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Aberrant: 200X - Kyon "Origami" Mikamura


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Kyon Mikamura - "Origami"

NovaCom Consulting Detective

Kyon Mikamura is a consulting detective for the NovaCom firm, he got there with a mix of talent, skill, and a dogged and determined ideal to stand for the truth. No mystery is safe from him. He will ferret out every last detail until a mystery is solved to his satisfaction.

But he isn't all work. Outside of his employment, Kyon is known to take up side employment. If it's for simple Private Detective work, finding lost relatives, or simply trying to find a lost pet, Kyon isn't one to ignore the small things. To him seeing people have closure or to simply be happy is reward enough.

Kyon dresses very businesslike at convenient times, not really one to dress casually or informally. He also prefers to keep his contact with others on a professional level only. This has led his family to feel he's more otaku now than he ever was as a child. Some even accuse him of being a Hikikomori, someone who's decided to separate themselves from society all together. Although that isn't the case with his employment taking him around the world. What he is is tied to his work. When he's locked himself in a room. It his research into his case. Unless legwork is required, he's simply a homebody by convenience.

Origami is a brilliant mind, focused on the art of deduction. He can find an important detail from the most arcane of evidence. His nova abilities only amplified this. Added to the fact he's perfectly capable of defending himself with his ability to alter and control Paper to his whims. Hence how he earned his moniker "Origami".

He lives in Tokyo's Jinbocho neighborhood, near his treasure trove of book stores, and the source for much research with the many neighboring universities and their subsequent libraries. This has lead some of the Otaku that call this district home to parallel him with the fictional character "Yomiko Readman", to his chagrin. Although he welcomes some of their interest, he's not fond of having fans that are fans just for his powers.

Kyon Mikamura is also known for his stand on the rights of the LBGT community, and rightly so since his eruption came from a hate crime. He was assaulted by several hate mongers for being openly Gay. Ever since he's supported the less militant members of the QNA, although he isn't a card carrying member.

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Kyon "Origami" Mikamura

Concept: Pioneer

Nature: Analyst

Allegiance: NovaCom

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 175 pds

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Age: 22


STR: 2, DEX: 5 (Steady), STA: 2, PER: 5 (Astute), INT: 5 (Discerning), WITS: 3, APP: 2, MAN: 4 (Cunning), Cha: 2


Athletics 2, Legerdemain 3, Martial Arts 2, Melee 5 (Sword), Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 5, Investigation (Deduction, Analysis) 5, Academics 5, Bureaucracy 3, Computer 2, Intrusion 2, Linguistics 4, Science 5, Rapport 5, Interrogation (Misdirection) 5, Subterfuge 1


Contacts: 5, Resources 5, Eufiber: 5, Dormancy 5, Node 2, Attunement 3

Mega Attributes

Mega Perception: 2 - Fast Sense

Mega Intelligence: 1 - Eidetic Memory, MP: Investigative

Quantum Powers

The Shield of Truth - Force Field: 2

Papermastery - Elemental Anima (Paper): 5

  • Blunted Paper Darts - Blast
  • Paper Throwing Daggers - Lethal Blast
  • Paper Airplane - Movement
  • Paper Wall - Wall
  • Paper Bending - Shaping

Paper Puppetry - Quantum Construct: 2

Merits and Flaws

Concentration (1)

Quantum Recovery (3)

Compulsion: Reading (2)

Obsession: Solving Puzzles (2)

Minority: Openly Gay (1)

Other Traits

Willpower: 10

Taint: 0

Quantum: 4

Quantum Pool: 28

Initiative: 8


Soak (Natural): 2/1

Soak (w/Eufiber): 7/6

Soak (w/Base Force Field + Eufiber): 11/10

Movement Type

Walk: 7m

Run: 17m

Sprint: 35m

Paper Airplane (Combat): 30m

Paper Airplane (Non-Combat): 200kph

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Click to reveal.. (BONUS POINTS (15))
+3 Willpower (6)

+1 Quantum (7)

Specialtys: Deduction & Misdirection (2)

Click to reveal.. (NOVA POINTS (50))
Force Field 1 (3)

Elemental Anima 4 (20)

Quantum Construct 2 (10)

Mega Perception 2 (6)

6 Attribute Dots (2)

  • +1 Perception
  • +1 Intelligence
  • +1 Wits
  • +3 Dexterity

30 Ability Dots (5)

  • +1 Athletics
  • +2 Legerdemain
  • Martial Arts 2
  • Melee 5
  • +2 Awareness
  • +2 Investigation
  • +2 Academics
  • +3 Linguistics
  • Science 5
  • +4 Interrogation

+1 Willpower (1)

15 Background Dots (3)

  • +3 Resources
  • Eufiber 5
  • Dormancy 5
  • Node 2
Subterfuge 1 (3)

Mega Intelligence 1 (6) {Eidetic Memory is the free enhancement}

MP: Investigative (5)

Willpower 8,9,&10 (7,8,9)

+1 Force Field (5)

+1 Elemental Anima (28)

Attunement 3 (2,2,4)

Melee Specialty: Sword (1)

Investigation Specialty: Analysis (1)

Current XP Balance: 0
No XP Spent
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