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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Einherjar, Chief of Chiefs.


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Legal Name: Einherjar

Aliases: King Einherjar; Ein; Stormcaller; The Storm King; His Majesty, King Einherjar of the Congo

Residence: Kinshasa

Marital Status: Widower

Date of Birth: 27-09-1974

Date of Eruption: 04-06-1998

Sex: Male

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 290lbs

Physical Build: Powerful athletic build, broad shouldered and deep-chested, with balanced muscle-mass across his frame.

Catalyst of Eruption: Rock-climbing accident.

Appearance: A tall caucasian male with long shaggy blond hair, trimmed blond beard, and blue eyes. He has an enhanced attractiveness, though his features seem to have become more impressive and imposingly masculine rather than leaning towards the androgyny common in other nova-attractive males. He typically dresses to suit the occasion when functioning as the Congo's King; otherwise he leans towards understatedly fashionable casual clothing.

Personality Profile / Quirks: An alpha-male personality type, Einherjar's aggressive nature and strength of will are tempered by his experience and ethics. He tends to make a decision and stick by it unless cold facts (not opinions) are presented that prove the information he is operating on is false. By the same token, however, he shows no inclination to force others to follow his lead unless the success of his current endeavour relies on it. Though he is socially, and sexually active, Einherjar shows a certain level of social restraint and 'arms-length' behaviour common in those who have suffered a severe loss.

As a ruler, Einherjar is very hands-off. He's spent decades organising the nation, and now lets the people govern themselves through their elected representatives, stepping in only when he feels it necessary. His main duties are representing the Congo on the world stage, advising it's government, and acting as Commander in Chief of it's army, a role he takes very seriously.

Distinctive Features: A golden wedding ring on his left hand. In addition, he manifests a dancing blue-white aurora effect around his body when channelling quantum.

Known Powers: Einherjar is super-strong, capable of deadlifting 400 tons with ease and driving his fist through the front armor of a tank, in addition to possessing inhuman reaction time and impressive resistance to damage. He can run fully laden at just over 90 mph, and can also fly at supersonic speeds, able to reach Mach 1.

His perceptual acuity is above human limits, particularly his hearing.

General History: A bodyguard by trade before his eruption on N-Day, Peter Nord was a British celebrity before senseless tragedy struck barely 2 months into his new life. A drug-fuelled murder of the nova's young wife sparked a murderous response from the grief-maddened man. ((OOC: See Bitter Tears ))

After handing himself over to the custody of the British police, it was quickly found that Peter would say nothing to anyone, not even in his own defense or explanation of his actions. Sitting mute in the courtroom, looking at no-one and nothing, he doubtless gathered some sympathy from his judge and jury. The young nova was sentenced to ten years imprisonment on the Parkhurst maximum security prison on the Isle of Wight. He drifted through his confinement without a word to anyone: jailor, inmate or visitor, totally withdrawn into himself in his grief. A model prisoner in many ways, he nevertheless served the full term of his sentence due to showing no regret for his actions.

In May 2008, he was released into a halfway house where he was to undergo psychiatric evaluation and rehabilitation into society. Evidently, he felt his debt to society was disharged, because he disappeared from the sheltered housing project two days after his arrival. Five days later he walked into the DeVries recruitment office in Houston, Texas. For awhile, he appeared to be content with his new life as an Elite.

By 2009, Peter Nord had legally abandoned his old identity, fully adopting his 'persona name' of Einherjar. His first half-year as an Elite saw him in action from Somalia to Kashmir. Some 'off-camera' operations in other parts of the world were also rumored. He seemed to be very much into the classic Elite lifestyle of battle, wine, women and partying, though the women seemed to be most prominent, as he has dated beauties both nova and baseline in his time. He has been described as 'a gentleman' by those former partners who felt like saying anything at all.

He tended to avoid giving interviews and doesn't show off for the media, though for a while he was rumored to keep a journal of sorts on private nova-only OpNet boards. His image as the stoic grieving widower was subtly marketed by De Vries through second and third party talk show opinions, OpNet articles, and the like, resulting in an upswell of female demographic popularity that has lasted to this day. As a result, out of all DeVries's line of merchandise, 'Einherjar' baby-doll t-shirts, night shirts and posters bearing an iconic image of him standing in the rain, looking at the viewer with a sombre expression and his eyes in shadow are still considered collectible items after 20 years, and he has consistently made women's magazines 'top 10 men' lists for 15 years, despite being far from the youngest or prettiest nova male out there.

