and sparking off eruptions amongst the susceptible. In the Crenthorne home, small objects would move about randomly. The phone lines would unaccountably go haywire. In his fifteenth year, Robert was taken to the hospital after every knife, fork and spoon in the school had, before everyone in the room’s eyes, flown across the room and stuck to, and in some cases into him.

Tests were run, but the agitated boy was doing something to every instrument that was brought near him. Eventually the Crenthorns had to take him home in addition to paying for a lot of expensive medical electronics. Therapy was tried, then medicating. The incidents got worse. Rob’s stepfather tried exorcism.
Shortly before Rob’s sixteenth birthday, Ben Crenthorn lost his temper after Rob, experimenting in secret, was caught on camera making the teller machine give him all it’s cash. He had never lifted a hand to the boy before, and never would again. The blow sent Robert crashing into the kitchen cabinets and from there to the floor. With an angry yell of his own, Robert flung out his hand towards his stepfather...

And every knife in the diner’s kitchen knife rack launched itself at Ben with the speed and force of a bullet from a gun. Just like that, Ben was dead.

Rob was horrified and sickened. Ben hadn’t been a bad guy: just at his wits end. He hadn’t meant to kill him... but the man was dead nonetheless. He, Rob, was a murderer.

He fled there and then, taking only the money he’d stolen from the ATM. Panicked, he went to the only other home he knew: New York. He didn't get far before the U.S. government scooped him up, having been alerted to the unusual nature of Ben Crenthorne's death. Faced with the option of entering a program to understand and control his powers, or imprisonment for the foreseeable future, Rob decided that getting a handle on his abilities was probably the smarter choice. He joined the newly-formed Department of Superhuman Affairs as one of it's first and brightest stars, the government changing his identity and erasing his paper trail in order to make his life easier. They arranged for his mother to live close to the DSA HQ and be taken care of out of Rob's pay packet. Whilst she was grief-stricken over the death of her husband, Rob's mom still loves her son and has managed, with counselling, to come to terms with the terrible accident.

Rob made the best of it. In a few short years, his powers have blossomed to incredible heights. His studies of the hard sciences, especially physics, supplements his devastating control over telluric forces. With a thought he can cause earthquakes, rip skyscrapers from their foundations or even restructure minerals at the atomic level. He likes using these gifts to help others, seeing them as a vehicle for his true life goals:


A sense of worth.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that his mom is proud of what he does, either.

Public Image:

Telluris is a visible symbol of the DSA and well-loved in his homeland, having performed a large number of high-profile emergency, humanitarian and disaster relief missions over the last few years and having saved countless lives during such events as Hurricane Katrina. Worldwide, he is well-known to be no uniformed soldier, somewhat irreverent of authority, and always putting saving lives ahead of any other consideration. His hot-boy-next-door looks, high intelligence, and approachably goofy charm in rare interviews with the press have won him a lot of popular support with the college crowd. In publicity shots and when working, he gels well with the DSA's other high-profile star, Mech. Rob's constant goofing off and banter (and Mech's good-humored tolerance of being referred to as 'the pretty one') do much to humanise the DSA's public image.

He's been known to date a string of pretty, single women ranging from college girls to models and actresses, but has to date had no lasting relationships. Despite this, those women who have dated Telluris and spoken about it have mostly had nothing bad to say about him, most of them expressing regret that things did not develop further. A few have expressed disgruntlement, though, claiming that it was very hard to reach behind the joker facade.

Highly intelligent and easily bored, Rob is also a massive smartass. It's not so much an ego thing as it is just a natural desire to see the funny in any situation. It's partly a defence mechanism, of course, and he'll be the first to admit it. The more under pressure he feels, the more he cracks wise. Even in relaxed circumstances, Rob never lets the chance of a zinger slip past if he can possibly help it. It's the primary complaint for those who have to work with him, many government servants being fundamentally humorless.. at least in his view.

Under the jocular facade, of course, Rob cares. Deeply and passionately. His guilt over his stepfather's death is mostly dealt with, but the experience left him with a deep and abiding sense of the value of human life - as well as a deep and abiding sense of disgust for people who regard it as expendable.

In the field, Rob is professional and focused whilst at the same time keeping up an unending patter of one-liners, insults and commentary. He thinks he's funny... hell, sometimes he is funny. But he seldom fails to get the job done right, and so he gets a lot of leeway from his superiors. They even authorised his fake name request, figuring that if it kept him happy, what was the harm?

(100NP build)

Physical (Tertiary)
: ●●●
DEX: ●●●●● (Nimble)
STA: ●●●●●(Enduring)

Mental (Secondary)
PER: ●●●●●
INT: ●●●●● (Bright)
WIT: ●●●●● (Quick)

Social (Primary)
MAN: ●●●● (Witty)
CHA: ●●●● (Charming)

- ( 5 NP spent)

Athletics: ●●●
Martial Arts: ●●●
Stealth: ●●
Endurance: ●●●●
Resistance: ●●●●
Awareness: ●●●
Investigation: ●●●
Navigation: ●●
Academics: ●●●
Bureaucracy: ●
Computer: ●●
Engineering: ●●
Intrusion: ●●
Linguistics: ●●●● (Romance languages, Japanese. Chinese, Arabic)
Medicine: ●●●
Science: ●●●●●
Survival: ●●
Biz: ●
Rapport: ●●
Tactics: ●●●
Intimidation: ●●
Diplomacy: ●
Interrogation: ●
Streetwise: ●●
Subterfuge: ●●
Carousing: ●
Command: ●●
Etiquette: ●●

