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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - Drage Murlenai Rhodor

Ira Sagebrush

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Raised in one of the mobile mining villages common to the Murg; that for most of his childhood was set at the foot of what would become Mount Way under the carved likeness of their kind. There were multiple veins of garnets found and it came to identify the camp. All of the bonded Lenai, instead of taking the more common ruby bond, took Garnets (in their various colors). Even the camp itself started to become known via their work as 'the Rhodor clan' after the Murgan word for Garnet.

He was teased for being thin and taller than most Murg, which pushed him to prove himself more.

He wasn't told of his 'mixed blood' until he was almost sure of it himself and his parents confirmed it after Drage confronted them as he neared adulthood.

Drage grew in his faith early and felt himself called to the service of the Twin's Knights. That the Knights voyaged beyond the borders of his village didn't hurt.

The Knights trained him and formed his desire to please people and gain recognition into more of a desire to do good through reinforcement of his faith.

He gained acclaim through his actions in the defense of a camp that was attacked by a group of Keyai. The village in thanks created armor from the hide of a Keyai slain in the battle. The actions at that battle also allowed him the opportunity to become a member of the 'calvary', undergo formal training that allowed him to become bonded to a Lenai after it was found he had a talent for Engraving. Amazed and honored, Drage leaped at the chance, but wanted to use a yellow garnet to honor his camp and family. Drage flourished as a mounted warrior, coming into his own quite quickly and was known throughout the Knights for his uncanny accuracy with a bow.

And so was his career. Patrols through the Mire, escorting groups, gawkers, and would-be students to the School of the True Way. A place that Drage did not trust. That those would study Chaos in the hopes to bend it to their will were naive, or just stupid. The Twins save their souls.

The birth of the Horde was a day that Drage's soul would be permanently scarred. He had just returned from Crescent Island with a party of Skrofan, that despite his words, insisted upon studying at True Way. They had just beached the skiff from the larger vessel that had taken them across the Sea of Tears when the storm clouds had begun to form and roil around Mount Way. (As it had come to be known then)

For storms to gather around the lone peak was not uncommon, so Drage did not think much of it. The group continued their journey inland, weaving their way around the large shallow lakes of the Mire and watching for the many dangerous plants and animals that would sooner see them a meal.

Drage felt the rumble first, and his mount desired to flee greatly. The storm around the Mountain became fierce. Lightning flashed. Part of the mountain caved inward. Then a stampede of animals could be seen fleeing away from the mountain all around them. The wind began howling with a ferocity that chilled him to the bone as it called upon a primordial fear from the origin of his species. Calling out a quick prayer, he commanded his charges to drop the equipment and they started to flee back to the skiff, Drage taking up the rear.

The winds became too much and he knew they would not be able to find the necessary shelter. He screamed for his charges to stop as he dove off his mount, silently calling upon the Twins for aid. His arms were already moving before he hit the ground and nearly instantly, massive amounts of sodden soil began to fly. Drage hoped that the hole would be sufficient and the seepage would be slow enough that they could weather whatever foul curse the practitioners of The Way had brought down upon them. He dug deep first, and then up, creating both a reserve for water to collect and also a choke in case battle was needed. They all sat, silent in the fear that was overtaking them.

After a what seemed like an Age, the winds stopped, when it was in fact mere moments. One of the Skrofan, not fond of tight spaces, leaped forward towards the exit, halfway gone before Drage could even turn. As Drage's boots splashed into the water collecting at the bottom, he looked up in time to see the Skrofran pulled by nothing out into the storm that raged over the Mire that now seemed to be silent. Drage shuffled backwards, pushing on the Lenai that had sensed Drage's unease and had inched forward. The refuge was flooding by morning, Drage continued digging, snaking and creating offshoots to hold water as he could, always moving away from the Mire and towards the Skiff.

Another Skrofan died in a tunnel collapse.

They reachedthe small camp the skiff had been left at, or what was left of it. The place was nearly inundated. Corpses floated everywhere, and before their eyes, heads began to rise and hollow eyes of undeath began to bore into them with an insatiable hunger.

They moved as fast as they could, but almost immediately, one Skrofan was taken down by the undead, only to rise and join the pursuit. Drage pulled the one Skrofan left up onto his Lenai who struggled, but managed to find purchase on the surface of the flooded land and half ran, half waded across the waters in search of a boat or deeper waters.

The vessel that had brought them across the Ocean and the Sea of Tears was gone, having either been destroyed or fled.

They found the skiff, upside down and lodged on top of the remains of a dwelling. Adrenaline pumping, they dismounted and tried to get it free and hope it was still seaworthy. The water was too deep for Drage, so he moved his veil across and dove under, hoping to clear debris while the lone left Skrofan worked from above.

The undead closed the distance too quickly and they were forced to fight. The Lenai rammed the skiff and dislodged it, but took a significant injury to its leg from an undead to do so.

The undead were cleared enough for them to flip the boat and for Drage to board. The last Skrofan was going to shove them off when something grabbed him from beneath the water and took him under. The Lenai, against all odds, bleeding heavily from its wound, managed to struggle its feet to the surface and ran to the skiff. At the last moment when it seemed about to leap into the boat, it stumbled and one leg fell into the water.

Its options few, it turned its fall into a send off and used its momentum to push the skiff out. Drage opened the link as wide as he could, pleading. Undead emerged from the water around the Lenai and Drage had the odd experience of seeing it from both angles. Drage prayed, the Lenai's fear vacated. The message of love came strongly through the link and as he drifted away onto the Sea of Tears, he added his own to its reserve.

