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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Konohanasakuyahime, Sakura Miyazu


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Name: Konohanasakuyahime 木花之開耶姫 (The Blossom Princess), Sakura Miyazu 宮津桜 (American name)

Concept: The Goddess of Spring

Nature: Caregiver

Allegiance: Herself so far.

Theme: The Blossom Princess, Goddess of Spring

HT: 175.26cm / 5'9"

WT: 59 kg/130 lbs

Hair: Bark Brown with Cherry Blossoms

Eyes: Vibrant Leaf Green

Age: 25


Strength ●●●●● ●●●●● (Athletic) Mega

Dexterity ●●●●● ●●●●● (Delicate) Mega ●●●●●

Stamina ●●●●● ●●●●● (Energetic) Mega ●●●●●

Perception ●●●●● ●●●●● (Intuitive) Mega ●●●●●

Intelligence ●●●●● ●●●●● (Discerning) Mega ●●●●●

Wits ●●●●● ●●●●● (Creative) Mega ●●●●●

Appearance ●●●●● ●●●●● (Feminine) Mega ●●●●●

Manipulation ●●●●● ●●●●● (Persuasive) Mega●●

Charisma ●●●●● ●●●●● (Genial) Mega ●●●●●

Mega Attributes and Enhancements

All the Wonders of the Earth - Strength


Sacred Dance - Dexterity

* Physical Prodigy

* Catfooted

* Perfect Balance

The Maiden's Gift - Stamina

* Fertility 2

* Unaging

A Woman's Intuition - Perception

* Body Awareness

* Hyperenhanced Hearing: Sonar

* Hyperenhanced Sight: Ultraviolet

Divine Brilliance - Intelligence

* Taint Resistance

* Mental Prodigy: Medical, Scientific, Survival

Nature's Harmony - Wits

* Natural Empath

* Mind Over Matter

* Synergy

Divine Radiance - Appearance

* Awe Inspiring

* Seductive Looks

* Halo Effect

* Divine Visage

For Your Own Good - Manipulation

* Mediator

* Tactful

* The Voice

Spring's Mantle - Charisma

* Bestial Rapport

* Seduction

* Soothe







Athletics: ●●●●●




Heavy Weapons:


Martial Arts:



Ride: ●●●●

Stealth: ●●●●

Endurance: ●●●●●

Resistance: ●●●●●



Awareness: ●●●●●

Investigation: ●


Academics: ●●●








Linguistics: ● (Romance Laguages, native languages are English and Japanese)

Medicine: ●●●●● (Veterinary & Botanical Specialties)

Science: ●●●●● (Biology)

Survival: ●●●●●


Arts: ●


Mediation: ●●●●●

Rapport: ●●●●●

Shadowing: ●●●


Weave: ●●●●● (-3 to difficulty on rolls from Eufiber Attunement)


Disguise: ●


Style: (●●●●● ●●●●) (+3 from Eufiber Attunement, +6 from Mega Appearance 6)





Animal Training: ●●●●

Command: ●


Etiquette: ●●


Perform: ●●●●● (Dance)


Allies: ●●● (Anteus, Caroline Fong, Andre Corbin)

Attunement: ●●●●●






Eufiber: ●●●●●





Node: ●●●●●, N-Stage ●●


Resources: ●●●

Reputation: ●●●●● (Known for: Playing Myf in the Dead Rising film; being a nova pregnant with triplets and saying mum about who the other parent is; claimed in an interview to be able to cause fertility in any sterile creature, including novas; has been healing and facilitating fertility/pregnancies around the world for 7 years now; seen publically with White Rain and known among the Terats to associate with the newly created Anavasi, though claims not to be a member of the Teragen; official residence is the Royal Palace of Kinshasa as a personal guest of King Einherjar; works with Jason "Bombshell" Bellefluer-Waters and the Tiresias Foundation to reverse the effects of Hera's Revenge for victims that wish to return to their original sex; has recently set up The Body Shop to offer genetic alterations for a fee in Ibiza, as well as opening a fetish club called Forbidden Fruits)

