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Christian H. Blues




((Public Knowledge: Mainly for Jazz/Blues music fans, but anyone can find it with some digging.))

Christian Hellion (yes, that is his real middle name) Blues (again, a real name: his grandfather adopted it), C.H to his friends, was born into a little side branch of the Gambocetti Family, part of the New York mafia. Being a Blues, he was left out of the criminal element of the wider family, instead winning a prestigious scholarship to Juilliard where he studied music, specialising in the tenor saxophone. His parents died in a car accident shortly after his graduation, and the tragedy seemed to take the fire out of Christian, who seemed destined to be a star of the Jazz and Blues music worlds, even in the Nova Age. He turned his back on the big contracts and sank into relative obscurity, playing gigs at clubs across the States and in Europe for money that, whilst decent, was a far cry from what he could have been earning.

And one night on the 10th of June, 2004, after possibly the best gig of his career in a smokey Minneapolis blue-light club, he disappeared.

The police are baffled, his agent was frantic. All that is known that after the gig, he left with two young women from Minneapolis University. Under questioning, they admitted that the young musician came back to their dorm and, after doing what consenting adults usually do when brought together by drink and music, he left an hour or so before dawn for the short walk back to the hotel where he was staying. He never arrived.

((OOC Knowledge: Known only to Proteus and high-clearance Triton researchers))

Instead, he erupted.

The eruption was unexpected, the cause unknown. Christian's body warped and twisted into horrific shapes, Taint running wild for no explicable reason and fracturing his body and mind. He lay in the alleyway, frantically trying to hang onto his sense of self. Mostly, he succeeded, stumbling and lurching out of the alley in the dawn's light. He tried to flag down several vehicles, but people instinctively shied away from the hideous creature stumbling down the avenue. Realising it was a nova, someone called Utopia. The Project scooped up Christian, finding that not even Mox kept him quiescient and having to employ brute force to contain him. His existence was hushed up - that such things could happen to a newly erupted nova was and remains one of the secrets Utopia tries to keep from the world.

Triton, under the direction of Proteus, experimented heavily on the newborn nova, forcing his developing quantum matrix to shift and flux rapidly in response. When they realised what the musician had become: a predatory adaptive shapeshifter, they attempted to condition and brainwash him into being a compliant tool. But something deep within C.H. remained solid, unmoveable, try though they might to reprogram and wash away his independance of thought. After two years of trying, and losing several dozen valuable personnel in his escape attempts, they locked him away in Bahrain's deepest, darkest layers and forgot about him.

There he remained in solitary confinement in the dark, shut off from light, personal contact, or hope of freedom until April 2007, when the Terat named Sluice was incarcerated in the same 'Most Dangerous' block as himself. Of course, Sluice was there by his own design, and could easily slide past the mental blockers and shields that Proteus had put in place. He was looking for Caroline Fong, and to gain data on Utopia's secret dealings. But he also found C.H., a nova with a sense of self that had survived terrible privation with little mental scarring. The two novas 'talked' during Sluice's stay, and the Terat found one both willing and interested in the principles of the philosophy in the alienated and alien C.H. After a month or two Sluice escaped, having done his job and going to report. C.H went back to waiting there, in the dark stasis cell they had made for him; went back to pondering Teras, and building his perfect home, and how it would feel to make those responsible for all his suffering scream their own lungs raw and bloody.

And then Mal came, sundering the walls of Bahrain like a meteor, defeating the invincible Pax, and carrying away the quantum cocoon of his old friend Caroline Fong without a backward glance. No-one was there for C.H, but the massive disruption to the max-security blocks power and integrity allowed the focused superpredator, in whom there was little human anymore, to escape. Self-sufficient in the extreme, he didn't follow his 'fellow' Terats when they left with Mal. He didn't even let them know he was there. Sluice had given him the gift of Teras already - Mal had freed him. Both things had been given unasked, and indeed were incidental by-products of the givers' main intentions. Should a plant be slavishly grateful for a bird's droppings?

Instead he went back to the beginning of his road, or rather, where it had really begun - Minneapolis. It had been years, but the large Rashoud Facility there was still thriving. In there, and in the Triton facility not far away, were the first to have decided to imprison and torture him in the name of science and PR expediency.

He would find them.

Character's full name: Christian Hellion Blues

Character's nickname(s): C.H.

Character's title(s): Subject Z-291A (Triton/Proteus)

Concept: Adaptive predatory shapeshifter.

Nature: Survivor

Archetype: Monster

Physical Traits

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Race/Subrace: Italian/Irish

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210lbs

Frame or body type: Athletic runner's build.

Skin color: Pale Caucasian

Eye color: Dark

Hair color: Dark



Christian is an attractive young man in his early twenties of mixed Italian-Irish New York stock. He moves with eerie, fluid grace and usually appears to dress however is most appropriate to the situation.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms)

One thing that stands out about Christian when anyone spends any amount of time about him is not so much mannerisms as the lack of them. His voice is virtually accentless, having a pleasant even tone. He never fidgets or shifts around, whether standing or sitting.

