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Aberrant: 200X - Gods of War Timeline


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Gods of War Timeline

November 2010 [Gods of War Prelude] It's a Jungle Out There - Evo

IC Start Date: 10 May to 15 May, 2011

Evo - [Gods of War] Intro: Chaos in Kinshasa Completed

Einherjar - [Gods of War] Intro: The Line Completed

The Morrigan - [Gods of War] Intro: Reign of Blood Completed

WhiteRain - [Gods of War] Intro: Heaven Sent - Completed

Dozer - [Gods of War] Intro: Building the World - Ongoing

Sean 'Loki' McCline/Mahdi Diamant - [Gods of War] Intro: FireFall - Ongoing

Bombshell - [Gods of War] Intro: Wayward Goddess - Ongoing

IC Start Date: 15th to 23rd May

Evo - [Gods of War] Intro: Jungle Demon - Inactive

Einherjar - [Gods of War] Interlude: Ein (Mature) - Completed

Kazuo/Ausrine - [Gods of War] A Fugue - Ongoing

IC Start Date: 23rd May to 5th June

Einherjar/Morrigan - [Gods of War] Gods Playground - Ongoing

WhiteRain - [Gods of War] Victims of Circumstance - Ongoing

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