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[OpNet] An offer.

Fae Dreamweaver

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I can look inside people's minds, and I can give waking dreams as vivid, or more, than reality. I can make temporarily real any fantasy, any desire, or give perfect recollection, reliving, even, of any moment in memory. I am here to offer this to anyone who wants. I promise I will only take what you request from your mind, and that everything will be kept strictly confidential. I won't charge anything but the cost of moving from London to wherever I need to to meet you. I'm doing this simply to have a look at novas' dreams, to see if they scale up from bselines, as in everything else.

You can contact me through this message board.

Note: you may experience nightmares or insomnia for a few nights after I make you dream, it is an unfortunate side-effect that I assure you never lasts more than three or four nights.

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