(5NPs spent)

Node ●●●●●
Attunement ●
Cipher ●●●
Fame ●●●●

Sanctum ●●●●●● x2 (Sanctum Sanctorum: this is a doubled-up Sanctum Sanctorum, as per the Background clarifications thread. Details to follow below)

(11 BPs spent, 2 NP spent)

Quantum Recovery 3 pt
Quantum Integrity 5 pt
Speed Reading 2 pt

+2 pts - Obsession: Lifesaver. (When given the choice between helping someone in danger or completing an assignment or goal and letting them suffer injury or death, Rob needs to roll or spend WP in order to make the hard choice.)
+3 pts - Combat Paralysis
+3 pts - Secret: Robert Mitchell killed his stepfather. Whilst technically the government have done what they can to muddy those waters, the fact still remains that the DSA's 'top gun' would have to be arrested and tried if his true identity got out.
+2 pts - Debt: Telluris owes the U.S government big for keeping him out of jail and taking care of his mother. Whilst he doesn't chafe at that debt, if push came to shove the DSA has leverage over him and can complicate his life in short order.

Quantum: ●●●●●
Quantum Pool: 75 (5 NP spent)
Willpower: ●●●●● ● (6 BP spent)
Taint: ●●●

- Aberrations:
-Taint based:


Note: All mega attributes and powers marked with # are considered 'in-theme'.


- Mega-Strength ●●(Lifter, Precision)
# Mega-Dexterity ●●●●● (Enhanced Movement, Physical Prodigy, Fine Manipulation, Fast Tasks)
# Mega-Stamina ●●●●● (Tireless, Hardbody, Convalescence, Resiliency x2; )
# Mega-Perception ●●●●● (Hyperenhanced Hearing, E-M Vision Enhancement, High-End EM Scan)
# Mega-Intelligence ●●●● (Scientific Prodigy, Mathematical Genius)
# Mega-Wits ●●● (Multitasking, Razor Wit, Hypercognition)
- Mega-Appearance
- Mega-Manipulation
- Mega-Charisma
- (28 NP spent )

Quantum Powers

#Magnetic Mastery - Lvl 3 ●●●●● - (EMP, Magnetic Field, Magnetokinesis, Magnetic Shield, Magnetic Storm)

#Gravity Mastery - Lvl 3 ●●●●● - (Gravitic Blast, Gravitational Field, Gravitic Shield, Gravitokinesis, Gravity Storm)

#Elemental Mastery: Earth - Lvl3 ●●●●● - (Crush, Imprison, Shaping, Storm, Wall)

#Molecular Manipulation- Lvl 3 ●●● (3pt Weakness: Only works against Metal or Minerals, including compounds of such; 3pt Strength - Can buy an Extra for 3NP without raising power's level. Extra: Reduced Quantum cost) - (Animation, Destruction, Molecular Alteration)

#Density Increase (Extreme Density) - Lvl 3 - ●● (Telluris can draw on gravitic fields to increase his strength and mass many times over)

#Forcefield (Superheavy) - Lvl 3 - (Rob can use a refinement of his magnetic and gravitic abilities to defend against a wide variety of attacks. This defense can be temporarily strengthened in order to greatly increase it's effectiveness.)

#Flight - Lvl 2 ● (Telluris flies by gravitic impulsion)

#Hyperflight - Lvl 2 ●●●●●


#Warp - Lvl 3 ●●● (An outgrowth of Rob's gravity powers. He can link two points in space through creating a stable gravitic anomaly)

,, ,,

Body Modifications:

Hypersleep ●●●

- (55 NP spent)

Combat Stats
Base Soak: 20 Bashing / 10 Lethal
Forcefield: Varies. (Superheavy also adds [Power Rating] to soak, [Power Rating] to attack difficulties against the nova, deducts 1 from Dex dice pools, 3 from Initiative and -2/-5 from walking/ running speed)
Gravitic Shield: + 5 Soak vs projectiles, - 5 succs from Projectile attacks, -3 succs from physical melee attacks.
Magnetic Shield: - 5 succs from Metal-based attacks.

Health Levels: Bruised x2, Hurt x1, Wounded x1, Injured x1, Crippled x1, Incapacitated x1

18 (15)

XP Log

1st April - 25 XP for March
Spent 12 XP on Mega Perception 3 (in-theme)
13 XP remaining
Spent 6 XP On Mega-Str 1
7 XP remaining ,,

1st May 2012 to 1st Feb 2013 - 250 XP

Birthday Bonus - 25 XP

Anniversary Bonus - 25XP

Story: Enemy Way - 5XP


Total on 13 Feb: 312XP

M-Str 1 to 2: 5 XP

M-Dex 3 to 5: 21XP

M-Sta 3 to 5: 21 XP

M-Per 3 to 5: 21 XP

M-Int 3 to 4: 9 XP

Hyperflight 3 to 5: 21

Warp 3: 20

Body Mod: Hypersleep - 9

Precision Enhancement - 5


Total on 08 Mar: 180XP

Density Increase 2-5: 50xp (in theme)
M-Str 3: 10xp
Fast Tasks: 3xp
Resiliency x2 : 6xp
Stamina 5: 16xp
Sanctum 5: 22xp
Sanctum Sanctorum: 12xp
SanctumXtra 5: 33xp
Sanctum SanctorumXtra: 18xp


Total Spent: 170 xp


10 XP remaining

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