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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Murat


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Legal Name: Edward James Winnrow /James Noman

Aliases: Crush-Field / Murat, the Inevitable

Residence: Private atoll off the coast of Flores in the Azores

Marital Status: Widower (twice over)

Date of Birth: May 24th, 1977

Date of Eruption: December 19th, 1998

Sex: Male

Height: 7'4''

Weight: 358 lbs.

Physical Build: A large powerfully built man.

Catalyst of Eruption: The apartment next door, which housed a meth lab, exploded. The lab had been working overtime for the Christmas rush. The debris from the explosion nearly crushed Edward and his then wife. He managed to stop the debris from crushing her with his kinesis and the force field surrounding him left him unharmed.

Appearance: Murat truly looks the stereotypical part of a Nordic god, some days. Other days he is as average as the guy down the street. His features are impossible to describe until after you have seen him, but by the time you do it is too late to matter. His deep rumbling voice has been likened to the sound of rocks grinding together.

When dressed and not in public Murat typically dresses in a Eufiber jumpsuit suited either for physical training or meditation. When going out into public he dresses in a simple and plain outfit fitting for the occasion. Formal affairs are strenuously avoided for these reasons.

Personality Profile / Quirks: A man whose world has crumbled around him multiple times, Murat is very withdrawn these days. He lives for the moment but he always holds himself ready for the next disaster.

All this said in the few situations when he feels he may relax Murat becomes a different person. He enjoys the teasing and mocking common among friends. He reads extensively with a widely varied selection including fantasy, Sci-Fi, History, philosophy, and comics. He loves to swap stories of past successes and failures. These situations though were few and far between in the days leading up to his withdrawal. It remains to be seen how he will handle reintegrating into the world again.

Distinctive Features: Murat has a band tattooed around his left ring finger, a remnant of his pre-eruption life and first wife. He also is commonly seen with an old fashioned picture locket, his only accessory.

Known Powers: As an Elite with over two decades of nearly relentless activity Murat is a fairly well-known figure within his field. His tireless energy and ability to shrug off damage by way of shields are well known. As is his ability to fly and powerful “Gravity Pulses”. His ability to warp is known among those who have fought beside him. His “Event Horizon” axe is normally overlooked until it is too late by most opponents.

General History: Edward Winnrow was nobody most of his life. He had always been told he had great potential yet somehow he never seemed to live up to it. He grew up in upstate New York. He managed to finish high school at the bottom of his class having taken mostly honors classes. Though he tried to push himself all he had ever succeeded at was squeaking by. His mother tried to motivate him but nothing really seemed to work. It wasn’t till the girl he was dating from the Mall he worked in told him she was pregnant that he finally did something. He married her.

After marrying Sarah, Edward began to step forward. He became the assistant manager at the theater where he worked. Life was taking a surprising turn for him until his wife miscarried. He began to slide back. After being threatened with losing not just the assistant position but his very job Ed headed back home. No sooner than he arrived than Sarah began to berate him for falling apart on her when she needed him most. She had just told him she planned to move back in with her mother when the in the kitchen exploded out at them. Edward Winnrow was soon to become somebody.

As one of the early eruptions Ed didn’t immediately move into a high paying job. He did move into a higher paying job though. He went to work at a construction company in NYC. His enhanced strength, agility, and almost unlimited energy combined with the ability to move things with his mind and, then, minor flight allowed him to greatly increase the company’s productivity. As his confidence in himself improved along with his powers and control Ed was able to save his marriage. Life was looking good. It didn’t last.

Having worked for the company for a year Ed was doing fairly well. This lasted until 2000. Towards the end of January Ed was having lunch with Sarah when an explosion rocked the site. A beam had collapsed and fallen on one of the other workers. Normally this would have killed the worker and would have had they themselves not erupted and blasted the beam and rest of the structure attached on the beams end. This was when Ed found the limits to his kinesis. He was unable to control the item as it ricocheted toward him and though he was able to save himself with a shield, the shield did nothing for Sarah. She was crushed by the impact.

