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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [Character Profile] - Silv'talon Val'shir


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A tale from a wizened wolf...

I see you got my message and came... Please sit down and have a drink my friend. As for what I am about to tell you can not be found in any written records or on any known data file. What I have to say is handed down from generation to generation verbally taught to any of those whom wish to listen. This my friend is the story of Shadow Walker.

It was long said that Shadow Walker was born before the days of the great war raised in a settlement long since vanished by the ravages of time and war. It was during these early days the young child was raised and taught by one of the four founding fathers of our great civilization. He was the first to bring together the different leaders to forge a pact that has transcended time itself to this very day. As our resolve and unity today remains unshakable by our bonds and faith of our kind.

It is whispered by the winds the great war begun that tragic day when the small settlement was wiped out of existence right before her eyes creating the forbidden valley that exists today. Nothing was left behind other then just sand and rocks no trace of anything living was left behind in the attack's wake. Alone and lost the young shadow walker vanished into the wilderness for a while.

It was several years later the Shadow Walker emerged and begun to work with the resistance easily finding a new home with in its ranks and followers. It was only a few months into joining the resistance that she was assigned to a pack; a cell of rebels tasked with certain objectives. At first the pack had some minor issues but quickly recovered and grew stronger and more successful pulling more of our brothers and sisters into the good fight.

But such fame comes with a price. It was on one fateful moonlight night and in the sands of the forbidden valley. It was said shadow walker and her pack was erased from existence by the very weapon that killed her father and friends long ago. At that very moment our cruel masters displayed the last moments of Shadow Walkers life and her pack. The world witnessed the brutality of our former masters and the willingness to cause such destruction was the last straw.

It was like world itself cried out in one voice and shook the very foundations of heaven itself. Our former masters found themselves suddenly besieged on all fronts by the very slaves they controlled. It was in this moment in that instant a miracle took place. Amidst all the chaos no one saw Shadow Walker and her pack appearing once again but reborn. Shortly after our former masters were driven back into the dimension from which they came from.

But how victory came to be so quickly is for another time. Another story if you wish to listen to my tales.

But I can see you think this story I told you to be untrue and its tale to be misleading. No my friend this is the story that has been passed down to each generation of story tellers. A story of truth, you may take it was you wish but I will leave you with the final words of Shadow Walker herself. “You will not know the time or place. My coming or going will be as if a fox in the night. But when things are at their most dire you will know I am here.”

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Name: Silv'talon Val'shir

Code Name: Shadow Walker

Age: Unknown

Species: Vulpes

Description: A White-Furred Humanoid Fox, with 5 tails, piercing blue eyes, and prominent reddish brown marks over the body.

Last Known location: N/A

Eruption: Exposure to Quantum Energy

Nature: Paragon


STR: 3, DEX: 5 (Fast), STA: 5(Tireless), PER: 3, INT: 3, WITS: 3, APP: 3, MAN: 3, CHA: 2


Athletics: 5, Drive 4, Firearms 3, Pilot 4, Stealth (Hiding in Shadow) 5,

Archery (Archery III) 5, Awareness (Spot Ambush) 5, Academics (Philosophy) 3,

Computer 2, Engineering 5, Medicine (Emergency) 5, Science 5, Survival (Navigation) 5, Advanced Technology 3, Nova Technology 3, Etiquette (Negotiation) 5

Mega Attributes

Mega Dexterity 5: Accuracy, Athena's Bow, Catfooted, Ace Driver, Ace Pilot, Ricochet, and Perfect Balance

Mega Wits 5: Multitasking, Quickness

Mega Stamina 1: Hardbody, Unaging, Adaptibility

Quantum Powers

Claws “Whispering Phoenix”: 2

  • Extras: Kinetic Discharge and Aggravated
  • Weakness: Can only use to charge arrows
  • Strength: Reduce Level by 1.

