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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Daniel Hawkins

Dan Hawkins

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Name- Daniel Hawkins

Age- 53

Height- 6'7

weight- 240 lbs

eyes- grey

hair- black

Bloodtype- AB+

Life had been so simple for Dan at the beginning. He played football in high school, and while no Einstein, he did well enough to not cheat to do so. He didn't see a big future ahead of himself, certainly not college, so He joined the Military. He was a member of the First Marine Expeditionary Force, He served with distinction until he was deployed to Somalia. There he and his command were heavily engaged, and trying to extract after an ambush which had claimed the life of the colonel in charge. As the senior living officer in the entire operation, he made the decision to pull back. Sadly it was too late to save the squad around him, as the nova that previously been reported across the battlefield appeared and engaged them all. It was nothing for the Nova to deal with them, his men drowning in water the water made from himself.

He thought of the supreme futility, and wished for some way to save what remained of his command. He got his wish as power flooded him, his head pounding with the worst headache ever, and he lashed out with fearsome electrical attacks, killing the attacking nova. He dutifully filed his report, and before the brass could stop him, mustered out of the service, having served his term with honor.

He didn't seek out Utopia, he simply wasn’t that altruistic. Instead he chose to go where the real money was, DeVries. Putting his skills as a soldier to use, much s the nova he’d killed that day, he began as a warrior for hire, and quickly graduated to team leader, and eventually, he became one of the trainers at the DeVries training camp. His great experience as a military commander served him well.

A full decade passed. Brimming with power, Dan was quite conscious of the war with Taint. He strove to manage his, not pushing like so many others had. He witnessed several burnouts, and in two occasions, was forced to defend himself and his men from the inhuman monster that had previously been a nova, with lethal force. He strove to keep from walking that path, and this eventually lead him to India. He’d called in dozens of favors, and turned all he was to this pursuit, so important to him was this. Anna had let him go, knowing his dogged determination would seem him through, and he had promised to return to them. At first, he searched in vain, for the nova that supposedly could help. All that he’d put into this seemed a waste. He’d spoken with a number of Terats, but their path wasn’t for him. He was deeply rooted in his own humanity, his own failings, and moral strength.

When all seemed lost, he looked ready to give up, a Man appeared, asking if he could help him. Seeing his own quest proving fruitless, he nodded. He took the man where he wanted to go, even shared a meal with him. “You seem lost.”

“I feel as though I am. I’m searching for someone without description.”

“Why do you seek this person?” Dan knew this question was so much more important than it seemed, he considered what he wanted, and answered truthfully. “Balance. I have seen so many lose themselves to the inhumanity of the powers we possess. I do not wish that to be my lot. Power bears responsibility, and The one I seek, I’m told has a way to achieve this, beyond simple meditation, and not using our abilities.”

The Man smiled. “Let us talk then, Major Hawkins, perhaps I can help you more than know.”

Two full years later, Dan returned, looking to be a man at peace with himself. He promptly signed a contract to return as Trainer. For eight years, he taught with distinction. Elites Trained by him, and in several instances, a small group of baselines, performed to exemplary standards where they fought.

It was there that he'd met Sarah Daunt. Sarah was a megamorph, and actually taller than him. Most would be bothered, but he wasn't. The two became fast friends, and he actually trained her, and advised her on which contracts to take. One night roughly a year later, She came to him, confessing her love, and he'd smiled, taking her in his arms and assuring her he felt the same.

A few months and a whirlwind marriage later, they found that his blonde wife was with child, Both retired from active duty completely, with Dan returning to his training position full-time. When Sarah gave birth to their daughter, Sonja, the couple was ecstatic. .

After Sonja was born, The two elites lived in relative seclusion, Only emerging one at a time for contractual obiligations. This continued until while on holiday in Northern Japan, Sarah was killed with a car bomb. Enough explosives were used to flatten the hotel they were staying in, and would have seriously injured or killed Dan had he been at ground Zero. Instead, there was nothing left of Sarah, and only his quick thinking and toughness allowed him and little Sonja to survive. Traveler came to him then, when he was virtually inconsolable with rage and grief, and reminded him of his training.

Reasserting his will, he calmed himself, and set about helping prepare a haven for other children who’d lost their parents, helping fund and create several safe houses across the globe.

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Strength 6

Dexterity 6

Stamina 6

Perception 6

Intelligence 6

Wits 6

Appearance 6

Manipulation 6

Charisma 6


Channeling 5

Brawl 5

Might 5

Atheletics 5

Drive 3

Firearms 5

Heavy weapons 5

Martial arts 5 Tai Chi x3

Thrown 5

Melee 5

Stealth 5

Pilot 1

Endurance 5

Resistance 5

Artillery 1

Awareness 5

Investigation 5

Navigation 1

Computers 5

Academics 1 philosophy

Analysis 1

Buracracy 1

Demolitions 1

Engineering 5

Intrusion 5

Linguistics 5 (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German)

Medicine 5

Science 1

Survival 5

Biz 1

weave 1

Meditation 5 Qui meng x3

Rapport 5

Tactics 4

Instruction 5

Performance 2

Streetwise 2

Carousing 1

Intimidation 5

Style 1

Subterfuge 1

Ettiquette 1

Command 5

Mega atts

Strength 3 precision, Compression Unbreakable

Dexterity 6 River fighting, enhanced movement, omnidexterity, Fast tasks, Rapid strike, Neural accelleration, kensai

Stamina 6 Regeneration, adaptability, Fertilityx2, health, hardbody

Perception 3 Electromagnetic vision, quantum attunment

Intelligence 3 Taint Resistance, Discerning Mind

Wits 6 Synergy, Born Warrior, Lie detector, multitasking, quickness x3

Mega charisma 3 Drill seargeant, Soothe

Mega appearance 3 Awe inspiring, Appearance alteration


Elemental Mastery 6 (Electricity) Mastery 1

Magnetic Mastery 6 Mastery 1

Cyberkinesis 6 Mastery 1

Psychic Shield 5

Empathic Shield 5

Quantum Shield 4

Claws 1 armor piercing

Quantum conversion (electricity) 5

Immolate 1

Invulnerability (Electricity) 3

Clone 1

Warp 1 merged

Sizemorph (grow) 3


Attunement 5

Eufiber 5

Resources 5

Node 5

Allies 5 Shen, Long

Contacts 5 Military commanders, Elites

Backing 5 DeVries

Cipher 2

Quantum 7

Taint 0

Quantum pool 70

Willpower 10


6 Iron Will


+1 Weak sense (taste)

+4 Dependant Daughter

XP 0/0/0

need 1 Baseline XP for a philosophy specialty in academics, but the rest I would do as follows

6 standard XP for Martial Arts speciality Tai Chi Chu'an (1-3rd)

6 baseline XP for Meditation speciality Qi Meng (1-3rd)

Qi Meng Techniques

Dao Qi Meng (1st, Required)

Node Reconfiguration (2nd)

Climbing the Mountain of Heaven (3rd, Required)

Purge Temporary Taint

Restorative Trance

Running Water Camouflage

Internal Balance

Purge permanent Taint

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-09 n for clone 1

-03 n for hardbody

-09 s for warp 1

-03 s for Fertility

-03 s for quickness

-03 s unbreakable

-09 s Mper 3 quantum attunement

-21 n Sizemorph grow 3

-21 s Mega charisma 3 Drill seargeant, Soothe

-21 s Mega appearance 3 Awe inspiring, Appearance alteration

-03 for extra merged on Warp

-22b for Sanctum 5 Bibliotheca Sacra

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