Edward became inconsolably depressed. He sunk into a stupor his life was passing along around him but he was barely involved in it. This lasted until he sat mindlessly watching TV one night and saw the first commercial for DeVries. Something about the call for willing Novas captured his attention. He sat on his couch staring at the now off TV thinking, “What do I have left to lose? The worst that could happen is I die.” The thought of death did not upset him. He called that night.

Ed quit his job the next day telling his boss he needed to get away. No one was surprised. He left for training buy the weeks end. Ed trained and pushed himself as he has never done in his life. He volunteered for any mission he could as he trained. When the equatorial wars kicked off he was one of the first sent out.

Ed found that as Crush-Field, he had a knack for the low number / high intensity battles he was involved in and could usually predict how the battle would flow. He made a fairly decent name for himself as a support and oversight element. He continued to push and push himself. He was naturally one of the few selected to go into Kashmir for Pakistan in ’02. Though the fighting that actually took place in that first face off was comparably light it was still an intense conflict. Ed it turned out was not the only tactically minded Nova on the battle field. He was cut off in a surprise maneuver and ambushed buy the EHM. In a concentrated burst they sought to pummel him. This led to Ed discovering an ability he did not yet know he possessed and he warped out of the area. Unfortunately the assault did succeed in wearing him down and he collapsed on the other side of the hills. He woke to find everything was over and he was lost. He had no idea of where he currently was so he flew west heading to Pakistan.

He headed to where he thought the border was and looked for soldiers. As he landed he realized that something was wrong as soon as he landed. None of the soldiers recognized him. Only a handful of Elites had been contracted and most soldiers had been instructed on who the friendlies where so this made no sense to him. It was several days before he was able to get in contact with a Devries rep. This was when he discovered that he had been listed as missing presumed dead. Making a snap decision he told the rep that he was an American citizen stuck in Pakistan that had Erupted and that he was interested in signing up with them. When he met the rep in person he in informed them that he was illegally in the country with no ID, they quietly helped him exit the country and he eventually became a registered citizen of South Africa.

Using his middle name and introducing himself solely as James, he was reintroduced into the Elite life. He took care to work in areas he had previously not yet trained to help appear new. He admitted only to flight and warping and began relearning combat. His odd inhumanly changing appearance made any resemblance with Ed a non-issue. He trained with others and roomed with newer Elites and “Ed” quickly faded from most people’s thoughts and was soon just a lesson to Elites about never letting yourself be cut off from the team. Edward was now dead.

He took the name Murat, the Inevitable. He got the name out of a book from an RPG he used to play. He threw himself into training with a renewed focus. He tossed everything about his old life behind him and buried himself in his new life. He became a regular asset used by DVNTS. This was until he was paired with “Insyte.”

She seemed to be just as focused as he was. The worked together several more times over the next year leading to them to start working as a team intentionally. His grasp of the battle field’s flow with her occasional insights into what was going to happen made them a natural combination. They also began to spend more time together off hours as well. Initially this was to discuss plans and consider job offers and later just to spend time together. Marie and Murat spent more and more time together until they ’09 when they decided to get married. Even with the ever present prospect of death around them they both decided the prospect of never trying worse than failure in this as all other things in their life. That was until somehow against the odds Marie became pregnant. For the second time in his life Ed was married and expecting.

As with the last time, this situation changed him. He spent a bit more time training new Elites and a bit less time fighting. Marie transferred out of DVNTS and moved down to South Africa. She worked part time and lived at the main compound. In ’10 she gave birth to a baby girl. Murat continued his work as an Elite and spent his down time living with his wife and child. All of DeVries seemed willing to help the first child born to an Elite. Anna helped hide the child from the world at large at Marie’s request. Murat figured hiding the child was not a bad idea after the events in Bahrain, also since Marie insisted and he had come to trust her hunches. Life with a Nova child turned out to be very interesting as she grew up. Murat continued his work and enjoyed his time with his family but it was not to last.