    Teleport “Shadow Sentinel”: 2

    • Extra: Safe Blind Teleports
    • Weakness: Can only teleport through shadows.
    • Invulnerability (Mental Powers) “Truth in purpose, Strength in resolve” : 2 - (12 soak vs Mental Powers)

      Immortality: 1


      Node: 2, Backing: 5, Eufiber: 5, Resources: 5, Attunement: 5

      3 5 Dot Gadgets; Mark VII Exploration Gear, Eagle-Eye Collapsable Compound Bow, Osprey Mini-Aerial UAV

      Quantum 6, Quantum Pool 30, Taint 2, Willpower 7

      Base Soak: 6/3, With Eufiber: 11/8, With Armor & Eufiber: 19/16

      Initiative: 18, Walk: 7, Run 22, Sprint 50


      Gadget 1 – Mark VII Exploration Gear

      Base: Advanced Body Armor

      Penalty reduced to 0 (4 OP), +2 Bashing (4 OP), +2 Lethal (4 OP), Synthetic Eufiber Parachute (3 OP), Spaceworthy (3 OP)

      Gadget 2 - Eagle-Eye Collapsable Compound Bow

      Concealability: Jacket (Two improvements – 4 OP), Range +200% (Range 120, 4 OP), -1 kg weight (advanced polymer frame construction – 3 OP), UAV Uplink with scope system – 3 OP, +3 Lethal Damage (6 OP)

      Gadget 3 – Osprey Mini-Aerial UAV

      Small Surveilance Camera (3 OP), Long-Duration Fuel Cells (3 OP), Collapsible (Concealable by a Jacket) (3 OP), Chaff Dischargers (One Use) (3 OP), Flare Dischargers (One Use) (3 OP), Command and Control System (3 OP)

      Archery Martial Art Information

      Starting Style Maneuvers: Aiming, Dodge, Multiple Shots, Special (Archers gain the Weapon Forms advanced technique for free (Compound Bow)).

      Bonus Style Maneuvers: Two Weapons, and Target Leading

      Advanced Techniques: Pressure Secret (Stunner), Zen Targeting, Counting Coup, Hard Target

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Planet: Val'shrie

Class: M Planet

Planetary Rotation information: A year lasts approximately 300 terran days (297.74 to be precise). A month is about 50 terran days. A day is approximately 15 terran hours.

Noteable Planetoids: The planet orbits one sun while two moons are ever present in the sky. One moon during the day one moon during the night.

Inhabitants: Humanity's roots were long ago removed from Val'shrie and the animals evolved just like any other over the millions of years. It was not until around 400 years ago the animals of Val'shire under gone a drastic transformation and forced evolution uplifting them into sentient beings from mere animals. Over the course of 250 years this new species of beings were forced into service of their creators forced into a life of servitude for the greater achievement of their creators desires and goals.

The records of the great war 150 years ago were lost in the up rising. That freed all of animal kind from the tyranny of their captors and creators. Those that survived the aftermath of the great war rebuilt their civilization into a unified alliance of animals. Now a highly advanced civilization of uplifted animals now strives to undo the damage caused by their former captors though out the multiverse.

Tech level: The end of the war and the rebuilding of the now great civilization upon Val'shrie didn't happen over night. The survivors had only the understanding in how to use the technology but not the ability to repair or modify the great devices. It took two full generations before the uplifted animals learned how to repair, expand and produce the level of technology they once had during their captors rule. It wasn't until recently a vast complex was discovered in the forbidden desert that they learned there was much more going on. Only then they begun to fully realize and utilize the 5th dimensional tech they now possess.

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Experience Ledger

  • Retroactive Birthday XP - +25
  • 09/01/11 Monthly XP - +25
  • 10/01/11 Monthly XP - +25
  • 11/01/11 Monthly XP - +25

Total Earned - 100 XP

Total Spent - 100 XP

Updates, Purchases, and Repairs

11/30/2011 - Repairs

Due to clerical error, two bonus styles were not chosen at character creation in addition to the starting styles.

* Two Weapons, and Target Leading

11/30/2011 - Purchases

Archery Advanced Techniques

* Counting Coup

* Hard Target

Abilities Improved

* +2 Drive

* +2 Pilot

Powers and Mega Enhancements Improved or Purchased

* Immortality 1

* Added Ace Driver, Ace Pilot, Ricochet, and Perfect Balance to Mega Dexterity

* Improved Quantum by 1 dot, incurring +1 Taint

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