Sanctum: ●●●● (The Crèche)

Quantum: ●●●●● ●

Quantum Pool: 60

Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●●●

Initiative: 20

Powers (Level 1: Violet, Level 2: Blue, Level 3: Green, Level 4: Yellow, Level 5: Orange, Level 6: Red - In Theme BOLD)

From the Shallows to the Deeps: Body Modification

* High Pressure Tolerance

The Goddess Smiles: Body Modification

* Pheromones: Interrelationship, Toxin Rating ●●● (Linked to her Scent Abberation, always active)

A Thousand Blossoms: Body Modification

* Augmented Fecundity

* Genetic Sampler (unique, may also be used in reverse with her own or stored samples and applies to inorganic DNA from novas)

* Pheromones: Arousal, Toxin Rating ●●● (Linked to her Scent Abberation, always active)

* Enhanced Vermonasal Organ

Kami no Nigen: Body Modification

* Improved Attribute: All

* Augmented Blood

* Augmented Heart

* Efficient Digestion

Spring Breeze: Body Shift ●●●●● ●

Weakness: Pheromone Production Only

Extras: Reduced Quantum Cost to 0

* She can produce any pheromone that exists within her own body, which even allows her to communicate naturally with creatures who use pheromones as part of their communication. Additionally, she can produce any pheromone body modification at will, or increase the strength of pheromones she already produces naturally.

* Altered: Toxicity Rating based on Dots in Power, can add to Pheromones she already naturally produces, greatly increasing the toxicity rating, this can even allow it to be raised above the normal limit of 4.

Rules of Pheromone Resistance:
Pheromones may be ignored by those with the Health Enhancement; those with Bloodhound or Enhanced Vermonasal Organ may spend on temporary Willpower point to ignore the pheromones for the scene. All others may make a Resistance or Willpower roll, whichever is the larger pool, to reduce the Toxin Rating by one per success. Air filters also reduce the Toxin Rating by one automatically.

Primal Instinct: Intuition ●●●●●

* Dice Pool: Perception + Intuition

* Range: Self

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Permanent

* Multiple Actions: Yes

Sakura desu. (To Be the Cherry Tree): Body Modification

* Photosynthesis - Sakura may obtain nutrition from exposure to direct sunlight, though she must expose most of her skin to the sunlight to do so. She still requires water and trace nutrients for full nutrition, but may subsist on sunlight without either until she starts taking damage from dehydration if she has no water or for several months without the trace nutrients.

* Chromophores - Sakura may change the color of her skin. This aids in photosynthesis, but may also be used as per the normal Chromophores body modification.

Silken Goddess: Body Modification

* Spinnerets x2 => Eufiber Spinner - Sakura is capable of producing her own eufiber, grown from her body like hair. This eufiber has the same properties as regular eufiber and can be used as the per the two levels of spinneret silk.

* Any Eufiber Sakura creates counts as regular eufiber and is naturally attuned to her at creation. Each gout is worth 1 dot worth of eufiber, though she can weave the eufiber into gifts for others that may range from 1 to 5 dots of the eufiber background.

The Stamen and the Pistil: Body Modification

Note: Currently only Sakura and her mother are aware of her genetic condition, and only Sakura knows she possesses this Body Modification. Please roleplay appropriately.

* Internal Hermaphrodite 2 (Unique Bodymod: Sakura is technically male, but has Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS, "his" body doesn't respond to testosterone at all, this was intentional done to "him" by "his" mother while in-utero). As Sakura's powers have grown, she has been able to alter her body to allow herself to be effectively fertile (as with CAIS "he" would have no natural way to impregnate a woman) by internally creating the womb and ovaries that would allow her to conceive and carry a child. She still retains her testes (located next to the ovaries she created and altered to be able to produce sperm at will), allowing her to even self-fertilize; any male child she bears will also have CAIS, though if they carry her quantum signature at all then they are likely to be internal hermaphrodites as well. As she possess Fertility has both male and female gametes if she self-fertilizes then she may chose the gender of her child/ren.)

