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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - [Intro] The Favor [Fin]

Dan Hawkins

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“Daniel, I need a favor.” The old Marine was used to being loomed over, his late wife was half a foot taller than him most of the time, if not more. Still, being in the presence of one of the more legendary Elites, Long, was an experience that was still capable of reminding him of that feeling. Over eight feet tall, the Feline-looking nova looked more like a Tiger that decided it wished to walk upon two legs and took up bodybuilding. There was an aura of menace radiating from him, a legacy of so many years fighting and killing other novas.

Ryu Hideyoshi was a legend in the field of Elites. Gifted with incredible power, only few claimed more kills, and this in part was why he was no longer as active. Decades before He and Dan had been team mates, Fighting in dozens of hotspots across the world. They’d joined the ranks of the Deadmen, Elites who supposedly died, only to return later, stronger and with a vengeance.

Dan had stood with Long when he married his wife, the Nippontai member Sakurako. Much the same, many years later, they had been witnesses at his and Sarah’s small ceremony. More than anyone else, these two Elites knew the other best.

“I need a favor from you Danny.” Long was among a tiny handful of people who called him his nickname, and got to do so without finding out how many volts their pain receptors fired on.

“Must be pretty major for you to bring me and Sonja to Tokyo, especially given my family’s history with this nation.” There was a darkness in his tone, and it promised some form of retribution if he’d wasted their time.

“It is. I need you to train Kamiko.” If Long had grown two more heads and turned pink he couldn’t have surprised Dan more. “Why don’t you do that, you’ve raised her since Cade and Origami died.” Cade was another Elite turned public defender, a fallen brother to them both. Dan actually remembered training Cade in a number of things. He was such a fast learner.

“I could, but in truth, She needs your kind of training more. Sakurako and I have kept something from her, and soon it will be impossible. For now, and the forseeable future, I need to know my Eldest daughter is looked after.”

“Sakurako is pregnant.”

“Have I told you just how much I hate how smart you are?”

Dan shook his head. “Not smart, just quick on analysis. So you want me to babysit the eldest until you’ve got the one on the way situated.”

“Yes and no. Sakurako has taken steps on her own, establishing a satellite group for the children there in the Congo…” They both remembered that place. Long had fought covertly around the country, covertly aiding where others couldn’t. Dan had helped train and provide equipment, and in some instances, off the books funding.

“You want me to train her in case she makes enemies, and stay close to her to protect her?”


“This exposes Sonja to danger Ryu, you know how I feel about that.” It was enough that he was very close to leaving.

“Shen’s there.” That got his attention. “His entire brood I’d wager. Everyone knows he’s Maia’s godfather, and she’s been sighted there a lot, in addition to her photo shoots. I may be wrong, but I’d be willing to bet you find them there old friend.”

“Still not worth introducing Sonja to that sort of danger.”

“If she’s not safe there, with you, then neither is Kamiko, Danny. Nowhere is one hundred percent, but I’m asking you as a fellow father to help me on this. I know it’s dangerous, but I trust in your abilities. The kids will need you before it’s all said and done. Besides, Einherjar’s not a stranger, and he didn’t sleep with Sarah, you’ve really got nothing to complain about there.”

He looked down. “Dammit Ryu…”

“I wouldn’t ask if I could do it myself. I have to stay here with Sakurako. Rather than forcing Kamiko to do the same, I’m asking you . You promised Cade the same as I.”

“Alright. We’ll go.” The two Elites shook hands. “I owe you for this Daniel. I promise, when things are calmer, You can go. For now though, I need you to do this.”

Dan nodded. “I know, and I promise you I won’t forget. Give Sakurako my regards.”

“I will old friend.” Long opened a warp gate to the Congo, a good ways from the palace due to the inhibitors, but easily traversable by Dan and Sonja. Dan had left and returned with Sonja in tow. “I suggest letting Einherjar know you’re there when you can. Though since you maintain at least one residence there officially, it shouldn’t be a big hassle.” The six year old young girl looked up at Long and smiled. “You’re a tiger.”

Long chuckled, a deep throaty laugh. “I am. So is your Father, by certain calendars.” She smiled up at him and Long remembered Kamiko smiling the same way. “Safe journey, Little Sonja. When you return, I promise, I will let you play all day in the gardens here.”

That got a real smile from her. “Okay.”

With that, Dan swept his daughter up in his arms and walked through the portal, knowing things were certainly going to be interesting.

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It took roughly half an hour for him to get settled in and arm the defense system, and in a moment a indecision he looked to Sonja. "Do you want to come with me?" "


"to find Kamiko. Once we do that we can plan abit more, and come home and rest."

She was tired, she usually was after most forms of instant transport. "I'd like that daddy."

he smiled. "alright then."

he pulled out the triple-encrypted phone he kept on him and dialed the number Long had provided him...

(continued in Quantum rapids)

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