In May 2011, Einherjar went rogue upon the completion of his last contract for DeVries, defying orders to return to Windhoek and instead taking action against the Congolese Army. His actions, which led to the salvation of 12,000 refugees and catapulted his fame to household name status, deeply angered Anna DeVries, who apparently had some manner of deal with the Asani regime, 2000 of whose troops Einherjar destroyed with a localised Force 12 Hurricane. The *former* Elite then escorted the refugees to safety at the Ugandan border and placed them under the protection of Team Tomorrow, whose leader Caestus Pax gladly accepted on T2M's behalf. After this, Einherjar disappeared, later on surfacing at the head of a meticulously planned and organised coup with virtually the entire populace of the Congo behind him.

The coup was remarkably bloodless, as such things go. The army of guerillas, rebels and mercenaries had been disciplined and trained into a perfectly functioning machine by their nova warlord and his allies. With the screaming fury known as the Morrigan at his side, the few battles Asani's troops actually tried to fight became routs. Perhaps 170 men were killed, along with 10 top DeVries Elites fighting for the government. In three days, the tainted monster that Asani had become was revealed to the world in a terrific battle that destroyed most of the Presidential Palace, but mercifully little of the rest of the capital. Utopia immediately moved in under U.N. mandate to 'settle' the situation, but the people already had their saviour: one that they had chosen themselves and would follow gladly. Team Tomorrow had little choice but to stand aside.

Since then, the Congo has fast risen from struggling Third World nation to one of the richest and most advanced countries in the world. Technically a kingdom with Einherjar on the throne, the Congolese people have a Senate of elected representatives who actually formulate and pass most of the country's laws and policies. Everything goes under the King's eagle eye, however, and he is not at all shy about wielding his veto to quash repressive or counter-progressive laws. One of the first things he did was open the doors to thinkers and builders, both nova and baseline. Political, economic and industrial innovations were welcomed, reviewed, and if practical, used. Utopia's Science and Technology department were firmly told the limits of their authority in the newly-growing nation, and advances that were being confiscated and kept from improving lives elsewhere were readily employed in the Congo. In essence, the African country had it's own Saisho, with the additional benefit of having an enormous pool of unexploited mineral wealth for the new, safe and green extraction techniques to bring forth and make the nation rich with. Mineral companies found their favorable contracts with the last regime being reviewed and overhauled, much to their dismay, and attempts by Chinese government-backed companies to strongarm the new king met with a predictable, and lethal response. After five top-drawer Chinese novas were sent home in pieces together with a week-long gale that lashed Beijing, the rest of the world began to pay more cautious attention.

Nowadays, the Congo is a bustling, thriving country well on its way to becoming the jewel of Africa, boasting technology ten years in advance of anything made public in the U.S.A. and laws that encourage nova and baseline to respect one another. Antaeus is rumored to haunt it's forests, the Morrigan roams the wilderness, and both novas and aircars criss-cross the sky over Kinshasa. It's king, Einherjar, rules from the rebuilt palace adjoining the new Senate building. There are vast tracts of unspoiled wilderness, broken here and there by farming villages and thriving towns, connected by hyperfusion aircraft, roads, and a silent, clean maglev train modelled on Japan's shinkansen, yet using 21st century technology. Education and literacy are up to exemplary First World standards, and only one in three citizens doesn't go to college in the major population centers. Out in the farming communities, the ratio is only a little worse. It's not perfect, but it works.

The army and security forces are worthy of note. Einherjar has adopted a similar approach to Switzerland - everyone over the age of 18 in the Congo undergoes basic training and serves one year between school and college if medically capable, then undergoes four weeks per year of refresher training in their MOS. The training is overseen by Einherjar, who makes a point to visit and review each and every brigade, and heads up the 8 week basic training course that takes place once per year personally. The army is also equipped with state of the art electronics, communications and weaponry, and is trained to an impressive degree, comparable with elite forces such as the Marines and the British Paratroop Regiment. There are few neighbours that want to consider tackling that force, even without the looming specter of their nova king.

Yes, the Congo is fast becoming one of the most idyllic nations in the world. And Einherjar is becoming bored...