To Walk in Primal Lands: Animal Mastery ●●●●●

Extras: Nature Mastery

* Dice Pool: Perception + Nature Mastery

* Range: Variable

* Duration: Special

* Multiple Actions: No

One Blossom At A Time: Quantum Conception ●●●●●

Extras: Mother Nature (Sakura can use this power on sterile animals and plants, though per her Target Restriction she must have the consent of sentient animals),

Fertilize Sterile Novas (Sakura can fertilize sterile novas)

* Dice Pool: Stamina + Quantum Conception

* Range: Touch

* Duration: Instant

* Multiple Actions: Yes

* Weaknesses: Target Restriction: Willing (2), Target Restriction: Sterile beings only (5), Range Restriction: Touch (4), Linked Power Use: Genetic Sampler (2)

* Strengths: Because Sakura uses (and must use) her unique form of Genetic Sampler instead of creating organic matter out of nothing or inorganic matter, it does not cost her a permanent willpower point to use the power to cause pregnancy with the power. However, the quantum cost of using the power is doubled due to the more complicated nature of its use.

Quantum Regeneration ●●●●●

Extra: Double

* Dice Pool: N/A

* Range: Self

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Special

* Multiple Actions: Yes

The Touch of the Goddess: Biomanipulation ●●●●●

Extra: Affect Microbes

Beltane: Body Manipulation

* Dice Pool: Stamina + Biomanipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 meters

* Duration: Special

Children of Clay: Form Manipulation

* Dice Pool: Manipulation + Biomanipulation

* Range: Touch

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Instant

Spring's Promise: Health Manipulation

* Dice Pool: Stamina + Biomanipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 meters

* Duration: Instant

Harvest: Growth

* Dice Pool: Manipulation + Biomanipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 meters

* Area: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 meters

* Duration: Instant

Children of the Goddess: Genetic Manipulation (Custom Technique)

* Dice Pool: Manipulation + Biomanipulation

* Range: Touch

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Instant

Children of the Goddess allows Sakura to alter the genetic code of baseline and nova children so long as they are still in the womb. She can ensure a baseline child neither suffers from nor carries congenital disorders or other genetic-based illnesses, as well as giving them the potential to reach the peak of human capability in pretty much all manners (boosts to attributes and health). With nova children, Sakura can ensure that certain aspects of the parents' nature is passed on (powers, megas, body mods, anything quantum based, essentially), as well as providing her own additions. When done for children that will be "on-screen", all powers, megas, and body mods must receive ST approval.

A Time For Every Season: Temporal Manipulation ●●●

Strength: Improved Duration

Weakness: Only Affects Organic Material

Sun Dial: Internal Clock

* Range: Self

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Permanent

The Measure of Life: Age Alteration

* Dice Pool: Manipulation + Temporal Manipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 Meters

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Maintenance

The Cloak of Wind: Accelerate Time (Double Cost)

* Dice Pool: Wits + Temporal Manipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 10 Meters

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Permanent

Falling Petals: Dilate Time

* Dice Pool: Wits + Temporal Manipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 10 Meters

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Permanent

Immortality: Stop Time

* Dice Pool: Intelligence + Temporal Manipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x Meters

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Permanent

Marishatenhime's Bequest: Weather Manipulation ●●●●●

Marishatenhime's Fan: Alter Temperature

* Dice Pool: N/A

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 2 kilometers

* Area: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 kilometers

* Duration: Maintenance

Marishatenhime's Veil: Fog

* Dice Pool: Intelligence + Weather Manipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 2 kilometers

* Area: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 kilometers

* Duration: Maintenance

Marishatenhime's Tea: Weather Alteration

* Dice Pool: Intelligence + Weather Manipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 2 kilometers

