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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Tomoe Ichigo


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Name: Goes by Tomoe Ichigo

Nature: Martyr

Theme:Artistic & Adaptive

Aberrations: Silken tongue(low), Blue hair(low), Allergy: cotton(minus two dice from all actions due to distraction from itching while in contact and for a couple of rounds afterward)

Str **

Dex ***

mega *

Enhancements: physical prodigy

Sta ***** ***

mega ***

Enhancements: Adaptation, regeneration, resiliency

Cha *****

mega *

Enhancements: Rile,

Rile is an enhancement from forceful personalities that can force an opponent or group of opponents to focus all of their attention on attacking me, to the exclusion of all else. With only one dot of mega cha, I'm not very good at it, though.

Man *****

mega ***

Enhancements: The Voice, tactful

App *****

mega ***

Enhancements: Mr. Nobody, kawaii, yin-yang

Per ***

mega *

Enhancements:enhanced hearing

Int ***

mega *

Enhancements: linguistic genius, taint resistance

Wit *****

mega *

Enhancements: artistic genius,



Athletics ***

Martial Arts **

Stealth **


Endurance ****

Resistance ****


Awareness ***


Linguistics *(Romance languages, Germanic languages, Japanese, and most varieties of Chinese)

Linguistic genius gives me language families instead of individual languages, 4 per dot in the skill

Survival **


Arts *****(song/dance)

Biz **


Style ***


Subterfuge *


Perform *****(sing/dance)


Allies ****

Attunement *****

Backing ****

Node ***

Resources ***

She actually has more money than this through the organization listed above; this represents what she can access freely at her current age. Most of it goes to food.

Special backgrounds:

Boosted attunement *

Willpower ***** ****

Quantum *****

Quantum Pool



Body modification: Augmented blood, 2 extra maimed health levels(1), 2 vocal modifications,

Hypersleep x 2, 2 bruised health levels, enhanced attribute: stamina

Extradimensional pocket level * deep pockets

Teleport * Combat teleport

Armor ***

Sheer toughness. No noticeable alteration to her, it just takes a lot of effort for an attack to affect her.

Force field ***

For thematic reasons, this functions as an area just above the surface of her skin intensely vibrating, as if the fabric of space itself were singing. This robs most attacks of the majority of their energy and will often deflect whatever is left.

Absorption(damage to mega stamina) ***

Converts damage absorbed into mega stamina instead of mega strength, so the more you beat on her the tougher she gets.

Claws, aggravated damage *

These claws are not physical, instead being a projection of quantum effect that extends a couple of inches in front of her fingers. They are not energy either. What they do is cancel the Vanderwahl's forces within any matter they contact. The simplest way to think of this is to think of it removing internal friction from an object. Molecules don't interact with each other, though it doesn't break chemical bonds, resulting in anything solid being rendered into the finest sand imaginable, a liquid becoming runnier than the runniest liquid you have ever seen, and even air can no longer be supported by the pressure beneath it, sliding down between the molecules and creating a constant updraft around her hands. She is immune to her own power, or, rather, instinctively controls it enough that she doesn't affect herself with it. This power has absolutely no effect on forcefields, but will pass through most of them as if they weren't there.


Iron Will 6

Taint resistance: free


Flashbacks 3

Secret 1

Secret 3

Young 1

Short 1

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