They all knew that hiding the child completely was never a real possibility but even though it never made the news. And after Anna herself became pregnant Murat knew there was no way the secret could last. But no one imagined what was to come. Murat volunteered for and was accepted to the assignment of guarding the children. After all who would be more vigilant than one of the parents? Nothing happened in the first year and after the publicity from the Nova children seemed to die down the unthinkable happened. A team of Novas unknown to anyone who was on site assaulted the compound. Murat and the other Elites fought to keep them from the children and it seemed they had succeeded when the team withdrew. As he rushed to check on his wife and child, and the others of course, he found Marie lying in her own blood barely breathing. He called for support and the others swept the place finding nothing else out of the ordinary. Crackdown ran to get a physician while Murat stayed with Marie. She whispered to Murat, “Trust him it is for the best,” before passing out. She would never wake up.

When Marie was taken away for treatment Murat went to see his daughter. She was sitting in her room watching the door when he arrived. When he asked her how she was she just looked at him sadly. She told him she didn’t want to leave. Murat tried to reassure her that she wasn’t going anywhere but her reply floored him. “Mommy said I had to go with him when he got here,” she told him. Listening to this he could not help but remember what Marie had just told him. When he asked who she was going with a voice behind him said, “Me.” Murat turned to face the men standing there. Murat recognized one of the men and only Marie’s statement led Murat to agree to allow his daughter to leave with this man. Geryon assured him that in time they would be reunited. Murat sat for a time in the room after they had left then headed back to see how Marie was doing. As he walking in to the clinic everyone was watching him. He knew then that the news was going to be bad, but he was not prepared for how bad. Shortly after they moved Marie her heart stopped nothing they did could get it started again. For the second time in his life Ed was a widower, and childless.

This was more than he could handle back to back. He ran back to the room and decided he was going to follow the Geryon somehow. Murat concentrated and focused everything he had on following him and opened a Warp. It did not take him to his daughter. Stepping left him not just out of his mind, but literally out of this world. Standing on the surface of Venus Murat raged with a passion he had never mustered before in his life. He unleashed all the power he could muster and laid waste to everything he could. Murat had no way to tell how long this lasted as the sky there was darker and stranger than anything he had ever seen before and he knew nothing about how long the day there was anyway. After he began to calm he decided he needed to head home as this place was obviously somewhere to stay. This turned out to be easier thought than done. The difficulty in Warping back home was much greater than Murat had expected and drained himself trying. He eventually found a cave to settle into and try to rest. He repeated the cycle of push himself to Warp home and recovering for an untold, then anyway, time. He finally was able to Warp back to his home. He found he had been gone much longer than even his worst thoughts would have led him to believe.

Murat returned home to find he had been gone for nearly eight months. He found that though his circumstances where difficult many had still not forgiven him for deserting his post that night. Luckily Anna managed to forgive him after he explained, privately, what had happened. She did insist on sanctioning him officially for his actions though. After his official reprimand and his acceptance of it most managed to forgive him. Murat found that the attack that night had not been the only one in the past eight months. Murat began to work on the anti motherhunter team for DeVries for the next two years.

As the time passed Murat spiraled along a path that many felt was going to end in his death. After two years of hunting the hunters the trails became more and more faint. They began to require a finesse Murat was showing he was incapable of maintaining. He was moved back into the general pool of Elites. This just seemed to push him further down the spiral and closer to bottoming out. Finally in ’26 during a border conflict South America something in Murat finally snapped. He unleashed everything he had in a massive blast on an enemy outpost al of his rage and sorrow washed out of him leaving him empty. He found he felt nothing as if the ability to do so had completely died. Murat was truly alone.

Murat found he no longer cared about anything really. He no longer wanted to fight for battles that meant nothing. He no longer wanted to chase a dream that was already dead. He no longer wanted to do anything. And so he decided he wouldn’t.

After the conflict ended he calmly returned to the DeVries headquarters. As he calmly walked through the building people shied away from him. He went to the assignments sectioned and informed them he would be taking a leave of absence. He then left the building flew out away from town and Warped back to Venus. He settled into the facility he had built over the last eight years. He began to ponder what he actually wanted to do. He reviewed his life, considered actions and decisions he had made. He considered his powers and what he could do with them. He realized there was something wrong with himself. He had never reached the potential he felt he should have. Over the next year he developed his focus. Testing and gently pushing his node as he reached for his potential. As he did so the emptiness receded slightly. His body began to find a balance he previously never knew was missing. As he meditated he felt like a new man. He finally decided what he wanted to do. Something he had been avoiding since his first wife died he realized. He wanted to live. It was time to go home

Having returned again Murat is living on his atoll. Soon it will be time to return to work.