* Area: (Quantum + power rating) x 5 kilometers

* Duration: Maintenance

Weather Phenomena Table

Sweltering Heat




Rainstorm (or snow, if temperature makes it possible)

Strong Rain/Thunderstorm



Marishatenhime's Zanbato: Lightening Bolt

* Dice Pool: Dexterity + Temporal Manipulation

* Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 10 meters

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Instant

Marishatenhime's Palaquin: Windriding

* Dice Pool: N/A

* Range: Self

* Area: N/A

* Duration: Maintenance

Merits & Flaws

Pre-Apotheosis -

Devotion: Her devotion to the pacifism of sentient beings and protection of the natural world is well known to any that personally know her or know of her by her Reputation.

Eufiber Attuned x3

Internal Compass

Taint Resistance

Major Pacifist

Post Apotheosis -

Improved Regeneration (New Flesh, Health Regeneration)

Iron Will

Quantum Recovery x3



Distinctive Look

Aberrations (Low: Violet, Medium: Blue, Severe: Green)


Quantum Beacon: Like all True second gen novas, Sakura is unmistakable.

Aberrant Eyes: Vibrant leaf green.

Aberrant Lips: Vibrant leaf green.

Aberrant Hair: Cherry blossoms constantly flower in her hair, going from a small bud off a strand of hair into a full flower in seconds. The flowers are spaced out enough not to cover her head and can be removed completely for a few minutes before new buds form. The flowers never fade, even if they're picked from her hair.

Anima Banner: Falling cherry blossom petals, the petals are real and persist on the ground even after she has finished using her powers.

Post Apotheosis

Aberrant Scent: Cherry blossoms in bloom when she is in a positive mood, the smell of rotting leaves and petals when is in a negative mood. When she feels particularly strongly she will unconsciously emit pheromones at full strength that are appropriate to the emotion. (Linked: Spring Breeze, The Goddess Smiles, and A Thousand Blossoms: Arousal Pheromones Only).

Object of Desire: Her nature as an embodiment of the archetypal Spring Maiden or fertility goddess makes her an object of desire for most men (as a trophy wife or the perfect mother) and any women seeking youth and fertility (both of which she can actually provide). Those that come to know the extent of her powers may also desire her as a single-woman nova baby factory and/or as a method of controlling the natural world to their own advantage.

Object of Desire Mechanics
�� Object of Desire (Mega-Appearance): Something about the nova makes people want to possess him or her. Upon first meeting the nova, people attracted to him or her must make a resisted Willpower roll vs. the nova’s Mega-Appearance. The victim also suffers a penalty on the Willpower roll equal to the nova’s Taint-derived penalty on rolls for social interactions with baselines. Failing the roll means that the victim will see the nova as a commodity or treasure to be owned instead of as a person with his or her own desires and needs. (Just think of how certain rich folk manage to acquire their “trophy spouses”, and how those spouses are treated after they’ve been landed.) The form that the ownership takes will vary with individual victims – some might settle for signing the nova to a contract or hauling off the nova to a wedding chapel, while others may take the idea of owning the nova all too literally... The nova’s victims will be very possessive of him or her, and they will go to great lengths in order to either establish or retain their control over the nova.


Native: Japanese and English

Others: Romance Languages (Latin, French, Spanish, Italian)


Walk: 7m, Run: 17m, Sprint: 35m, Combat Flight: 26m, Non-Combat Flight: 120kph


Base Soak: 10B/3L, Eufiber: +8/8, Total Combined Soak: 18B/11L.

Healing Rate: x7

Health Levels: Dice pool penalties due to injuries and pain reduced by 5.