Name: Einherjar

Aliases: King Einherjar; Ein; Stormcaller; The Storm King; His Majesty, King Einherjar of the Congo

Date of Birth: 27-09-1974

Date of Eruption: 04-06-1998

Sex: Male

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 290lbs

Nature: Bravo


Physical (Secondary)

STR: ●●●●● ●● (Powerful)

DEX: ●●●●● ● (Quick)

STA: ●●●●● ● (Tenacious)

Mental (Primary)

PER: ●●●●● (Intuitive)

INT: ●●●●● ● (Pragmatic)

WIT: ●●●●● ●(Level-headed)

Social (Tertiary)

APP: ●●●●● ●(Imposing)

MAN: ●●●●● (Authoritative)

CHA: ●●●●● ●● (Magnetic)

- (8 NP spent)


Brawl: ●●●●● (Commando Training x3)

Might: ●

Athletics: ●●●●●

Drive: ●

Firearms: ●●●●

Martial Arts: ●●●●● (Jujutsu x3)

Melee: ●●●●● (Kenjutsu derivative x3)

Stealth: ●●●

Endurance: ●●●●●

Resistance: ●●●●●

Awareness: ●●●●●

Investigation: ●●●

Computer: ●●

Intrusion: ●●

Linguistics: ●●●●● (German, Romance family, Central African family; Swahili; Hindi family)

Medicine: ●●

Survival: ●●

Rapport: ●●●

Tactics: ●●●●●

Intimidation: ●●●●●

Diplomacy: ●●●

Streetwise: ●●

Command: ●●●●●

Etiquette: ●●

Instruction: ●●

- (1 NP, 14 BP on combat specialties)


Node: ●●●●●

Influence ●●●●● (Being 'King Einherjar' tends to open some doors...)

Reputation (Hero) ●●●●● (A number of deeds, such as saving countless lives, turning his back on DeVries over a moral issue, and taking over the Congo, bringing the country into the First World against all odds, have made Einherjar one of the most famous and popular novas in the world, at least to the man and woman on the street.)

Contacts: ●●●●● (Amanda Wu, The Directive, The Teragen Pantheon, and Sophia Rousseau most notably, along with Japanese technology-based corporations, and various heads of state. Again, when you're a nova king, you tend to get people wanting to trade favors.)

Backing: ●●●●● ● (In Charge) (It's good to be the King)

Followers ●●●●● ● (Legions) (A large, well-trained and lethally equipped army.)

Allies ●●●● (The Traveller, Antaeus)

Eufiber ●●●

Gadget ●●●●● (Ein's sword, secretly designed by a grateful mega-brain and forged of nigh-unbreakable, supra-dense material.)

Attunement ●●●●●

- 5 NP, 2 BP


Ambidextrous - 1

Natural Leader - 1

Internal Compass - 1

Devotion - 2: A Code of honor.

Huge Size - 4

Never violate a woman, nor harm a child.

Honor the medics, the doctors, the nurses. Avoid harming them and protect them from harm whenever possible.

Do not kill non-combatants. There is never an acceptable excuse: it is the action of a murderer not a warrior.

Do not lie, cheat or steal. These things are for lesser men. Deception in war is part of the fight: to deceive those who are not your enemy is base.

Never back away from an enemy. Once battle lines are drawn either fight or surrender.

Do not allow greed or covetousness to lead you into low acts.

There is glory in victory. Enjoy the day if it is yours. But always remember to toast the fallen - yours and the enemy''s.

If you would not commit an act do not stand by and let it be committed. That is cowardice pure and simple.


Lusty - 1

Vengeful - 2

Obsession: "A beautiful death" wink.gif Whenever the genuine possibility exists for Einherjar to get killed in battle he must make a WP roll to resist sticking around and fighting to the last. Can also spend a WP to ignore the obsession for a scene. - 2

Heart of the Storm - 5pt aberration. When Einherjar's mood worsens, so does the weather around him, as per the Uncontrollable Power aberration. He needs to make a WP roll at a +2 difficulty to control this, or else spend a WP for the scene. If he goes berserk, however, no control is possible, and a raging thunderstorm - lightning, wind and rain included - lashes the land around him. (This is a holdover from when Einherjar's Taint hit 8, before he managed to lower it)

Quantum: ●●●●● ●● (30 NP)

Quantum Pool: 70

Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●

Taint: ●●●●● ● (3 from Q7, 3 from Tainted powers,)