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Nature: Survivor



STR: ●●●●●

DEX: ●●●●●

STA: ●●●●● ●●●


PER: ●●●●●

INT: ●●●●

WIT: ●●●●●


APP: ●●

MAN: ●●●●●

CHA: ●●●


Brawl: ●●●

Might: ●●●●

Athletics: ●●●●●

Drive: ●●

Martial Arts: ●●●●● (Jeet Kune Do X3)

Melee: ●●●●● (Axe)

Stealth: ●●

Endurance: ●●●●●

Resistance: ●●●●●

Awareness: ●●●●●

Navigation: ●●●●

Bureaucracy: ●●

Computer: ●●

Intrusion: ●●

Linguistics: ●●● (English native; Romance Family, Hindi, Arabic Family)

Survival: ●●●●●

Meditation: ●●●●●

Rapport: ●●●

Weave: ●

Tactics: ●●●●●

Intimidation: ●●●

Interrogation: ●●●

Streetwise: ●●

Subterfuge: ●●●

Carousing: ●●

Command: ●●

Etiquette: ●●

Instruction: ●●●


Allies ●●●●● ●

Cipher: ●●●●● ●

Contacts: ●●●●● Elites

Eufiber ●●●●

Node: ●●●●● ●●●●

Resources ●●●●●

Sanctum: ●●●●● ●


Huge Size (4bp)


Cold (+2bp)

Temperature Change (+1bp: 120° F)

Inefficient Quantum (+3bp: Can only channel half his normal Quantum points per turn)



Aberrant Features – Murat’s features slowly, over the course of a day on average, shift randomly. The overall details of his appearance don’t change, i.e. large build, male, appearance rating, and aberrations, but the specifics can shift to anything similar. The effect leaves him looking like a brother or cousin of the previous day’s appearance.

Quantum: ●●●●● ●●

Quantum Pool: 70

Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●

Taint: ●●●●


- Strength of Will Mega-Strength: ●●●

(Crush, Kid Gloves)

* Speed of Will Mega-Dexterity: ●●●●● ●

(Fast Tasks, Neural Acceleration, Rapid Strikes)

* Force of Will Mega-Stamina: ●●●●● ●●

(Adaptability, Hardbody, Health, Regeneration, Resilience X2)

- Mega-Perception: ●


- Mega-Intelligence: ●

(Prodigy: Tactics)

- Willful Mind Mega-Wits: ●●


Quantum Powers

My Will be Done

Gravitational Authority ● (Level 4)

· Magnify

*Gravity Control ●●●●● ●● (Level 3, Mastery I)

· Gravitokinesis

· Gravity Flight

· Gravitic Blast

· Gravitic Shield

· Gravitational Field

*Wall of Force ●●●●● ●● (Level 2 Force Field: Impervious, Mastery I) (style P114 players)

*Wormhole ●●●●● ●● (Level 3 Warp)

Mind Over Matter

· Empathic Shield ●●●●● ●

· Psychic Shield ●●●●● ●

Event Horizon ●●●● (Level 2 Quantum Weapon: Lethal Axe)

Life Eternal ●● (Level 3 Immortality)

· Everliving

· Costless Regeneration

Hypermovement ●● (Level 2: Flight)

Body Adjustment – Improved attribute Stamina

Jeet Kun Do III

Starting Maneuvers – Strike, Kick*, Block

Bonus Maneuvers – Dodge, Feint

Advanced Styles – Combination, Footwork, Stop Hit

Combat Stats:

Initiative: +26

Health Levels: 15 (Bruised x7, Hurt x1, Injured x1, Wounded x3, Maimed x1, Crippled X1, Incapacitated x1)

Base Soak: 32B/18L

-With Eufiber: 36B/22L

-With Force Field: 77B/63L

XP Log
Jeet Kun Do III (2 Baseline)

Footwork (1 Baseline)

Stop Hit (3 Baseline)

Combination (3 Baseline)

Gravitational Authority ● (10 Nova, 2 Standard)

Remaining XP

1B / 8S / 0N

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