Children of Konohanasakuyahime
Daughter (Internal Hermaphrodite) of Anteus - Alceis - Status: Fetus

Daughter (Internal Hermaphrodite) of Caroline Fong - Jun - Status: Fetus

Son (CAIS, Internal Hermaphrodite) of Andre Corbin - Parker - Status: Fetus

N-Stage Node: Because of the change in rules regaring power maxing, I'm making this change regarding N-Stage node, to match some of what it already offered, 8th Instar (N-Stage Node 2) reduces taint gained from Power Maxing by 1, 9th Istar (N-Stage Node 3) reduces taint gaind by power maxing by another 2, meaning that one can max a power up to 3 times without gaining taint, this stacks with the Taint Resistance Merit. Finally, 10th Istar makes it impossible to botch when maxing a power, sense this rule is for the old rules, instead, the nova with N-Stage node this high gets to roll Node (just Node, so 5 dice (+ Channeling if they have it) and for each success reduces taint gained by 1 point, this is only possible when one has maxed out N-Stage node, and it stacks with the above reductions.

Character Creation Log
Creation Points -

Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Appearance 5, Manipulation 2, Charisma 2

Abilities: Athletics 3, Stealth 4, Investigation 1, Academics 3, Linguistics 1, Arts 1, Shadowing 1, Disguise 1, Command 1, Etiquette 2, Perform 2, Weave 3

Backgrounds: Node 5, Eufiber 2

NP - 60 Pre-Apotheosis, Underlined is out of theme

-22, (38) Attributes: Strength 3-10, Dexterity 4-10, Stamina 4-10, Perception 3-10, Intelligence 3-10, Wits 4-10, Appearance 3-10, Manipulation 3-10, Charisma 3-10

-0, (38) Mega-Attributes:

-8, (30) Abilities: Athletics 4 & 5, Ride 1-4, Awareness 1-5, Survival 1-5, Mediation 1-5, Animal Training 1-4, Rapport 1-5, Weave 4 & 5, Medicine 1-5 (Veterinary & Botanical Specialties), Science 1-5 (Biology), Shadowing 2 & 3, Perform 3-5

-2, (28) Backgrounds: Eufiber 3-5, Attunement 5, Allies 2-3 (Caroline Fong, Andre Corbin)

-25, (3) Powers: Animal Mastery 1-5, Weather Control 1-5, Temporal Manipulation 1 & 2 (Restricted Target Weakness, Increased Duration Strength), Body Modification 6 (High Pressure Tolerance 3, Pheromones (Interrelationship, Toxin Rating 2) 1, Gills 1, Improved Attribute: All 9, Augmented Blood 2, Augmented Heart 2)

-3, (0) Willpower: 8-10

-0, (0) Quantum:

120 Post Apotheosis, Underlined is out of theme

-0, (120) Attributes:

-70, (40) Mega-Attributes: Dexterity 1-5 (Physical Prodigy, Catfooted, Perfect Balance), Stamina 1-5 (Fertility 2, Unaging), Perception 1-5 (Hyperenhanced Sight: Ultraviolet, Hyperenhanced Hearing: Sonar, Body Awareness), Intelligence 1-5 (Mental Prodigy: Medical, Scientific, Survival), Wits 1-5 (Natural Empath, Synergy, Mind Over Matter), Appearance 1-6 (Awe Inspiring, Seductive Looks, Divine Vissage), Manipulation 1-3 (Mediator, Tactful), Charisma 1 (Bestial Rapport)

-0, (40) Abilities:

-3, (37) Backgrounds: N-Stage 2

-32, (5) Powers: Biomanipulation 1-5 (Affects Microbes Extra), Intuition 4&5, Nature Mastery Extra, Quantum Conception 1-5 (Target Restriction Weakness (total of 6 points), Restricted Range Weakness (4 pts), Mother Nature Extra, Fertilize Sterile Novas Extra), Quantum Regeneration 1-5 (Extra: Double) Temporal Manipulation 3, Body Modification 4 (Pheremones (Arousal, Toxin Rating 1-3; Interrelationship, Toxin Rating 3) 2, Internal Hermaphrodite 2, Augmented Fecundity 1, Genetic Sampler (unique, may also be used in reverse with her own or stored samples and with inorganic nova DNA) 5, Enhanced Vermonasal Organ 2)