- Aberrations: Anima Banner (an "aurora" effect); Aberrant Eyes - softly glowing pale grey-blue; Hormonal Imbalance: Rage


* Mega-Strength: ●●●●● ●● (Crush, Powerhouse, Unbridled Rage, Shockwave)

- Mega-Dexterity: ●●● (Enhanced Movement, Catfooted)

- Mega-Stamina: ●●●●● (Durability, Regeneration, Hardbody, Adaptability, Health)

- Mega-Perception: ●● (Hyperenhanced Hearing)

- Mega-Intelligence: ●●● (Discerning Mind, Strategic Prodigy, Tactical Prodigy, Taint Resistance)

- Mega-Wits: ●●● (Multitasking, Enhanced Initiative x 1, Unfazeable, Unpredictable)

- Mega-Appearance: ● (Mirroring)

* Mega-Charisma: ●●●●● ●● (Disconcerting, Drill Sergeant, Commanding Presence, Natural Agitator )

- (75 NP spent: 6 extra enhancements bought)

Quantum Powers

*Warlord's Sanction / Blessing ●●● (Quantum Authority, (Weakness - only two techniques can be learned/used -3; Strength - 3 extra dice) Quantum Reduction, Quantum Intensification

*Stormcaller ●●●●● ● (Lvl 4 Weather Control w/ Mastery 1: Weather Alteration, Fog, Lightning Bolt, Alter Temperature, Crush (A blast of wind that presses the target(s) against the ground or a solid object) Weatherproof (As per Elemental Shield, but against all weather-related effects, whether natural or through someone else using this power))

*Stalwart ●●●●● ● (Lvl 4 Armor: Superheavy, Impervious, Mastery 1)

-Warrior's Edge: ● (Premonition)

-Riding the Winter Wind : ● (Flight)

-Thor's Chariot : ● (Hyper-Movement: Flight)

-My Will Is My Own : ●●●●● ●● (Psychic Shield)

-Donning Heimdall's Mail : ●● (Force Field)

-Forged In The Frozen Storm: ● (Lvl 3 Claws w/ Kinetic Discharge, Armor Piercing, Burning. (Weakness: Can only be used barehanded or with edged weapons - 3 pt. Strength - Extra without raising level.) Drawing upon the storm of elemental passion that burns at the centre of his soul Einherjar can cause his hands or any edged weapon he grasps to be wreathed in a blue-white shifting aura of burning chill and crackling lightning. So intense is the cold that the blade actually trails flakes of frozen water vapour as it passes through the air. A strike with the weapon sunders defenses and inflicts a vicious wound to the foe the cold so intense that it continues to seep through their body along as electrical energy continues to sap their strength.

Body Modification: 4 extra Maimed Health levels

- (54 NP spent: Forcefield and Claws bought Tainted)

Combat Stats:

Initiative: 21/26

Base Soak: Bashing 11 / Lethal 7

With Eufiber: Bashing 14 / Lethal 10

With Armor: Bashing 50 / Lethal 46

-Superhvy: Bashing 62 / Lethal 58 +12 Diff to hit, -3 Initiative

Combat Style Bonuses & Maneuvers:

Kenjutsu derivative: Einherjar, during his training at DeVries, learned the principles of Kenjutsu and applied them to his signature weapons. He uses not the traditional Japanese swords, but a North European style straight-bladed broadsword, wielded 1 or 2-handed, and axe. Stylistically, once in close the defensive emphasis shifts to strong aggressive parrying as much or more than evasion, which is usually used whilst closing the distance. This style shift takes advantage of the sturdier weapons and Einherjar's physical power as part of the defense rather than to preserve them for striking only.

Style Bonuses: +2 bonus dice with Style Maneuvers & Weapon Strikes, + 1 Damage with Weapon Strikes, +1 on Initiative in close combat (Kata), -1 dice penalty to Style Maneuvers (Kihon)

Style Maneuvers: Dodge, Sweep, Weapon Forms(Broadsword, Axe), Weapon Bind, Disarm, Parry

Advanced Techniques: Kata, Kihon, World Warrior (5pt - Adding Parry to Style Maneuver list)

Krav Maga (Commando Training):

