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Trinity RPG - The next part of the plot - an idea!


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The next part of the plot - an idea!, contributed by John TFS

Summary: Ideas for after the official book Alien Encounter: Deception

That's right, this post isn't related to Process 418, at least not directly. Instead, I'd like to offer ideas on where to go beyond the adventure supplement, Alien Encounter 2: Deception. For my purposes, I'm designating the continuation as "Rising Storm."

Background: In the wake of revelations about the Coalition, the UN, the Orders and Aeon Trinity begin preparations for war. One thing the various top officials recognize beyond doubt is that Earth desperately needs allies. The advantages the Coalition and/or Aberrants have in terms of power and technology are most likely too great for Earth to overcome on its own. We need help.

Adventure 1: Serpent in the Garden

Plot setup: Swallowing some 100 years of anti-nova fear and suspicion, the UN Alliance has decided to fight fire with fire. Or at least Aberrants with Aberrants. So, they organization a full-scale diplomatic mission to Planet Eden to ask for the help of some of the very Novas that were driven into exile decades earlier. Enter the PCs.

If the PCs were the ones who went along on the spy mission against the Coalition, their inclusion makes perfect sense now. After all they're some of the only ones who've had first-hand contact with the Aberrant/Coalition forces and their perspective is valuable. Otherwise, they could be a team of Diplomats, Scientists, Soldiers, etc. who are sent along for their expertise, influence, etc. One possibility would be to run the Eden contact from the other side, with the PCs being Eden Novas!

Plot: During the negotiations to bring the Eden Novas in on Earth's side, somebody is murdered, an Eden Nova who was quite outspoken against aiding Earth. Suddenly the PCs are in a precarious position - stuck on a planet ruled by very powerful Aberrants, many of whom are convinced of their complicity in the murder of one of their own. The PCs must solve the mystery and survive to reveal the truth. Even afterwards, they must help convince the Eden Novas to help protect the Planet that once exiled them.

General Theme: Prejudice vs. Understanding is a good theme for this story. Despite the currently non-hostile contact between Eden and Earth, there's still plenty of tension, suspicion, bigotry and grudge-holding beneath the surface on both sides. Many of the Eden Novas quietly (or not so quietly) resent the idea that they may have to risk their lives and endanger their people to protect a planet that still mostly despises them. Some on the diplomatic team resent and distrust all Aberrants. They dislike having to ask a bunch of "freaks" for help and harbor suspicion that the Edenites are actually in league with the main group of Aberrants but running their own "game" on Earth and the Upeo.

General Mood: Deception and Isolation. While most every one puts up a good front, quite a few characters will have secrets to hide. The PCs are also very far from home and in the middle of beings they've been taught to fear and hate their entire lives. Success will only come by overcoming their own prejudices in order to find the truth.

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