-0, (5) Willpower:

-5, (0) Quantum: 6

Freebies - 15 + 6 from aberrations

-12 (9) Merits: Improved Regeneration, Internal Compass, Iron Will, Quantum Recovery, Sexy

-8 (1) Willpower 4-7

-1 (0) Allies 1 (Anteus)

ST Freebies -

Intuition 3

Body Shift 6

Mega Charisma 2-5 (Seduction, Soothe)

Body Modifiction 12 (Photosynthesis, Chromophores, Spinnerets 1, Eufiber Spinner)

XP Log
XP Log -

10/04/2011 Starting (10 Baseline, 10 Standard, 10 Quantum)

10/04/2011 -0, -0, -6 (10 Baseline, 10 Standard, 4 Quantum) Spinnerets 2

10/04/2011 -0, -0, -3 (10 Baseline, 10 Standard, 1 Quantum) Strength 1 (Compression)

10/04/2011 -0, -2, -1 (10 Baseline, 7 Standard, 0 Quantum) Appearance Enhancement: Halo Effect

10/04/2011 -0, -3, -0 (10 Baseline, 4 Standard, 0 Quantum) Manipulation Enhancement: The Voice

10/04/2011 -10, -4, -0 (0 Baseline, 1 Standard, 0 Quantum) Reputation: Fertility Goddess/Nova 1-4

10/10/2011 +2, +2, +2 (2 Baseline, 3 Standard, 2 Quantum) Jungle Sanctuary Fiction

10/23/2011 +4, +2, +2 (6 Baseline, 5 Standard, 4 Quantum) A Time for Seeing Fiction

10/23/2011 +1 Resources for role-playing and High Finance roll

10/27/2011 +4, +2, +4 (10 Baseline, 7 Standard, 8 Quantum) In the Light of Day Fiction

11/10/2011 +0, +6, +2 (10 Baseline, 13 Standard, 10 Quantum) The State of Affairs Interlude Fiction

11/10/2011 +0, +4, +6 (10 Baseline, 17 Standard, 16 Quantum) Old Friends, Old Enemies Interlude Fiction

11/17/2011 -0, -0, -15 (10 Baseline, 17 Standard, 1 Quantum) Mega Charisma 6 - Starting from April 12th, 2027

11/20/2011 +4, +6, +2 (14 Baseline, 23 Standard, 3 Quantum) On Bitter Tides Interlude Fiction

01/06/2012 +2, +6, +2 (16 Baseline, 29 Standard, 5 Quantum) Fertile Grounds Interlude Fiction

01/22/2012 +0, +4, +0 (16 Baseline, 33 Standard, 5 Quantum) Rain in a Place of Sin.Gamma Fiction

01/22/2012 +4, +12, +4 (20 Baseline, 45 Standard, 9 Quantum) A Jungle Den.Beta Fiction

01/22/2012 +4, +4, +4 (24 Baseline, 49 Standard, 13 Quantum) Rainbow Room IV Fiction

01/22/2012 -8, -0, -0 (16 Baseline, 49 Standard, 13 Quantum) Reputation 5

01/22/2012 +0, +4, +0 (16 Baseline, 53 Standard, 13 Quantum) Training Grounds.Alpha Fiction

01/22/2012 +2, +6, +2 (18 Baseline, 59 Standard, 15 Quantum) Audience with the Blossom Princess Interlude Fiction

02/07/2012 +0, +6, +2 (18 Baseline, 65 Standard, 17 Quantum) Amends Interlude Fiction

02/07/2012 -14, -0, -0 (4 Baseline, 65 Standard, 17 Quantum) Sanctum 1-4

02/22/2012 +2, +6, +2 (6 Baseline, 71 Standard, 19 Quantum) A Single Step Interlude Fiction

