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Aberrant RPG - XWF: Monday Massacre 7 Transcript


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Lets get ready to Ruuuuumbllllllleeeeeeeee! Welcome to room Monday_Massacre! The topic in this room is: X! W! F!

La_Arana: [Jojo] And to night we have adapted Wing's Hockey Statium for our arean.

La_Arana: [Jojo] Thus no pit. But there are still lots of Roman columns and wires abound.

Megaton: {Dylan} Plenty of space for these two speed demons to work in

La_Arana: [Jojo] Indeed. And I think the IR cameras and slow motion viewers are about set up...

Megaton: [dylan] Wjicj isn't in Megaton's favor, La Arana's 'Dark Web' gives her a huge advantage in open space

La_Arana: [Jojo] Yes, for those of you just turning in, eariler we saw Superbeast defeat Bones "The Chainsaw"

Megaton: [Dylan] Talk about brutal! I almost lost my lunch!

La_Arana: [Jojo] Now, we have the recently unseated former Silver Circle champion "La Arana" vs. the up and comming "Megaton"!!!

Megaton: [backstage] Megaton is pacing, flexing his muscles and stretching, working off some of the rust from going so long without competing

La_Arana: ((Spider is Mute; her manager will translate as needed))

Megaton: [Dylan] I am excited! Megaton has got the spark of greatness in him, but La Arana held onto that title for quite along time, she's a cagey veteran to be sure.

Megaton: (ready to start?)

La_Arana: [Jojo] And it looks like they are ready to start...

La_Arana: ((Backstage buzzer sounds for Megaton; that is your cue))

Megaton: (sorry, phone)

Megaton: (I'm back)

Megaton: "The house lights dim to nothing, only two yellow glowing eyes are visible as Megaton's music starts

Megaton: "A modern day warior mean mean stride, today's Tom Sawyer mean mean pride!" as the first baseline hits, the lights and pyros go up

Megaton: Megaton as at the entrance almost vibrating with power and ebergy as he flips and tumbles impossibly well towards the arena, and lands sending a blast of energy at the ceiling

Megaton: (done)

La_Arana: The "Funeral March" plays and La Arana zips into the ring.

La_Arana: [Jojo] The viewers will need slow motion replay for that one.

La_Arana: She does a complex flip and and is ready (done).

Megaton: (Megaton is visibly impressed by her speed) [dylan] By the look on Megaton's face he might need them too!

La_Arana: The Kombat clock counts and then sounds.

Megaton: 15 init

Megaton: max 15 levels of damage?

La_Arana: Init roll time; Round 1; Init=28

La_Arana: What do you mean, we are both Silver right?

Megaton: Right, but I can often dish out 18+ levels

Megaton: on my first fight it got capped at 15 always or it was a DQ

La_Arana: Is that from a bolt, or strength, or acc or what?

Megaton: Strength and acc usually

Megaton: Bolts sometimes, but not too often

La_Arana: Lethal is banned. Her soak is 15 so this would take to long if we put a cap on it.

Megaton: actually bolts usually do that much, so no lethal (damn! I just bought claws!)

Megaton: My bolts are bashing, it's your turn

La_Arana: <i>That</i> is banned. But it sounds like everything else is in.

Megaton: Right no claws

La_Arana: She snaps her fingers and darkness fills the stadium.

La_Arana: (your move)

La_Arana: (I'd say we are 50'm apart)

Megaton: Megaton, holds still, getting into a defensive stance (readying an action)

La_Arana: (Move to round two?)

Megaton: OK

Megaton: 14 init

Megaton: I doubt I'll ever beat her init

La_Arana: (Darkness means you are at -2 Diff for <i>everything</i>. So am I because of concentration. But I have +2 dice since you are blind)

Megaton: OK

La_Arana: (Init = 21)

La_Arana: In a blur of speed, the Spider closes and attacks!

Megaton: [Dylan] The cameras are working great for once!

La_Arana: She closes the 50 meters in a second and attacks 5 times!

Megaton: (Megaton waits and then is pummeled repeatedly, head and body knocking back and forth with each blow)

Megaton: [Dylan] Oh boy! Set your vcrs people! It could be over quick!

La_Arana: Succ are 6/4/5/8/5 her damage is 10[50+acc (and my succ are after the concentraition reduction)

Megaton: soak is 16

La_Arana: Sorry, make that 10[5]+acc

La_Arana: Didn't you dodge or something?

Megaton: Not this round

Megaton: what's the damage on each attack after soak?

Megaton: damage dice I mean?

La_Arana: So that would be 3/2/3/3/3 dice. <i>Blinks</i>

La_Arana: Sorry, that first 3 should have been a 4

Megaton: [Dylan] Megaton is down! He's Down! He's...no wait, he's getting back up! How is it possible?

Megaton: "Let's...let's try that again."

La_Arana: Spider is in a defensive crouch.

La_Arana: (Start round 3?)