(50NP build)


Physical (Primary)

STR: ●●●●● (Athletic)

DEX: ●●●●● (Nimble)

STA: ●●●●● (Tenacious)

Mental (Secondary)

PER: ●●●●● (Alert)

INT: ●●●● (Clear-Headed)

WIT: ●●●●● (Quick)

Social (Tertiary)

APP: ●●●● (Pleasant)

MAN: ●●●

CHA: ●●●

- (5 NP spent)




Athletics: ●●●●




Martial Arts: ●●●

Melee: ●●

Pilot: ●

Stealth: ●●●

Endurance: ●●●●●

Resistance: ●●●●●

Awareness: ●●●

Investigation: ●

Academics: ●


Computer: ●


Intrusion: ●

Linguistics: ● [Language Families: Romance family]

Medicine: ●

Science: ●

Survival: ●

Arts: ●


Rapport: ●

Intimidation: ●●


Interrogation: ●

Streetwise: ●

Subterfuge: ●●



Perform: ●●●●



Cipher ●●●

Node ●●●●



Internal Compass - 1

Iron Will - 6

Ambidextrous - 1

Time Sense - 1


Vengeful - 2

Predatory Instinct - 2 (As the Bad Temper aberration: When threatened or challenged by another, C.H. has to make a Willpower roll not to simply kill his way through the problem)

Feeding Requirement - 5 (Health Levels absorbed through Incorporating living creatures. If C.H. does not absorb at least 1 such Health Level in a 24 hr period, he takes 1 level of Bashing damage that cannot be healed until he absorbs one from another creature. Additionally, he cannot recover Quantum Pool if he hasn't 'eaten' for the last 24 hr period.

Quantum: ●●●● (7 BPs)

Quantum Pool: 28

Willpower: ●●●●●●● (8 BPs)

Permanent Chrysalis:

Temporary Chrysalis:

Taint: ●●●●●●● (+2 Social difficulty with Baselines)

- Aberrations:

[Low] Inhuman Grace

[Low] Black Thumb: Low levels of Taint drain the ambient life from the lowest life forms near C.H, killing plants and insects first.

[Medium] Cold: Anything that was human and warm in C.H. has been extinguished, not so much by the brutal treatment he has suffered as by his own psyche suppressing and finally stifling any trace of emotions in order to remain sane. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever.

[Medium] Paranoia: C.H. has been in a cage at the mercy of Proteus and Triton. He knows that this had to have happened under the noses of, and probably even with the collusion of, the high-ups in Utopia and even baseline society. He trusts no baseline agencies at all, and will never trust any nova that seems to favor the Utopian/Directive viewpoint.


- Mega-Strength ● (Quantum Leap)

- Mega-Dexterity ●● (Enhanced Movement)

- Mega-Stamina ●●●●● (Suspension; Hardbody; Health; Regeneration; Resiliency x2, Robust x2)

- Mega-Perception ● (Quantum Attunement)

- Mega-Intelligence ●● (Analyse Weakness; Taint Resistance)

- Mega-Wits ● (Enhanced Initiative; Multitasking)

- Mega-Appearance

- Mega-Manipulation

- Mega-Charisma

- (33 NP, 48 XP)

Quantum Powers

-Never See Him Coming... Blank ●●●●●

-A Mind Of His Own Psychic Shield ●●●●●

-Mutability Shapeshift ●● (Weakness - 4pt: To use this power, C.H. must use Incorporate to kill and absorb warm-blooded living creatures equal to his own natural body mass, up to 24 hrs beforehand. Weakness - 1pt: Additionally, for disguise purposes the only living creatures he can imitate cosmetically are ones he has absorbed.)(Strength - 5pt: Reduced to a Level 2 power)

-Predatory Adaptation Bodyshift ●●

-Devoured, Body and Mind Incorporate: ●● (Extras: Biological Amalgam, Voracity Weakness - 3pt: Cannot incorporate hardtech. Strength - 3pt: Add an Extra without raising Level of power)

-Parasite Quantum Leech ●

Body Modifications:

- Hyper Sleep

- Adhesive Grip

- (10 NP, 21XP


Combat Stats

Base Soak (inc Resiliency): Bashing 20 / Lethal 10

Health Levels: 19 (Bruised x3, Hurt x6, Injured, Wounded x6, Maimed, Crippled, Incapacitated)

Initiative: 13 (18)

Click to reveal..

XP Log

Start with 81 on 10th June

10th Jun 2011 - Mega Dex 1 (Tainted) - 3XP

- Mega Per 1 (Tainted) - 3XP

- Mega Int 1 (Tainted) - 3XP

- Mega Wit 1 (Tainted) - 3XP

- Mega Str 1 - 6XP

- Mega Dex 2 - 5XP

- Mega Per 2 - 5XP

- Mega Int 2 - 5XP

- Mega Wit 2 - 5XP

- Taint Resistance Enhancement - 5XP

- Shapeshift 1&2, (Taintedx2) - 6XP

- Bodyshift 1 (Tainted) - 3XP

- Incorporate 1&2 - 6XP

- Quantum Leech 1 - 6XP

- Health Enhancement - 5XP

- Body Mod: Adhesive Grip - 4XP

- Body Mod: Hyper-Sleep - 3XP

- Multitasking Enhancement - 5XP

- 0XP remaining

01 July - 7 XP for June

01 Aug - 3 XP for July

01 Sep - 3 XP for August

- 13 XP remaining

29 Sep - Voracity Extra for Incorporation -5XP

- Bodyshift 2 -5XP

- Pilot 1 -3XP

- 0XP remaining.

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