03/02/2012 +4, +8, +4 (10 Baseline, 79 Standard, 23 Quantum) The New Revolution Interlude Fiction

03/15/2012 +2, +6, +2 (12 Baseline, 85 Standard, 25 Quantum) King of the Jungle Interlude Fiction

03/22/2012 +0, +4, +0 (12 Baseline, 89 Standard, 25 Quantum) Zen Balance.Zeta Fiction

03/22/2012 +3, +7, +4 (15 Baseline, 96 Standard, 29 Quantum) Forbidden Fruits Interlude Fiction

03/25/2012 +3, +7, +3 (18 Baseline, 103 Standard, 32 Quantum) LCA! Interlude Fiction

04/27/2012 +4, +12, +4 (22 Baseline, 115 Standard, 36 Quantum) The Wages of Sin Fiction.Delta Fiction

04/27/2012 +3, +12, +3 (25 Baseline, 127 Standard, 39 Quantum) A Jungle Dragon's Lair.Epsilon Fiction

04/27/2012 +0, +4, +0 (25 Baseline, 131 Standard, 39 Quantum) Shadow Wars.Eta Fiction

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Konohanasakuyahime remembers only a little of her childhood in her original timeline. She knows that she was the daughter the Kami no Ningen (Divine Human) Freedom, whom was white, and the Imperial Prince, heir to Chrysanthemum Throne; she was told that her mother had brought shame on the family by failing to bow to her wifely duties and obey her husband, as well as bearing him a daughter instead of an heir. Mostly Konohanasakuyahime remembers being effectively locked in the Imperial Palace, dressed and treated as the lowest of servants and outright abused by her grandmother. She never retaliated, both because she was young enough not to understand that she could retaliate against the adults in her life and because she had been taught to love her family, a lesson she learned far better than any of them had.

As the years went by, Freedom became aware during her travels that Konohanasakuyahime (The Blossom Princess, her first honorary title and name bestowed on her at her birth) was not accompanying her father to public events as a Royal Princess should. When she learned that her ex-husband was marrying his former mistress (who's lineage had been properly sanitized and doctored) and legitimizing the son she had borne two years before he and Freedom had married, she knew something wasn't right for her own child. She went to the Imperial Palace and found a bruised and battered Konohanasakuyahime scrubbing floors in a filthy linen smock. She kidnapped the eight year old from the palace and spent a few days deciding what to do with the child. She knew that she was not well suited to raising a child and she had projects of her own that she couldn't bring Konohanasakuyahime along on, nova child or not. Eventually she decided that the best course of action was to take Konohanasakuyahime to another timeline, one that had no doppelganger of herself or her daughter, and find a family there willing to take the nova child in. It took nearly a month searching, but Freedom found an acceptable timeline and a nova named Shen who was willing to find a family for her daughter to grow up with; Konohanasakuyahime was renamed Sakura Miyazu and happily began a new life bereft of beatings and of constant reminders that she was a "white devil" and of "dirty" blood.

Her new parents, baselines whose only child had erupted while away at college and was killed by members of the Church of Michael Archangel, lived deep in rural California, surrounded by BLM conservation land and nestled into a small valley with only a village of a hundred people or so within daily driving distance. Sakura grew up quite content in the relative isolation, spending most of her time in the wilderness exploring the hidden places there and making friends with many of the animals. Occasionally she flew out to the California coastline, but she kept well away from coastal towns and tourist beaches. She was homeschooled and learned quickly enough that her adoptive parents bought her an OpBook with libraries from across the world downloaded on to it (they lived remotely enough that the OpNet capabilities of the OpBook were never used in her childhood due to lack of signal). She finally ventured into the small village in her late teens after she had satisfied her curiosity about the natural world around her home. The villagers, many of whom had never left the valley, were cautious around the obviously metahuman young woman; her cheerful and genuinely sweet personality won most of them over within a few weeks. Her assistance with good crop weather and mediating between "pest" animals in the area and the farmers earned her a place of esteem and curiosity; she never spoke of her birth parents though she let it be known that she was adopted. She began dating a young man name Willam Scout from the village shortly after her eighteenth birthday; he was human, but vital and intelligent with a great love of nature. He proposed to her on her nineteenth birthday, but she refused to marry him; the scars from her childhood had left her with a mix of fear and revulsion for the institution of marriage and her childhood among the creatures of nature had taught her that monogomous animals need no formal declaration and non-monogomous animals never will stay with one partner permanently. Humans fit somewhere in-between and Sakura wasn't ready to make that decision. She did love him though, and decided to console him by choosing him as her first lover.

