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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Sarah Hawkins

Karren Gaunt

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Name: Sarah Hawkins

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Description: A looming 10’3 of blonde-haired, blue-eyed Amazon with an utterly fascinating presence in her relaxed state, Sarah Hawkins is… obvious, the center of attention even when she doesn’t want to be. She strives to maintain an impression of calm, competency at all times, offering soothing smiles and honest, honeyed words until the heat of battle brings out something of the angry grief at the state of the world she knows is dying a mere thought away. The 6 foot long blade of shining steel on her back is an eternal reminder of that fact.

Nature: Martyr

Theme: Nova refugee of a dying world

Character Sheet


STRENGTH:10 (Athletic)

DEXTERITY:10 (Steady)

STAMINA:10 (Determined)


PERCEPTION:5 (Observant)

WITS:5 (Level-headed)

APPEARANCE: 7 (Pleasant)



Mega Attributes:

*Mega-Stamina 6 (Bring It, Adaptability, Regeneration. Cellular Persistence, Convalescence)

*Mega-Charisma 5 (Clarion, Center of Attention, Sooth, Seductive)

Mega-Strength 3 (Unbreakable, Thunderclap, Powerhouse)

Mega-Appearance 3 (Awe-inspiring, Seductive Looks)








Martial Arts:













Linguistics:2 (Spanish, Chinese)















Perform:3 (Storytelling 1)

Instruction: 5

Backgrounds: Attunement 5, Node 4, Cypher 5 (Extraplanar Orgin), Resources 5 (Resources of Earth Z), Influence 4 (Champion of Earth Z), Device 5 (Blade of the Dawn (Great sword with +2 Accuracy, +17 Dammage, Unbreakable, and Armor-piercing), Followers 3 (Survivors of the Christmas City Enclave), Sanctum 4 (The Giant’s Cabin)


*The Looming Colossus (Size morph (Grow) 6, Reduced Quantum Cost)

*The Ironclad Guardian (Armor 6, Impervious, Super Heavy Armor)

The Timely Messenger (Hyper movement (Run) 6, Extra Mode (Swim))

*The Faultless Champion (174 Extra Maimed Health Levels)

The Fleeing Widow (Cross Time Travel 1)

The Pleasant Guest (Size morph (Shrink) 1, 2x Reduced Quantum Cost)

The Composed Hostess (Social Shield 6, Effects Others)

The Stern Master (Quantum Shield 6)

The Reluctant Goddess (Improved Attribute (Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Appearance Charisma))

The Healing Earth (Healing Factor 3)

Other (Initiative, Willpower, Quantum, etc)

Iniative: 1d10+15


Quantum: 6

Quantum Pool: 60

Taint: 4

Soak: 34B/28L (46B/40L with Super Heavy Armor and Bring It active)


Goliath Syndrome


Huge, Eufiber Rejection, Secret (Native of Earth Z)


Standard: 1

Nova: 2

Baseline: 6


Increased M-Appearance from 0 to 2 (10 Nova, 1 Standard)

Increased Perform from 0 to 3 (8 Baseline)

Purchased 1 Dot specialty Perform (Storyteller) (1 Baseline)

Purchased Convalescence (3 Nova)

Purchased Cellular Persistence (3 Nova)

Purchased two dots Healing Factor (11 Standard)

Increased M-Apperance from 2 to 3 (8 Standard)

Increased Healing Factor from two to three dots (14 Standard)

Purchased Seductive (5 Nova)


Once upon a time, there was an Earth amid the multiverse and it experienced a transformation from the mundane to the fantastic as did so many other of it’s sisters, the actualization of leaders who split oceans with a word and men who could leap tall buildings in a single bound. But there was a price to this transformation as it began in late June 2011. A disease swept the planet within months and raised the fallen into ravenous undead monsters. A rare few amid those infected became more than human, surviving the infection to gain the power to protect or prey on their fellow survivors. The ’Z’ became a fact of life, a post apocalypse in progress that brought out the best *and* worst in people.

Sarah Daunt is one of these ‘Supers’, a mousy, 21-year old college student trying like so many others to get home to her loved ones in the early days of the Z Age. She was bitten. She fled. And, then, in the shelter of an abandoned gas station, sick and feverish and cursing her weakness, she changed, gaining two feet in height and the power to become so much more thanks to the strange new energy pulsing through her veins. She fought her way home, arrived, and to her horror found only the shambling husks of her parents, her father having locked them in their safe room after his wife was infected.

The blonde megamorph didn’t remember much of what happened next, a black haze of the lead pipe in her hand beating what had been her parents into bloodstains and bone splinters. The act killed her inside and she became cold, turning her gifts to escorting urban scavengers into and out of the cities for ruinous percentages of their haul. That changed when she found the Christmas City Enclave and it’s idealistic leader Mr. Morgan. The right words were said, the right emotional buttons were pressed, and a broken young woman let her herself break entirely, let herself feel the pain she had been so busy suppressing she couldn’t feel anything else.

After the break, came the healing and the reaffirmation that as long as she had power enough to move mountains, she would do so helping people. Mr. Morgan gave her a blade and his blessing, and Sarah went out into the world to make up for past mistakes. Good intentions wrought human blessings and before 2011 was quite out, she came upon Captain Fox’s Refuge. There were many well-intentioned Super allies to be found there, among them Doctor with a clue to their collective condition, a blacksmith who could make metal do amazing things, and an ex-marine named Dan Hawkins who believed in duty and helping others almost as much as Sarah did.

The first would make great strides in exploring their world: the ’gold’ that fueled their gifts, the ’black’ that turned them to mutation and superzedom, and the quietly horrifying fact of universal human sterility post Z-Day.

The second would gift Sarah with a new sword when the black twisted her power into a permanently gargantuan build, a masterwork that ever more grew into a symbol of hope for an increasingly bleak age as human sterility and hazardous conditions winnowed down the population year by year.

The third would give Sarah Joy. There were battles at each other’s side, late night talks, and thanks to a night of thoughtless passion early in 2012 amid the endless horrors, the very personal revelation that humanity wasn’t quite totally sterile. Sarah became pregnant and a daughter named Joy would follow nine months later, human, not Super, but theirs and alive. Sarah’s family became the hearth by which she rekindled her fires as the gradual emptying of the world became more and more obvious, more and more lost each year. The Supers, the ones who survived the black with their minds intact, became seen more and more as gods or demons as they grew in power over time, another ache. She could handle it.

At least she could before a Superzed attacked the Christmas City Enclave in May 2027 while she was away and destroyed it in a gravitational implosion that left all but a handful dead. Her husband and child gone without bodies to bury. Humanity facing extinction save for a mere handful of fertile Supers. The prospect of a long lifetime watching it all fade to cinders if her lack of aging meant anything at all. Sarah wanted to break down then and there again, but she didn’t think she dared to. She placed the survivors in and among friendly enclaves, locked the doors to the appropriately-scaled cabin Dan had made her for a birthday and Joy had laughed in, and went for a run, a run she never wanted to stop.

It turned out that being a Super with her kind of power and wanting to run away from her troubles meant that she could. To a whole other world, in fact, where the birth of those powered by what she knew as the gold didn‘t require the sacrifice of an entire world.

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