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[OpNet] I am sorry for dropping in unannounced.


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I prefer, for now, not to reveal my real name. I have lived with some form of normalcy for about a year without anyone really knowing what has happened to me. I guess someone like myself really doesn't deserve the spotlight.

But, sooner or later I suppose my existance as a Nova would eventually be known, so I might as well brace myself as I finally make myself known as a Nova.

I truely wanted to avoid the attention, especially with the Nova obsessed in my country. But if I am to talk to any of my peers, for good or ill, I would have to come out and play sooner or later.

For now, just call me Origami. I am a Teacher, Artist, and Writer. Nothing more.

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Thanks. Makes me feel... I think a little more comfortable. I've been sort of afraid to really show what I can do.

I didn't want the insane levels of fame that comes with the laurels I now bear.

But it looks like at whatever level of fame is saddled to me, it's gonna come if I like it or not. I just hope not to be much of a bother.

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