Megaton: (still round 2) 2 attacks, spinning back fist, followed by a MeltDOWN (Q-bolt)

Megaton: 5 sux on the punch

La_Arana: OK, her other action (from Quick was to defend against 5 attacks) We both still have -2 diff.

Megaton: (right)

La_Arana: So was that 5 succ before or after darkness?

Megaton: q-bolt (I split my actions) 4 sux both have -2 sux on them so punch is 3 bolt is 2

La_Arana: Whew. She only had 3 succ on first dodge.

Megaton: did she dodge the bolt?

La_Arana: And she has 3 succ (again after dark) for 2nd dodge.

Megaton: OK

Megaton: round 3 unless she has more

La_Arana: No.

Megaton: init 18

La_Arana: Init = 25

La_Arana: (rolled a 9)

Megaton: go ahead

La_Arana: (She will do the same thing)

Megaton: this time I dodge

Megaton: full defense on first action

La_Arana: [Jojo] And the slow motion camera is showing that La Arana didn't hit Megaton 5 time, <i>She hit him 50</i>?

Megaton: (mega dice were good to me, 8 sux total on dodge)

Megaton: wait

Megaton: forgot darkness

Megaton: 6 sux

Megaton: [dylan] I wish my tax returns were that fast!

La_Arana: Succ on 5 attacks 9/5/2/1/3

La_Arana: First attack that would be 2acc bonus for 17 or 1 die.

Megaton: Ok

Megaton: The others miss?

La_Arana: You tell me. What were your succ to dodge.

La_Arana: My second attack was 5 (see above)

Megaton: I rolled 6 sux total, I spent my first quickness action dodging

Megaton: you can't split quickness actions right?

La_Arana: You went totally defensive.

La_Arana: Actually, you can.

Megaton: yes

Megaton: OK let me get the rest

La_Arana: That is how she gets 5 multiple attacks and then 5 defenses.

Megaton: 2/1/1/1/0 after darkness

Megaton: 2/1/1/1 sorry

La_Arana: So that would be 7/4/1/0/2

Megaton: 6/2/1/1/1

Megaton: that's my total dodge rolls

La_Arana: 9/5/2/1/3 becomes 3/3/1/0/2

Megaton: (soaked the rest thank God)

Megaton: wait, I have more to roll

Megaton: OK, damage is done

La_Arana: Acc bonus becomes 2/2/0/NA/1 Your soak turns that into 1/1/1/NA/1

Megaton: (Megaton is getting battered and bruised from every which way, his healing ability not quite able to cope with all the blows

La_Arana: You should have rolled 4 dice.

Megaton: (got it) you're next Quickness action comes now.

La_Arana: For everything I mean.

Megaton: Full defensive again

La_Arana: She defends.

La_Arana: [Jojo] And both fighters drop into defensive positions after that combo.

Megaton: OK I'm going to try and get her in a clinch for my last quickness action

La_Arana: (round 4)?

Megaton: I have one left

La_Arana: Go for it

Megaton: 2 sux after dark

La_Arana: She has 5 defensive succ.

Megaton: dman

Megaton: damn

La_Arana: (All of my succ are after dark)

La_Arana: (And that move is where she lost to J.A.)

Megaton: (OK I'll do it that way, next round)

Megaton: (It's the only thing to do really)

La_Arana: Round 4; Init = 21

Megaton: Init 18

La_Arana: (Same deal)

Megaton: me 2

Megaton: dodge sux 0/1/3/5/0

La_Arana: Succ on 5 attacks 4/5/7/4/7

Megaton: so is it only her acc that will have a chance?

La_Arana: That's acc of 3/3/3/NA/5

La_Arana: Your soak is 16 and her attack is 15.

La_Arana: If she gets enough acc she might get more than one die.

Megaton: 2/2/2/5?

Megaton: wait

La_Arana: 2/2/2/4

Megaton: dammit I'm dumb sorry here goes

La_Arana: (rest room break)

Megaton: (no prob)

Megaton: [Dylan] Megaton was really tagged there, he just can't keep up with her especially since he can't see her, he's dazed and groggy but he's on his feet!

Megaton: (Going for the Clinch)

La_Arana: Roll your attack.

Megaton: 3 sux plus 1 for Willpower

La_Arana: Botch. Damit.

La_Arana: How much do you do?

Megaton: {Dylan} Megaton was playing possum! In burst of speed he's got her locked in a hold!

Megaton: 10 levels + 11 dice for acc

La_Arana: [Jojo} THis might be it...

Megaton: (Hope hope hope)

Megaton: [Dylan] What an upset this could be!

La_Arana: Without a botch, I'm not sure you get acc (which is limited to 5 btw) but with it, sure.

La_Arana: Wait, what is your STR?

Megaton: 5 str 2 mega str

Megaton: clinch is tsr +2

La_Arana: That would be 5[10] + manuver + acc

Megaton: right

La_Arana: Ow. 4 levels. And she will toss in the towel.

La_Arana: (Got to go, Bye)

Megaton: {Dylan} He did it! That was so fast! Megaton must have been desperate! What a match!

Megaton: (Thanks man)

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