Without any appreciable way to steer, he was at the mercy of the currents. Drage's endurance eventually gave in and he passed out and had visions of Atriarchs, in full-feathered splendor, carrying him into the arms of the Twins which at the last moment turned into a writhing mass of undead that was already feasting on his Lenai. He struggled, but the Marghuls continued to drag him, all the while he could hear the mad laughter of something he knew to be Chaos.

Drage was neary broken and consumed with despair when the skiff ran aground in the Wylds. He remembers only finding water and then consuming mass quantities of it and how sweet it tasted. The next thing he remembers is waking up on Ignum in the care of the Skrofan. Having been told he walked out of the Weald Gyre.

drage_2_by_wraithforge-d4cktae.jpgHe was in and out of consciousness for weeks, struggling with fever. One day, during a good day, an Atriarch appeared to him and told him of the events transpiring elsewhere and how he was needed in the Struggle and how his deeds had garnered the attention of Tal & Len. Refreshed in his faith, if still full of sorrow, he committed himself to the cause then and there. He made arrangements to leave with a contingent of Skrofan that were leaving via the Gyre to join the last bastion at Jötnar's Wall.

The battle was epic, Drage learned to adapt to his blindness. He hacked with his busted Halberd just outside the mass of Anupu as they performed their ritual that would vanquish the Horde.

Relief at the end of the battle left him empty and numb and also sick from the number of his own people, if twisted, that he was forced to cut down. Shying away from any title of 'Hero' and wary of being used as the last remnant of his people. Drage left, and found his journey led him to Ki'ninay. He serves in the Twin's temple there in the shadow of the Winds and also hires on as a sailor from time to time.

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Drage - PL 7

Strength 3, Stamina 4, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 3, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 1


Assessment, Benefit: Bank Shot - Ricochet 1 with Bow, Equipment 2, Favored Environment: Swamp, Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 4: Crack Shot, Improved Smash, Languages 4, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 4, Takedown 2


Athletics 2 (+5), Close Combat: Halbaxe 2 (+5), Expertise: Mire 3 (+4), Expertise: Mounted Combat 3 (+4), Expertise: Pattern Magic 2 (+3), Expertise: Sailor 1 (+2), Insight 2 (+4), Investigation 2 (+3), Perception 2 (+4), Ranged Combat: Bow & Quiver 2 (+4), Stealth 3 (+6), Treatment 2 (+3)


Eye of Drage (Removable)

. . Detect Chaos Energy: Senses 2 (chaos, Detect: Visual 2: ranged)

Keyai Hide Armor (Removable)

. . Keyai Camo: Concealment 2 (Sense - Sight; Increased Duration: continuous; Blending, Partial)

. . Keyai Skin: Protection 3 (+3 Toughness)

Mire Veil (Removable)

. . Gill Engraving: Immunity 1 (Suffocation: Drowning)

Murg Excavate: Burrowing 2 (Speed: 1800 feet/hour, 3 feet/round)

Onyxiron Halbaxe (Easily Removable)

. . Sunder: Strength-based Damage 4 (piercing, slashing, DC 22, Advantages: Improved Smash; Quirk: Requires Str ?)

Quiver (Removable)

. . Bury: Cumulative Affliction 6 (1st degree: Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, DC 16; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Cumulative, Increased Range: ranged; Quirk: Requires Bow, Unreliable (5 uses))

. . Fireball: Burst Area Blast 6 (DC 21; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere; Quirk: Requires Bow, Unreliable (5 uses))

. . Petrify: Progressive Affliction 4 (1st degree: Hindered, 2nd degree: Immobile, 3rd degree: Transformed, DC 14; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Increased Range: ranged, Progressive; Quirk: Requires Bow, Unreliable (5 uses))

Twin's Conduit: Healing 3 (Persistent, Restorative, Resurrection, Stabilize)


Bow, Lucenite Wand 1, Spyglass 1, Woven Reed Bag (2) 2


Initiative +3

Bow, +8 (DC 21)

Bury: Cumulative Affliction 6, +8 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 16)

Fireball: Burst Area Blast 6 (DC 21)

Grab, +3 (DC Spec 13)

Petrify: Progressive Affliction 4, +8 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 14)

Sunder: Strength-based Damage 4, +5 (DC 22)

Throw, +6 (DC 18)

Unarmed, +3 (DC 18)


Disability: Drage is blind in the eye that was bejeweled for the bond to his Lenai mount that sacrificed herself in the initial Horde onslaught of the Murg.

Hatred: Hatred of the undead. Remnants of the Horde specifically, but it tends to spill over into all things related to corruptions of Chaos.

Motivation: Doing Good: He is conflicted with guilt as being the only apparent survivor of the Murg, but feels it is his duty to live as an example for his race. Especially after his visit from an Atriarch.


Balor, Common, Fen, Jotnar, Kassim, Murg, Skrofan, Takrok, Zray


Dodge 4, Parry 5, Fortitude 7, Toughness 7, Will 3

Power Points

Abilities 38 + Powers 35 + Advantages 25 + Skills 13 (26 ranks) + Defenses 7 = 118

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Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is ©2010-2011 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

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I know there's a tracker, this is just so I don't have to have more than one thread open when I glance at my character. 8)

4 - PP Total




4 - Strange Winds

3 - PP Spent

2 - Eye of Drage - Senses 2 (Removable, Detect Chaos Energy, Visual, Ranged)

1 - Keyai Hide Armor - Increased Duration to Continuous

1 - PP Unspent

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