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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Working for the Man: The Twins

Dan Hawkins

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“Again!” Delta’s voice rang out again as Sol and Lua worked through the Kata he’d devised for them. They’d actually been only eight when they were found, now at Age ten He’d learned enough to know a firm hand was needed.

They were unlike any other children in the world, his two charges. Twin novas, that was impressive, not unheard of. That they were of the second generation, born to a nova parent shortly before her death, now that made them special. Since the initial finding of them, Delta and Rho had seen to virtually every aspect of their training, occasionally with holidays, representing time where they worked gathering more information for Anna, or, taking less important contracts, to maintain appearances. Both Elites slept only seldomly, with Rho doing so only after wearing himself out shuttling them back and forth.

Dan wouldn’t trade any of it. More than anything else, these girls had taken to him, and he to them. Everything they did was driven by a desire to please him.

Sol was boisterous and outgoing, Her Golden mane of hair and glittering golden eyes enhancing a distinct feline look, made complete by her tail. It was long enough for her to wrap around her waist, and strong enough he’d found to hold her weight. The powers she’d shown thus far seemed geared towards offense, and when used in conjunction with Luna’s they were actually capable of impressive destruction. Still, she lacked self control and often tried to rush things, always wanting to be in the thick of things, even at such a young age.

Luna was the opposite. She preferred to stand back looking in. She was brilliantly intelligent, especially given her age, and more to the point, he felt she might have some telepathic capability. Cautious to a fault, she held her tongue, speaking only when necessary, and focusing on protecting herself and her sister with a a mostly defensive suite of powers, and powerful healing.

Both possessed superhuman beauty, even at a young age, which did make Dan slightly uncomfortable, but he focused on them as children and his students. Enhanced senses, and greater than average grace and speed, along with the coveted ability to regenerate damaged tissue rounded them out.

As they finished the routine, He nodded. “Well done both of you. Go get cleaned up, and meet me in the auditorium for today’s lectures. I’ll give you thirty minutes.”

The two Girls, both of them with their tails unfurled from around their waists smiled and bowed, walking past him to the locker room.

Delta looked to Rho, who spoke first. “Damn they’re impressive.”


“When I was ten I could passably wield a bokken. These two, hell, I know adults that can only dream of making it through that routine daily.”

“I know.”

“You’re pushing them hard.”

“I have to.” Both novas sat there silently. It was true that they tutored them in all the normal subjects, history, language, mathematics, physical and biological science, The girls proved to be more capable than baseline children their age, and so they’d accelerated things some.

What also held true was the Extensive training they were given in self defense, and in understanding and utilizing their unique and combined powers. They seldom saw Kaien, the nova who’d created this place, and provided for the twins’ needs, and funded the mission that rescued them. Delta had come to suspect some things about the always smiling asian man, but put them off as long as the girls were healthy and happy.

Rho nodded. "I'm going to go catch a nap. "Wake me when it's time for their math lesson today."

Delta nodded. "Sleep well, I'll hold down the fort."

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in class, the subject Delta schooled them on was History, followed by Physical science. The aspects of basic principles suited them especially those pertaining to light, as they had powers that focused on this theme. They loved history, and today's lesson like the 4 before it, was on the American Civil War, The battle of Chancellorsville in particular.

"why did General Lee split his forces?"

"There are many theories, but the most interesting, I think, is that it was an act of desperation. All the options he had there were horrible, he chose to split his forces twice. It worked out and was indeed his greatest victory."

They sat there and listened as he continued, retelling the battle. At the end of his lecture, he gave them a quiz, which they both passed.

Four hours had passed, and it was lunch time. The three of them sat together and ate, simple sandwiches, peanutbutter all around, and fresh apples. Afterwards, the two of them were free to 'Play" for thirty minutes, Before class would resume.

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Their play done, The girls settled in for lessons with Rho, smiling because while he looked like a big tiger, his voice was soothing when he wanted it to be. Once they were done, they took their bathes and settled into their freetime. Luna read, and Sol decided to train some more on her own. Delta stood watch marveling at how far they'd progressed. Finally it was time for lights out, and Rho left, he had a date still.

Delta laid down, not needing sleep, but leading by example. Sometime in the night though, he felt them both come in, They did this almost ever night, sneaking in to lay next to him. It wasn't healthy, and it bothered him. Still he let them, they had no one else in their lives. Since finding them, they'd become the closest thing he had to daughters, and with that thought, he let them stay. They didn't try anything, all they did was cuddle up and go to sleep.

He smiled as they did so again, reaching down to pat them each softly on the head. There would come a time as they grew older when he would have to make them stop, but for now they were still innocent children, and he could let it continue.

"Pleasant dreams little ones"

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