Their lovemaking triggered her Apotheosis, expanding her quantum signature to encompass not only control and communication with the natural world, but power over fertility and time and a greater ability for engendering communication and cooperation among sentient beings. A dazed and overwhelmed Willam eventually passed out (Mega-Stamina....it's just unfair.....); when he woke up the next morning there were a scattering of cherry blossoms on his bed and a Dear John letter from Sakura on the bedstand. Sakura discovered the truth of her own gender and what her mother had done to her then, even as her body shifted to suit her new being. She wasn't one to lie or conceal the truth, especially from someone she loved; she also didn't want to know if Willam's love was strong enough for him to handle the truth of her conception. Sakura left a similar note for her adoptive parents, thanking them for keeping her safe until she came of age and into her greater power, and letting them know that she was going to travel and explore the world while she adjusted to her new abilities.

And travel she did, mostly in the wild places of the world; she experimented with her new powers, breeding plants and animals more able to resist human intrusion and toxins in endangered ecosystems like rain forests and coastal waters. Eventually other novas were able to track down the reclusive but helpful young woman and Sakura was slowly brought into the orbit of other novas and civilization in general. Being gentle and somewhat naive at the time, Sakura made no secret of any of her powers, offering to help sterile (or low fertility) novas and baselines alike conceive children and ensuring those children were the healthiest they could be once they were born. She also had a habit of creating her own eufiber suits for the parents (if they didn't already have one) and for the children as birth gifts. For a time she moved around enough and had the subtle protection of several powerful Terats she'd never even met to allow her to increase the nova race undeterred by inconveniences like death squads and motherhunters, but her reputation and her own honesty and generosity soon outpaced such protections. She had already decided to become a mother herself - taking samples from three powerful novas she admired to sire her first children, a set of triplets - when she became aware of people following her; these were not the normal would-be suitors or groupies, but predators, people intent on doing her harm.

Unwilling to face them in violence and unable to outrun them or hide from them for more than a day or two at a time, Sakura knew her life and the lives of her children depended on finding others that would take her in and protect her not just through her pregnancy but long enough for the children to grow into their own power. She needed more than a haven, she needed a place that could be home for at least as long as was necessary. Most of the novas she had come in contact with during her travels might have been able to protect her, even grant her a place to stay, but none of them had the raw power or resources she considered adequate to protect her children. Several years before she had passed through central Africa and heard of a country openly ruled by a nova; the novelty hadn't done more than catch her momentary interest and some relief to hear that the jungles and wildlife there were vigorously protected by the king's feral daughter. Staking her life and the lives of her children on a nova king, Sakura headed for the Congo only a few steps ahead of the murderous motherhunters pursuing her.

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XP Shopping List - Yes, I do need a reminder.

Quantum 7 (36 xp)
Appearance 7 (18 xp)
Charisma 7 (18 xp)
Enhanced Gestation X4 + Others (15 xp)
N-Stage 3 (16 xp)
N-Stage 4 (18 xp)

Total: 121 Standard/Quantum xp

Natural Style
Objet d'Art
Bardic Gift
Carte Blanche
Universal Charm

Enhancements Total: 42 Standard/Quantum xp

Total XP: 163 Standard/Quantum xp
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