Style Bonuses: +2 bonus dice with Style Maneuvers, + 1 Damage with Throws

Style Maneuvers: Strike, Kick, Throw, Disarm, Joint Lock

Advanced Techniques: Mixed Martial Arts, Takedown, Conditioning


Style Bonuses: +2 bonus dice with Style Maneuvers, + 1 Damage with Throws

Style Maneuvers: Clinch, Hold, Throw, Pressure Strike, Eye Gouge

Advanced Techniques: Pressure Secret: Limb Paralysis

XP Log:

10 Standard

10 Baseline

10 Nova at creation

7 Baseline: Kata, Kihon, World Warrior (Kendo)

2 Baseline: Mixed Martial Arts, Takedown (Commando)

1 Baseline, 2 Standard: Pressure Secret (Ju-Jutsu)

10 Nova: Adaptability and Health Enhancements

5 Standard: Mega Perception 2

3 Standard: Conditioning (Commando)

07 October +1 Standard XP for making Quantum Fire laugh in Jungle Sanctuary

+1 Standard XP for Nature's Path

08 March 2012 14 / 8 / 10 XP totalled from finished fics

16 / 8 / 10 XP total

15 / 0 / 10 XP spent on Mastery 1 for Armor

0 / 8 / 0 XP spent on Intimidation 5

1 / 0 / 0 XP Total remaining

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To say that Kinshasa is the soul of the Congo is a fair statement. As the city decayed over decades of post-Colonial misrule, so too did the country descend into bandit-stricken strife and corruption. And when the mercenary nova called Einherjar rose to become king of the nation, overthrowing the previous regime and instituting a sweeping and comprehensive program of modernisation, the city began to shine as a flower blooms on a recovering rosebush.

In 2025, Kinshasa has grown from it's 2010 population of roughly 9 million to almost twice that, both nova and baseline flocking to the jewel of the Congo as workers, professionals, students and artists. Kinshasa University is rapidly becoming a recognised authority on ecological and geological sciences, and the section of town known as Little Mumbai is home to a small but thriving film production industry. Einherjar takes his principle duty as 'man on the world stage' seriously, and lends his own elemental glamour to the nation in general, and Kinshasa in particular, drawing in investors, financiers, and cultural mavens to live, work and improve on the city.

Gone are the slums and the radical gap between rich and poor that persisted in Kinshasa even after the beginning of the 21st century. From lush parks carefully designed and shaped to appear as naturally beautiful as possible, clean, shining structures of glass, Vitrium and steel rise where once dirty brick and cardboard-roofed shacks marked where the poor and dispossessed eked out their living. Unemployment is not abolished, but it is very low, to the point where really only those unwilling or unable to work remain without a means to earn a living. The older buildings from the Dutch and Belgian rule have been lovingly restored, nova and baseline designers working to make sure the new, Nova-age buildings complemented and blended with the old structures rather than clashing.

Much of Kinshasa is pedestrianised, with a tram system supplementing travel at the ground level and a skyrail travelling between the three major arcologies and a number of malls and more notable municipal buildings. It is theoretically possible to travel from one side of Kinshasa to the other, to go shopping, to dinner and movie without ever setting foot outside at street level... But why would you want to, save for the novelty?

At street level, there has been a focus on preserving the feel of Kinshasa at its best. Bazaars are numerous, from the fish market near the docks, to a number of produce markets dotted around the city, to the textiles and luxury item sellers near the center. The clamor of hawkers, the babble of negotiation and haggling, and the numerous cafes, restaurants, pubs (somewhat growing in popularity due, it is suspected, to the influence of their English king) and of course the famous Valhöll, a combination of restaurant, beer hall (complete with dirndl-wearing serving maids) and nightclub where soldiers and mercs, regardless of nationality, can enter free and get their first drink on the house.

Run by Rolf Mueller, a German-born mercenary who was serving with Einherjar during the now-infamous incident when he split with DeVries, and later fought by his side during the War of Liberation, Valhöll is his retirement. The 60-something old soldier, red-tanned from years under an African sun and having lost most of his hair and gained a belly, has an uncanny knack of being able to tell fakers from real soldiers. Or so he claims, adding that anyone who can fool him deserves the damn drink anyway. Valhöll has, as expected, something of a Nordic and military theme to the decor, but has sufficient sophistication in the food and drink that it's not uncommon to find movie producers and money men rubbing shoulders with paratroopers and sailors. King Einherjar is known to come in at least once or twice a week, at random times, to enjoy some food and drink on the benches and socialise, which guarantees that that Rolf always has a busy establishment.

And if one should look upwards (perhaps drunkenly, if you've been in Valhöll too long), above the bustle and bazaars lie gleaming buildings, the silent skyrail, and beyond that aircars and helicopters crisscrossing the sky on clearly marked 'air-highways'. Novas, too, are not an uncommon sight in the skies over Kinshasa, as the country's tolerant and welcoming attitude to peaceful novas makes the Congo an attractive place to visit or perhaps live.


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Ebony Wrath

- Device 5 - ‘Ebony Wrath’ Made from a tiny bit of neutron star mixed with superdense iron, this weapon is one of the deadliest melee weapons in existence, it‘s so dense that it appears pure black, as though it was carved from Ebony. [+3 Accuracy, +15 Lethal Damage, Impervious to Damage, there is too much of it even to be affected by Disintegrate, despite it‘s apparent size, it‘s much more then it appears. Attuned to Einherjar’s Quantum Signature, only someone who uses Quantum Forgery on him can lift it, in which case it weighs about 15 tons to him or to anyone attuned to his Quantum Signature.. But the actual weight is closer to about 200 times that, due to the materials it was made from, it's many times denser then anything around it, reaching around 3000 tons, and it can even parry energy blasts without so much as scratching the blade, the blade has a basic quantum field gravity reduction effect worked into every layer of the blade, built into it that keeps it from sinking into the earth, sense it would almost certain sink all the through to the molten core, likely creating a volcano in the process.. When resting on something solid, it weighs little at all.. But if a living being attempts to lift it and they have to try to lift the entire weight - only someone with Mega-Strength 10 could do it without a struggle.. Meaning if you have that level of strength you could lift it without forging his signature]

The nova below is the own who created it for Enherjar.

Notes: Carla falls under Enherjar’s Follower’s background, as Part of the Legions enhancement, she is extremely smart. She’s the head of Congo’s Military R&D Division. In battle she depends on her eufiber and the various weapons she’s manufactured, some of which are quite startling. While she’s not the worlds smartest woman, she’s able to boost herself to surprising levels for short periods of time, which is why she‘s heard of R&D. Einherjar’s saved her life more then once, and she’s utterly devoted to him, she’s also the one who made his sword, which is detailed above. Carla adores Einhejar deeply, and has ended up in bed with him more then once, she’s more or less his for the asking on that aspect, though she sometimes likes to be a bit playful and hard to get. She started out at about 30 nova points, but after several years of experience (about 35-50 xp worth), has grown considerably sense her rescue by Einherjar about 10 years ago, she is incredibly lucky, both in her work and in being in just the right place at the right time.

She immigrated to Congo from New England actually, she used to live in the state of Maine, but she feels safer with Einherjar nearby.

Name: Dr Carla Hope Anders

Strength 4, Perception 5 Appearance 5

Dexterity 4 Intelligence 7 Manipulation 2

Stamina 4 Wits 5 Charisma 3

Mega-Perception 3 (w/Electromagnetic Scan, H-E El. Scan), Mega-Intelligence 3 (w/Analyze Weakness, Enhanced Memory, Eidetic Memory, Fast Learner, Inventive Genus, Mathematical Savant, Prodigy (Engineering, Scientific), Self-Analysis), Mega-Wits 1 (w/Artistic Genuis), Mega-Stamina 1 (w/Adaptability), Mega-Appearance 1 (w/Seductive Looks)

Abilities: Athletics 2, Martial Arts 1, Stealth 2, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 1, Academics 4, Linquistics 3 (N: English, Lingala, French, Swahili), Engineering (Armaments, Electronics, Quantum Engineering) 5, Medicine 1, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Quantum Theory) 5, Art 2, Biz 3, Rapport 4, Weave 2, Style 1, Etiquette 3, Perform (Piano, Harp, Violin) 5

Backgrounds: Backing 4 (Head of Congo R&D), Node 2, Eifiber 4, Resources 3

‘Chance Favors the Bold’ (Luck 5)

‘Enhancing the Mind’ (Boost Intelligence 5 w/Extended Effect)

‘Personal Relocation’ (Teleport 1)

Body Modification: Improved Attribute (Intelligence)

Quantum 3 Pool: 30

Willpower: 7

Special Note: Has Devotion: Einherjar (this is extremely common for Einherjar’s followers), Footnote: Especially female ones


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